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Become a backer of the new EP from singer-songwriter Seth Boyer and get some amazing rewards!
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Seth Boyer

68 backers pledged $2,440 to help bring this project to life.


I've spent the past few days dragging my jaw across the floor, completely amazed at the outpouring of support. It's made some of my songs a little (more) incomprehensible at shows and people at work find it pretty disturbing, but I can't help it - you guys are incredible.

So now what?

For one thing, I'm putting the finishing touches on the record. Final album art is still in the works and mastering is an intense process that, depending on how the funding ends up, I might pay someone more experienced to do. This means download codes will take a bit longer to go out. Trust me, the wait will be worth it. You should be listening to the record by the 15th of May.

I should mention: just because the goal was met, that doesn't mean we can't keep going.  Every dollar over that original goal of 2k goes to making the record nicer. Fancier packaging, shrink-wrapping, color art inserts, etc. It's all possible. 

I want to thank you all. Everyone who backed the record, everyone who bought a house concert or a custom song, everyone who shared the link on facebook and Twitter, everyone who said "oh, that's a pretty good idea. Maybe you should do that instead of just playing Minecraft or something."

I'll be sending backers messages in the coming weeks with more details on reward fulfillment, status on record production, etc. 

I'm gonna say it one more time: Thank you.