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Mac musician, artist or mathematician? Let's get Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Virtual Flower, Lissajous 3D & Activity Timer on a Mac!
59 backers pledged £686 to help bring this project to life.

One more day to go, now just about at the stretch goal also.

Posted by Robert Walker (Creator)

Thanks again everyone for your support!


We are now at £650, Also so far have received £23 in Paypal pledges from four backers, so total is £673. Subtracting kickstarter and payment processing fees makes that £606. 

That is about enough to get the new 11" screen tablet sized Macbook Air (last year's tablet sized Mac Air, heavily discounted) that I've had my eye on. 

At least - depends when you look at it - the prices are volatile, but reasonable chance of one of those. And I can contribute a small amount to the stretch goal myself also (am not permitted to contribute to the kickstarter until it funds but of course no issue with contributing to the stretch goals).

There's the possibility of a refurbished Mac also, because you get a 1 year guarantee main thing that I need. I have been keeping an eye out but so far no 11" Macbook Airs in the UK store and the others prices are too high except the mac mini which comes without screen or keyboard or mouse. 


Meanwhile, got a bit of news on the sample player - the new option I mentioned before, which will give submilliseond precision, sample precise timing on the Mac whatever the midi situation - because everything is done in Bounce Metronome itself as streaming audio.

 The news is that it's now working in the release and is a feature of the latest upload of Bounce

Here it is in action:

This rhythm is nothing special, just a random thing I made while release testing the new Bounce, in order to stress test it- recorded in real time using BB Flashback recorder 
But, it shows it working, as you can see - sample player is playing good steady ticks. Also, it does just fine in very fast passages with hundreds of ticks a minute without dropping a click or playing an irregular rhythm.
I've also tested it by inspecting the waveform - and got pretty much sample perfect waveforms as expected, timing accurate to within tenths of a millisecond.

More about it here if interested:

Update, 5th June 2014 - Sample precise sample playing, multi-touch keyboard and muliti-touch theremin, easier to use tempo and rhythm changes, polyrhythmic subdivisons, other minor features and bug fixes.

Not sure there is too much more to say at this stage - having reached the goal, the project is definitely going to happen, just a matter now of details of which exact computer I get really. 


When the project finishes, you can't get any more kickstarter pledges, but will leave it open for PayPal pledges for a while in case of anyone who wants to who missed the deadline. 

Funds come through 14 days after the project finishes - so that's when I'll issue unlock keys. 

May possibly order the 11" Mac Air before then because of the volatile prices - I can cover the amount needed to get it for a short while until the funds come through, and had such enthusiastic responses, don't expect to get many if any of you withdrawing your pledges (that's the reason one should really wait until the funds come through because occasionally kickstarters find that they get less funds than expected - still get it - but the amount received may be less than they expected if some of the backers drop out after it closes).

Will keep you all informed about important developments after the project is over.

May do one more post before it closes tomorrow - or after it closes or both. Will also do an update when I get the Mac, and obviously you'll hear from me about the unlock keys and as the project continues keep you informed about developments. 


May need beta testers at some point. I have lots of people already volunteered - but if you want to as well and haven't already given me your name, will give you an opportunity when the time comes,  That would be to try out early versions of the wineskin wrapped programs (whichever ones interest you of course) in case there are any remaining issues I've not been able to duplicate myself.


Anyway more later, again thanks to everyone for your help! If you know anyone who would be interested of course that's welcome, to share this etc, all helps, but no need to make a big thing of that, as it's going to happen anyway. Look forward to working on this project!



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