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The Keyboard Waffle Iron IS HERE! By popular demand, the internet's dream of keyboard-shaped waffles is now a reality.
The Keyboard Waffle Iron IS HERE! By popular demand, the internet's dream of keyboard-shaped waffles is now a reality.
The Keyboard Waffle Iron IS HERE! By popular demand, the internet's dream of keyboard-shaped waffles is now a reality.
850 backers pledged $66,685 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Deanna, thank you so much! really happy to hear that!

    2. Deanna Duncan Allen on

      Just wanted to say that I still love my Keyboard Waffle Iron.

    3. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Merry Christmas! Hope lots of you had some keyboard waffles this morning!

    4. Andrew Thornton on

      Merry Christmas everyone . Yum had Christmas waffles yay!!

    5. Missing avatar

      KingPhin Yar on

      Hi Chris

      I am still unable to open the recipe book, could you please resend the link to us?

    6. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      nscollins- That's so great to hear! glad you're enjoying them! I've also heard that the full keyboard waffles can fit perfectly into a toaster oven as well. Thanks for the comment!

    7. nscollins on

      my KWI arrived a couple weeks ago and we've made great waffles each weekend since! they come out with absolutely no problems with sticking, and we like the basic recipe. we've got a gas stove and i was worried they wouldn't cook evenly, but they do! if you have extras (not usually the case), they break in half, freeze, and then rewarm in the toaster just great.

    8. Sigge Wynant on

      You've got to love this one: payed $60 for the KWI, payed $35 for transport. Now I've received an additional bill for customs and taxes for $40.
      I really hope these waffles will be good, because they sure are not cheap.

    9. Ian McAlpine on

      My KWI arrived today (belated Christmas present for my better half) and I printed, laminated and spiral bound the recipe book. The whole family is looking forward to some unique waffles.

      Thanks for an excellent project Chris.

    10. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Hi Julius- I'm not sure I understand what you are using to cook. What is the make and model? If it is an electric hot plate it should be working for you. Induction stovetops on the other hand, do require an interface disc for the KWI to function. Please send me an email if you need further assistance.

    11. Julius Ter Pelkwijk

      I received the waffle iron a couple of days ago, however I realized today that it does not fit on my electric cooking plate (in fact, it does not work at all). Its designed for pans and not for waffle irons :(

      Seems I need to go for a trip to the store and get myself a electric camping stove, unless you guys have a better idea...

    12. Andrew Thornton on

      Aww thanks man the handle was in many different pieces waffles taste good though

    13. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Andrew: I can send out another mug for you tomorrow, no problem.

    14. Andrew Thornton on

      Just got my it but my coffee mug was broken. Anyway to get it replaced ?

    15. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Hochiminh: Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy making and eating all kinds of keyboard creations!

    16. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      FireDart: Thanks so much for the great comment! I too can't imagine making regular waffles ever again, so I'm glad you feel the same way!

    17. Hochiminh Rosario on

      Got mine in the mail today. Thank you, Chris!

    18. Mr. Octus on

      Just made some keyboard shaped waffles, great stuff! Thank you Chris Dimino for making an awesome waffle iron. The non-stick surface and magnet latch are well-designed features that should be found in all waffle irons. I can not see my self making waffles that are not keyboard shaped in the foreseeable future, the keyboard shape makes them taste all the better :)

      Once again thanks!

    19. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Hi Kathleen, sounds like we need to send you a tote! We'll get that to you next week- sorry about that!

    20. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Kline on

      Got my KWI and mug yesterday. Looks like it will be fun to use. What happened to the totes?

    21. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Bill- I look forward to you getting your KWI! I know it feels like a while! hope it will be worth the wait!

    22. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Janet, thanks so much for the positive feedback! really appreciate it. We're glad we put in the effort and have such great recipes to share with everyone!

    23. Missing avatar

      bill rae on

      <--- got a tracking number today. :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Janet Whatmough

      Got the Digital Waffle Cookbook the other day - wow, those recipes look good! I can't wait to try them.
      Thanks for putting time and effort into the digital as well as physical rewards!

    25. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Hayden, Thanks for the nice comment, and for helping this campaign succeed! Enjoy your first keyboard waffles!

    26. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Jam- It is not dishwasher safe, but pretty easy to clean right under the faucet. It's also best if stored in a dry environment. Enjoy and don't be shy about posting your waffle pics!

    27. Hayden Searle on

      Mines just arrived today. Can't wait to use it. The packaging is very nice and the iron looks to be very well manufactured and has a nice weight to it. Thanks for running the campaign and I look forward to the recipe book to try some new things. Waffles this weekend I think!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jam on


      I'm guessing you've already answered this, but is it dishwasher safe? Just thinking from a heat, water, rust point of view...

      That and it's arrived in Australia :-)

    29. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Hi Sean- Thanks for all the positive feedback! really happy to hear that you're having fun using the KWI! In regards to the recipe book, it is due to come out along with the bulk of KWI's shipping by mid-September. So considering that shipping factory direct for backers such as yourself was not part of the original plan, we don't have the recipe books ready to go with the handful that now have their KWI's. We'll be in touch in the next couple of weeks with updates on the book and some exciting developments on our end. Thanks again!

    30. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Jared, Thanks for the great comment! I hope you have lots of fun making all kinds of keyboards! *Our inner geek is touched*

    31. Sean Gaskin on

      Whoops I meant to include your name Chris when saying, "So once I am advised how to download the recipe book PDF, I'll be one very happy customer! So thanks for a great design, fun & easy to use waffle iron!!!" So yes, thanks Chris! ;-)

    32. Sean Gaskin on

      And I'm back after cooking 3 waffles first attempt. The KWI is great fun to use and cooks much more evenly than my electric waffle machine because I could turn my new iron. It was fun to experiment with cooking times to get a nice crispy waffle or a lovely softer version.

      I found that 30 seconds into cooking, steam was lifting the lid slightly, as far as the magnet would allow it, so all I needed to do was lift the lid to release the steam and close it again immediately. From then on it was fine.

      I also couldn't get my waffles as golden as in the photo above, but that might be either that the KWI is brand new and needs to be used a few times to get the golden waffle, or it might just be my batter mix because I used olive oil instead of butter and lite soya milk instead of full cream cows milk. But this isn't a major either, because the KWI does make exceedingly good waffles!

      So once I am advised how to download the recipe book PDF, I'll be one very happy customer! So thanks for a great design, fun & easy to use waffle iron!!! ;-)

    33. Sean Gaskin on

      I've just received my Keyboard Waffle Iron. It looks great and that handle is a really comfortable design. Right, now I'm going to test it. Just one question though. How do I download the Free Digital Recipe Book. I've been to the website and saw mention of the recipe book but got the impression that the only way to download the book was to preorder the waffle iron? Please advise.

    34. Jared Michael Ong on

      I have just received the product (finally hahah!) and I want to say that it is of very good quality and I was so excited when the delivery guy called me as this is a present to my significant other. Everything was working as it should and we can't wait to make waffles and other stuff with this! Thank you so very much! (Inner geek in me loves you *heartshape)

    35. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria on

      Too bad about the color problems. Teal would have been nice.

    36. Turd Blossom on

      I appreciate the information-look forward to the end result.

    37. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Hello Sin Wai, Once I have a set date for shipping, I will send out a survey to all backers to collect all shipping addresses. Look for this within the next 7-10 days. Thanks.

    38. Missing avatar

      SIN WAI KUEN on

      I ordered that waffle iron but recently I changed my postal address. Please advise how to update the address so that the final product can be mailed to my correct address. Thanks

    39. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Hi Leo, I am waiting to hear back from the factory on some tests for the color versions and also for the packaging sample, this may take one week from now to see and approve, assuming I give the OK. The manufacturing is not an issue, it's just the details that have been causing minor delays. Where things are now, it seems like they will be arriving here later in July, but I will post an update as I get more concrete info.

    40. Turd Blossom on

      Hi Chris-any news regarding the manufacturing?

    41. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Hey Jeremy, I still have the idea of detachable handles on my radar, however I needed to keep costs down for this first version of the KWI and making anything custom is a lot of money... I'll be using any leftover funds from here for all new product developments. I thought the box would be very minimal in the beginning as well. It boils down to the shipping and handling of the product. I decided not to chance having multiple KWI's scratched up as a result of minimal or partial cardboard packaging. Thankfully the weight issue is all worked out!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Zimmerman on

      could have gone with a much smaller box and probably cut all your weight off if you had done the detachable handles we have brought up. Just saying. Lol

    43. Missing avatar

      Gordon E. Bishoff on

      Any updates? Still on schedule for waffle season? lol

    44. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Joseph, I have an update coming soon, stay tuned!

    45. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lo on

      What's the status of this?

    46. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Jeremy, loved your comment! it's funny as almost everyone who has handled the prototype (especially the original one which was heavier) held it like a weapon at some point. So when it all goes down, the KWI will still be a very useful product!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Zimmerman on

      I ordered mine primarily to use over a fire or grill while camping and the like, but it got me wondering... In the Zombocalypse, will these handles be strong enough to support bludgeoning to death, or re-death, the average size zombie? .... Mmmm... Zombie waffles... *Random "Typing of the Dead waffle joke*

    48. Chris Dimino, Designer Creator on

      Julius, It's coming along well! Tooling is being made right now, handles and trivets have been ordered, and I am currently working on the box design which is pretty fun. I have a handful of recipes so far, and I expect to end up with 30-40 to choose from that I will reduce to 20 for every type of person.

    49. Julius Ter Pelkwijk

      How's the waffle iron coming along? Got some good recipes that we can use with them?

    50. Missing avatar

      bill rae on

      Thanks for the mention Chris. Happy to see your vision come to reality!
      I changed my pledge like 6 times there at the end and finally went with the BF deal :-) sorry bout

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