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Mac musician, artist or mathematician? Let's get Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Virtual Flower, Lissajous 3D & Activity Timer on a Mac!
59 backers pledged £686 to help bring this project to life.

Reached 94% with 11 days to go - Staff Pick at Kickstarter - New Bounce Video with Sea on Rocky Shore, Tibetan Bell and Claves

Posted by Robert Walker (Creator)

Hi everyone, now at 94%, thanks to everyone who has helped so far!.

Still 11 days to go.. 

I'm sure it's going to go ahead now. Especially as I had an encouraging email a few days back from one of the backers saying he is really keen to see the project succeed and would up his pledge if it's needed - and imagine others would as well. I'm sure he's one of many as I've heard from many who are really really keen to see it happen.

Another item of news, Bounce Metronome is currently featured as staff picked on Kickstarter - scroll down  to find it. I think they just do that for a while not necessarily for duration of the project.

Also - I'm working on the sample player in the beta of Bounce Metronome, it's nearly ready for release. It is a cool feature, but also - it's a plus for the Mac as well. If there are any midi timing issues - almost certainly solvable in one way or another e.g. using Wine RT - but just in case not, have the sample player to fall back on.

It can give sample level precision - way sub millisecond - is usually the most precise way you can do the timing of notes in real time.

So anyway, it does also mean - that e.g. if you have a good microphone - can just go out and record hits and taps, bells, natural sounds, and use those immediately in Bounce. Is really easy to do - new option "Open Sample to add to menu", browse to find your sample and it gets added and you can use it right away. You can also use any of the sounds in sample packs, or on  and many other places with free samples to download.

So then you get things like this:

4/4 with golden ratio swing - samples of rocky beach, tibetan singing bowl and claves  (youtube video)

Played with samples of claves, Tibetan bell, and recording of waves on a rocky sea shore. You can hear, perhaps, that the sounds are played in stereo as well - for the sea especially, waves moving across the beach. BTW this also shows golden ratio swing, a new preset in Bounce for next update.

It also means I can make a counting metronome - something I'm often asked, especially by blind musicians - a metronome that can count out loud.

The idea is to use recordings of someone saying the words 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9  and "and" and "a" or the La, Li,, Ta, Di, etc of various counting systems - whatever are the syllables you usually use for counting - and have bounce play those sounds to do its counting out loud.

I'll probably have that finished as well by the end of this project - and will do it so that you can also set to use your own voice or a friend's voice, if you've got a microphone to record the words it needs..

To use you'll just need to select an instrument called, say, "Count Beats Aloud" or some such, into a part and it will count the beats for you - probably have option to set up several different voices to choose, for those who want to count polyrhythms with a different voice for each part.

This is the mid project period when you don't get many pledges as I said in last update. But - confident that we'll meet the goal - so I think good time to relax.

If it goes over that would be good, say £100 over then that will mean can reach the stretch goal of a somewhat better computer to do the testing. Might well happen, since you do get a lot of pledges generally at the end of the campaign, anyway will see what happens, but I'm sure it's going to happen anyway now.


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