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Purgatory is a fresh take on traditional skirmish gaming, packed with high quality resin models in world full of colourful characters
219 backers pledged £13,787 to help bring this project to life.

It's done. The last email has gone.... fulfilment is complete

Posted by Underestimated Games Limited (Creator)

Dear Backer,

I am pleased to confirm that the last emails were sent this evening and tomorrow, I will shuffle myself round to the post office and send the last 16 boxes to customers waiting for their product!



I can't quite believe it's happened. Really I can't, the process has been fun and challenging at the same time or at different moments. The very heart and soul of two people has gone into making this happen and we are thrilled and relieved in equal measure that we have completed our commitment to you, our backers.

Important information:

The artwork book. Now that we have received the Christmas art for the God's set, we are ready to complete the artwork book. The artwork book was always going to follow on, so for those people who ordered one of these, we hope to have this finalised and out by the end of January.

Of thousands of models we sent out, it was inevitable that some would fail a quality aspect. It occurred at the death and unfortunately on the last bag of Siren's we have some that just won't cut it. The 6 or 7 people owed these will receive a fresh cast in the new year along with a guaranteed Gold San Ban card.

The Next Kickstarter:

On the 28th February 2018, we will be launching a two week campaign to bring the next faction to the world, along with, rumour has it, the first Tome in the series. 

All the way through this process we said that we wanted this world to expand, for people to find fresh players to play games with and new models and characters to invest time in. Please, if you liked Purgatory and are pleased with your pledge, join us in the new year where we will be going back into the gladiatorial pit for round two!

Jokers to the Right:

Now that phase 1 is complete, I can spend some time putting the finishing touches on the latest short story featuring one of our more colourful characters. The short story, Jokers to the right will appear in time for Christmas lunch time, when you are full of turkey (or other meat/veg option of choice) so that you can settle in and enjoy. 

For those of you wanting to read the short stories and didn't get the link, you can grab them here: 


Watch out for more content coming over the next few months as we hope to put final touches on the BETA for solo play, which if you are not a part of it, join the facebook group Fans of Purgatory or subscribe to the newsletter so that you can keep up to date.


I will be doing a blog post in the coming days to talk about my experiences with the project and how it all panned out, what went well, what didn't and of our thoughts for the project itself. Many of you will be mentioned in there, quite simply because I speak to many of you on a daily, if not, weekly basis to which is something that amazes and humbles me each time I consider it.

What more to say now is there other than THANK YOU! 

You made a dream come true. Purgatory exists as far as Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, China, Russia and almost everywhere in between. How cool is that?!

Seeing models you designed and created, painted by talented artists and enthusiastic gamers is without doubt awe inspiring and more rewarding than almost everything I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.

So, once again, thank you and we genuinely hope to see you again in the near future where we can bring Purgatory to the next level and entice a whole other group of gamers, painters and enthusiasts to our world!

So, once again thank you for everything!

Team Purgatory 


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      So, does this mean we can start looking into missing models now?