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Purgatory is a fresh take on traditional skirmish gaming, packed with high quality resin models in world full of colourful characters
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The time is upon us...

Posted by Underestimated Games Limited (Creator)

Dear Backer, 

Welcome back to Purgatory. We hope you are well and that you are excited by this next piece of news. We have been made aware that the last 2 models are in final production and will winging their way to Purgatory towers in the next few days. That means that we will be turning them around and launching final fulfilment to you in the coming week.

Exciting? You damned right!

If you want to add any of the latest releases to your pledge, please get in touch via which will allow you to avoid postage on the items that you want! 

Whilst we were fighting to get the last models into us, we have been working hard on "Purgatory - The Second Coming" as we have been calling it. This is the next Kickstarter coming to you in February 2018. 

Throughout this, we have been taking into consideration your comments and feedback. Some of it about characters you would love to see as well as the feel of the groups themselves. With the unique nature of Purgatory, the fact that you can mix and match to make a rag tag band of mercenaries or round up a group of kick ass girls is a real benefit however we also know that some of you crave uniformity. So, with this in mind, we set about making 3 new characters for the Refugees of Religion, two of which you have seen before in Joan and Jayne however the latest and last for the time being has also landed.



You can see the fire burning in Chastity's eyes. Her mouth taped up, her hands tied in prayer, forcing her into penitence after she committed blasphemy. Chastity takes the place of the Gargoilles as a different minion for you to play games of Purgatory and to field a group of kick ass nuns! Nuns assemble! Nuns attack!

We also added a new member to the Gangbangers. Connagh represents a modern day take on rioting and violence. Purgatory is set in a world of anarchy and the only rule exists through fear itself. Inspired by the London Riots, Connagh is a useful player in the game, able to set fire to buildings and scenery and bring allies closer together to greater effect with his mob abilities. 



Connagh's addition brings fresh life to the two factions that will be coming to the next Kickstarter exclusively. 

We didn't stop there either, we went back in the timeline for the War for Heaven itself and we re-visited the story where Moloch is transformed into the giant construct that he is now, by his wicked and devious sibling Marut. Moloch was a prodigious warrior, a true juggernaut, cable of smashing through even the most stoic of foes and truly favoured by his lord Satan. Weary of his power, Marut consigned Moloch to statue form but we are exploring the possibility of bring Moloch alive in Angelic form and the results are pretty cool...

Moloch Angel
Moloch Angel


Finally we can now reveal the artwork for the first ever "Make me Famous" Gift of the Gods card. We know that Adrian is pleased with his card, which will be signed and sent to him, along with one to play with in game in the coming weeks. 

Sofa Cushions of Doom
Sofa Cushions of Doom

You can make your own here:

Before we go, we have to share the news that in the coming days you will be able to access the latest short story "Jokers to the Right" which will be added to the website. 

In addition, we hope that in 2018, you will be able to get hold of our first tome. A book dedicated to a particular faction, containing all of the rules for that group along with backstories and some new characters for you to enjoy!

Until then, look out for the storks delivering your latest bundle of joy!

Team Purgatory


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    1. Agreave (A Dining table set IS required) on

      @UG, well done with ‘Chastity’ and I love my card-just need that gorgeous box to turn up :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Riley on

      This is a terrific update. Warmest congratulations.