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Mac musician, artist or mathematician? Let's get Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Virtual Flower, Lissajous 3D & Activity Timer on a Mac!
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Last six hours of the Kickstarter - Have ordered the 11" Macbook Air - because of the volatile prices

Posted by Robert Walker (Creator)

Hi everyone - after a bit more thought, I just went ahead and ordered the 11 inch Macbook Air - as the prices are so volatile, fluctuating from below £600 to over £680, and they are heavily discounted from an original price of £849, way beyond the budget. 

Though unlikely to happen, it would be so frustrating if the project closed and I found that the 11 inch Air is no longer available at this price.

It is not as if Kickstarter are likely to disqualify this project at this late date! And even if they did, amazon refund without question on return of computer hardware so long as it is returned in best possible condition.

So, got this one: Apple 11-inch MacBook Air, sold by GB Buddy

It will be dispatched Monday or Tuesday next week, standard delivery 3 - 18 business days - so could technically be up to three weeks later but there's a reasonable chance I'll get it towards the end of next week.

Thanks again!


We are now into the last 6 hours of the project. It's the last chance for anyone who wants to pledge through kickstarter. 

Is now onto the Ending Soon page, if you scroll down, and into the second row of the technology ending soon page.

There is no sign of a last minute surge such as you get with some kickstarter projects (though you never know I suppose) so expect this is the final figure more or less.

Main thing left to do is to edit the page before the project closes, to its final state since it can't be edited when the project is finished.

I'll put a clear link to the PayPal page which I will keep on for a while, in case there are any latecomers who want to join in, who missed the closing date of the project. And also a clear link to the updates section for anyone who comes to it who is new to kickstarter. Can't think of anything else I need to do right now.

More later when I do the unlock keys 14 days after the project closes when I get the funds - and I'll keep you all posted when the Mac arrives. Will do another update if there is some amazing last minute surge or something noteworthy when it closes, otherwise bye for now until the next update. 


You can contact me of course at any time through kickstarter or you can email me directly through, or if you are on facebook or google+, can connect to me at my facebook  or google+  personal pages.


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