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Mac musician, artist or mathematician? Let's get Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Virtual Flower, Lissajous 3D & Activity Timer on a Mac!
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  • Project is now fully funded, stretch goal also, thanks everyone! 
  • After project closes, you can support  via PayPal - same reward, unlock key for all my software. I'll keep paypal payments open for anyone who misses the deadline, and  for a while longer. After that, you buy unlock keys normally.
  • Please check Updates for progress on new Mac versions of these programs (I can't update this page once the project closes).

Here I talk about the programs and project in more detail - for sub-titles, click its captions button  and choose English (United Kingdom) 

I've already got Bounce Metronome working on Linux - and it works really well now. With the same technique (using "Wine") there is an excellent chance of doing the same for Macs!

The method will not work on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc. It's for Intel Macs only. For reasons and details, see the FAQ Is this just for OSX or will it work under iOS on the iPhone and iPad?

The aim of this project is to get a Mac to get them running on it. Your reward is an unlock key for all the programs for all future time. .


First, all my programs are fully accessible to blind, deaf, and visually impaired users, Bounce Metronome, particularly, has many blind users.

Let's look at some videos and screen shots of them in action.


  • Including nested tuplets for any of the rhythms, as in the music of Frank Zappa and Brian Ferneyhough
  • and fragmentary tuplets

Here is one of the pendulum wave videos which inspired it

Another way of showing these "sonified pendulum waves"

For more about these rhythms, see my Science20 articles: Pure Tones in Healing, and Musical Rhythms in Maths.

Bounce has an audible version of the bounce as well, for blind users, "bounces" in pitch and volume.

Bounce metronome can play many other rhythms, also with accelerating tempo, go silent briefly, able to play rhythms in sequence, with automatic changes of tempo and rhythm, and many other features.

For details see Amazing Rhythms and Tempo Features of Bounce Metronome Pro.


I would also port Tune Smithy

Here is an endless tune for unaccompanied violin, shows how the melody line goes on and on with no exact repetition. It's based on a strict sloth canon though don't expect to spot that easily.

You hear the tuning first (which switches direction and repeats at the harmonic fourth 4/3 instead of the usual octave),

Then you hear a short seed phrase, and the tune you get when you put it through the magic of the Tune Smithy sloth canon process.

 And this one, where I've used Lissajous 3D for the animation

This is the one that ends the intro video 

 More fractal tune videos, and many audio recordings

Create your own music in an automagical way from a tiny seed phrase or number pattern, Or play the example tunes that come with the program, and randomize them. See Play & Create Tunes as intricate as Snowflakes - First steps


Tune Smithy is also used for music therapy and I'd port the FTS Lambdoma so music therapists can use it on a Mac

 with its own inbuilt 2D lissajous pattern tool

 which shows these lovely patterns as you play complex chords  the Lissajous patterns give a visual representation of the frequency relations between the notes in the chords.


I'd port Lissajous 3D as well, which gives another visual representation, this time in 3D, and is also used simply for creating interesting visual patterns in 3D (including spirographs, textures, gravity and magnetism effects on the Lissajous patterns, and other things mainly there for visual appeal).

Here is the Lissajous 3D pattern from the intro video - pattern for a just intonation major chord 1/1 5/4 3/2

Here is Lissajous 3D again, showing some of its capabilities as a 3D pattern generating tool. 

Music here retuned with Tune Smithy, in 17 divisions of the octave instead of usual 12, a nice "scrunchy" tuning. Played in real time from a music keyboard split in Tune Smithy, right half violin and left half viola..

Transitions with Windows Movie Maker.


You can use Tune Smithy to explore the vast range of tunings in the world.

This is the PC keyboard player I showed in the second intro video. You play it with your normal typing keyboard. Most can manage two part harmony. They are not designed as a music keyboard of course and can block on triads, but it's lots of fun e.g. for a traveling microtonalist on a plane or someone starting with microtonality.

Here is the mouse theremin

You can also retune your midi keyboard to any tuning

Or retune scores. Here is how you set up Tune Smithy to work with Sibelius on Windows to retune your own compositions. I'll need to find out how you set this up on a Mac


This shows Lissajous 3D as a screen saver on Windows - again I'll need to find out if you can run it as a screensaver on a Mac. It shows some of its capabilities. The Windows screensaver, also lets you choose music on your computer to accompany it, including on CD. I don't know how that would work on a Mac. This video has no sound.


When it comes to Virtual Flower, I don't have youtube animations to share at present but lots of images.

It's used to make virtual flowers for 3D scenes - exports them as VRML though you can get converters to convert to other formats.

This is that same scene in the Cortona VRML viewer after it's exported as a VRML file

Here is another one with fractal galaxies in the background also created with Virtual Flower (they are geometrical shapes if you go close to them rather than conventional galaxy shaped)

You can find many other examples as images, and as VRML 3D files to explore with the Cortona 3D Viewer at the Music and Virtual Flowers website

An example of one of the many 3D shapes it can make.

Higher dimensions of space

 Anaglyph of a hypercube made with Virtual Flower - find out more. It can also make 24 cell, 120 cell, 600 cell etc. and other higher dimensional shapes.

Note, Virtual Flower is not yet optimized for 3D graphics display (this is something I plan to do in the future).

It's no problem for simpler shapes, such as the trees and flowers with not too many levels of branching.

For more complex shapes, you output them as VRML and then view them in the Cortona plugin or similar.


Virtual flower can also be used to create 3D "musical geometries" when combined with Tune Smithy (though this usage of it is a bit techy). 

You can try them out here, though you may need to give permission for the app to run in your Java settings. It's using an unsigned app by Blaxxun from many years ago.


Activity Timer is a program to keep track of time spent on projects. It can also give you reminders to rest your eyes, not to spend too long at the computer in a single session.

I haven't done a new release for Activity Timer, for years, but have a beta in preparation when I get the time to test and debug it. 

My priority is to get Tune Smithy , Bounce Metronome and LIssajous 3D on the Mac. However, I expect it to be easy to get Activity Timer running under Wine when the time comes.


It's pretty certain that I'll get something to run on a Mac. If anything is problematical, as developer of the software, I can remove code that doesn't work, or replace it by other code.  

Bounce Metronome running on Linux
Bounce Metronome running on Linux

This Linux version looks much like it does on Windows, and works the same, main difference you notice is just that the X to close the window is on the left of the title bar instead of the right as it is in windows.  

Here is the complete desktop in Linux,

Bounce Metronome on Linux - full desktop, this is the KXStudio distribution of Linux especially designed for musicians  Bounce Metronome on Linux
Bounce Metronome on Linux - full desktop, this is the KXStudio distribution of Linux especially designed for musicians Bounce Metronome on Linux

The programs at the bottom in the screenshot are used to get default midi instruments on Linux. I may have to install them in the Wineskin also. But you won't see them, they will be pre-configured and hidden inside the skin.

I expect 2D and 3D graphics performance to be excellent, same as for native programs. Many games have been ported to the Mac using Wineskins and a similar commercial solution. There are techy reasons also to expect excellent graphics performance.

There are some possible issues, mainly minor, see What might not work?


Of course, timing is of great importance to a musician. The problem is, that I don't know how accurately my programs will know the time, inside of a Wineskin on a Mac. If they can tell it to the nearest millisecond, fine. If they only know it to the nearest 10 ms or worse, that's not much use as a metronome.

If this happens, I can probably fix the timing with Wine RT, as for Linux 

In worst case, you can play precise rhythms using the beeps metronome - and a new feature just added with samples of drums and other percussion, including your own recordings.

All this is sample precise, well sub millisecond precision, via audio streaming. Here it is in action:

You will also be able to export midi files to disk, for other programs to use or to convert directly into a precise audio file.

For more, see What about timing issues and performance?


I wrap the programs in a "WineSkin". This makes them look like a native Mac program to your computer.

It's size will be about 150 MB. Will be available on CD also if you have a slow connection.

For techy details of what I'll need to do: see  How will you make the wineskin? which has a couple of videos I found on youtube showing how you make a wineskin on a Mac.

You won't need to do any of that, You just download the program when it's done, and run it like any Mac program.


Well we got there - thanks everyone! You can follow progress via the Kicktraq statistics.


We reached the stretch goal also. I have already ordered the heavily discounted  Macbook Air with 11 inch screen and 128 GB hard drive - selling on amazon at a huge discount as it's last year's model. 

It will do me fine, especially since it supports an external VGA monitor (which I have). Detailed specs here

We should see Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy and these other programs on the Mac in the near future!




Risks and challenges

First, I might not be able to get them to work at all.

However I think the chance of that is minute, as I've already got Bounce running on Linux with Wine.

If Wine is new to you, or for techy details of how it works on the Mac, see What is Wine in the FAQ

The main challenges are, that some features may not work and have to be removed or changed, and that I may need to fix bugs and sort out performance issues.

This makes it hard to estimate a completion date, but it's unlikely that I won't be able to get them working at all on the Mac.

Also, you get your unlock key no matter what happens, which you can use right away on any Windows machine, I'll be able to advise on how best to get it to work on Parallels desktop / VMWare as well if we meet the target.

For more techy details see the FAQ

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Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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