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Mac musician, artist or mathematician? Let's get Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Virtual Flower, Lissajous 3D & Activity Timer on a Mac!
59 backers pledged £686 to help bring this project to life.

Latest news for Bounce Metronome, Tune Smithy, Lissajous 3D etc on the Mac

Posted by Robert Walker (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

First, sorry I haven't sent a kickstarter announcement in such a long time. Anyway - a lot has been happening and it is going well, as you may know if you've been following me on facebook and the blog, though in the end, there was a lot more to do than I expected, as is quite common in programming. Pretty much all of that sorted out now.

Here is a video I did about the status of each of the programs on the Mac:

So, to summarize the situation:

* First, I've got all six programs on the Mac, and Virtual Flower and Lissajous 3D are both releases now.

Bounce Metronome and FTS Lambdoma are late stage betas. Particularly quite a few musicians are already using Bounce Metronome on the Mac. 

*Tune Smithy and Activity Timer are early stage betas  

I encourage you to try out any of them if interested.

Then - in more detail for the betas:

Bounce Metronome - nowadays most musicians who download it find it just works, with no issues at all. It may very well do everything you need.

FTS Lambdoma may well do everything you need also. Well worth giving it a go. Needs more testing but I don't know of any significant issues with it so far.

Tune Smithy - first impression is that it is working reasonably well, similarly to version 3 - with not too many bugs. But it is a vast program, and is a major update of FTS 3, on both the Mac and Windows. This update is mainly untested so far, which is the main reason it is an early beta. 
That's especially important for the fractal tunes for future compatibility.

Chances are that most tunes you save will sound exactly the same in the release. but I can't guarantee that at this stage. 

Activity Timer is at a very early stage - both early stage beta on Windows, and also has significant technical issues on the Mac. Only worth downloading to get a first idea of what the program is like - not yet fully functional for what it is meant to do.

For all the programs: the worst the programs can do is to freeze inside the Wineskin as far as I can tell. Its wineskin keeps functioning like a normal Mac program, and is easy to close it with Force Quit. Also, most of my programs now have automatic freeze recovery - you start the program up again it will normally offer to recover to your settings before the freeze. I'm very impressed by Wineskin - a robust program that never misbehaves in my experience.

I also have versions to download for Leopard, tested on OSX 10.5 in a virtual machine on my Mac. That's the first release of Leopard, and the earliest Mac that the method can work for. They are done in an earlier version of Wineskin and will only run on Leopard.

Where to get them

You can get them all here:

Mac Releases and Betas

Details on the download pages.

Unlock Keys

Most of you have probably got your unlock key by now. But if not do let me know. Some of you haven't yet responded to the survey question - I need to know what name to use for the unlock key to send it to you. But if I don't get replies say in the next week or so I'll send unlock keys anyway to everyone who pledged for one as a reward and just use your Kickstarter user name.

For PayPal pledges, if I haven't yet got in touch with you, expect to hear in the next few days. But do feel free to contact me at any time if you need an unlock key right now. My email address is

Bug Reports

If my programs do anything buggy be sure to let me know. Also any issues such as - it just not running on your Mac at all. Or if you just want to know where to find something, for friendly support, just get in touch with me.

Many bugs get fixed very quickly, often by return of email.

If you want to know more about what I'm looking for in a bug report, see

Beta testing - Future Timetable

First, if you haven't heard from me yet - that's because I have had quite a few beta testers who were just keen early adopters, who downloaded early stage betas and reported the issues they found. I got so many bug reports that I didn't need more beta testers at that stage. It would just have meant many more copies of the same bug reports.

However that stage is over now. I get very few bug reports now.

So - probably some time in the next week or so I'll send emails to all of you who offered to beta test Bounce Metronome. Then we can see if there are any other issues to fix. And then after that, however long it takes, will move to a release of Bounce.

Things to know about my programs on the Mac

There are a few things to tell you about. Some things that worked better than expected and somethings that were issues I hadn't expected.

Voice Assist still an issue - not accessible for blind users

First, no progress at all with compatibility with voice over, so as I said before it's not going to be accessible to blind users. Unless anyone has any ideas for a solution. For details and some ideas I had for possible approaches to investigate further, see Bounce for Mac screen reader issue details

If anyone who pledged depends on Voice Assist I will of course refund your pledge.

Message about unidentified developer - signing the apps

First, I was surprised to find that, though I got an Apple developer's license, I still can't sign the apps. The problem is that the wineskin was developed for version 1 signatures, and Apple brought out version 2 earlier this year. since I'm not a developer of Wineskin, there is nothing  I can do to fix this, as far as I know, and the developer of Wineskin didn't have a solution.

So anyway - this means that I won't be able to put the apps on the App store even after release.

And when you download the apps, you need to give them permission to run.

I.e. - after download, first move the app to wherever you want to put it (e.g. your applications folder) Then use Ctrl + click, chose Open in the drop menu that pops up, then click Open. You only need to do this the first time you run it. After that it will start fine without a message. If anyone here has any idea of a way I might be able to sign the apps - any work around or anything - do say!

Why top menu and close work a bit differently on the Mac

Just to say, that you will find that you use the top menu rarely for my apps, instead use menus within the program, because of origins as Windows programs. For reasons and details see this tutorial video.

 Other video tutorials

I've got other video tutorials for the Mac like this for Bounce on the download page.

Also got some general Bounce tutorials now, on the tutorials page - tips and tricks and introduction to various ways of using Bounce. See Tutorials (Bounce wiki).

I plan to do lots more tutorials like this for Bounce, and also for my other programs.

If you want a tutorial for anything particular, just let me know.

Happy festive season everyone

Thanks, hope this is helpful, and Happy Christmas (for those of you who celebrate it) and also Happy New Year. 

If you want to follow me in detail be sure to visit the bounce metronome blog and bounce facebook page - and for more frequent updates, I tend to post about how it is going on my personal page on facebook (though the personal page tends to have lots of other stuff on it not at all to do with the kickstarter).

Here is the download page for the Mac versions again: Mac Releases and Betas page.

 I'll keep you in touch with any significant developments, for instance the release of Bounce Metronome whenever that is.

And any questions please email me,

If you haven't got your unlock key yet, as I said, should be on its way soon, am going to go through the list checking that I have sent them to everyone. Don't hesitate to remind me of anything like that if I forget. 

And will be in touch about beta testing soon, you can of course send in bug reports and beta testing results any time though, no need to wait to hear from me if keen.

Here is the video I just did to help beta testers for when I send the email around:

Continuing work on the Mac Beta

Posted by Robert Walker (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update for anyone who isn't following me on facebook or the Bounce Metronome blog.

I'm continuing to work on the Mac Beta. If you want to take a look at it, and have a go at the latest, it is here, but it is still an early stage Beta I'd say - not quite ready for prime time :):

And here is the change log of bug fixes and changes so far.

Has many known bugs still. I'm in the middle of work on the next beta upload right now. Issues I have on my "to do" list to fix for the latest update, fixing issues in the 31st July beta, include

  • Freeze reported by just one of the beta testers so far - but it is a biggy for him, it stops responding completely from time to time - frequently like every few minutes as you explore the program, show different metronome types, reshow windows etc, and you have to do a force quit and start again.
  • 3D Bounce window briefly shows garbled image when first shown - or just shows as white instead of colour 
  • Tool tips are shown too soon on the Mac - Mac users are used to a 1 second delay before they appear while on Windows, users are used to a 0.5 second delay
  • Some minor display issues e.g. cropped text
  • Several other minor bugs.


If you are one of those who offered to beta test Bounce, you might wonder why you haven't heard from me yet.

Well - I plan to send personal emails to everyone once I feel it is ready for widespread beta testing.

For now though I have plenty of bugs to fix, found by those who beta tested so far plus the ones I found myself.

I think it is better to fix those first - either that - or if something can't be fixed, document it as a known issue on the Mac. 

If I asked dozens of you to beta test it right now, I'd expect lots of duplicate reports of the same bugs that I'm already working to fix.

Probably will be another week or so, though hard to predict exactly. The freeze issue is a top priority of course

So - my plan is to fix all the bugs I know about so far. Then will contact all those who want to beta test Bounce on a Mac - have a long list there. So that's an opportunity to test it on a wide range of different machines, and different ways of using it and hopefully find any more bugs that need to be fixed.

Depending how that goes - I might be able to move to a release quite soon, or it might need more work first.


Sadly - it is not backwards compatible to 10.5. It's for 10.6 or later.

So - for OSX snow leopard or later.

However later on I hope to do something about this.

There are earlier versions of Wineskin for Mac 10.5 and 10.4. And - my code should be compatible with them.

I actually went through the process of making a 10.4 compatible Mac Beta. It produces it okay, without errors.

But at present I have no way of testing it to see if it works, or to debug it, as it can't run on Mac 10.9 Mavericks which i have here.

If you are interested to test it - bearing in mind it is an early stage beta - do let me know and I can send it to you. I think the worst thing likely to happen is that it just doesn't run at all - or freezes.

I do hope to sort this out eventually,

Given that I gave December this year as the completion date, maybe there is a chance I can have that sorted out by then one way or another. Either keen beta tester, or find a low price second hand Mac with Tiger as the OSX, or something.


I've given up on this for now. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to get it to work with Mac Voice Over,

Also haven't yet found an easy way to get it to speak by itself without a screen reader.

Spent several days on this looking for ways around it but not come across anything yet.

If you have any ideas do say!

However - so far nobody has contacted me about this. I know that many blind musicians use Windows. Surely must be some who use the Mac also. 

But maybe it's not such a major issue as I thought, if there are fewer Mac blind musician users than Windows blind musician users.

If you are affected, do let me know - so I know that there are blind users who want Bounce on a Mac!

I have no idea of how to solve the issue yet, But it will give more incentive to look for a solution if I know someone needs it.


I've tried to get Lissajous 3D to synchronize its patterns with chords played in Bounce Metronome. But the problem there is - I can't seem to launch it from Bounce Metronome if it is in the same WineSkin.

For that matter, Lissajous 3D in its Wineskin is at a very early "alpha" state at present, so not ready for release.

So anyway if you attempt to show Lissajous 3D in the current Mac Beta of Bounce you will get a message saying this is not programmed yet.

Hopefully it can be sorted out - but I am not totally sure it is possible for techy reasons. That is - Lissajous 3D should work fine eventually hopefully once I fix the bugs in it. But communicating from one to the other may be tricky. 

It could be done using a shared file on disk that Bounce Metronome writes to and Lissajous 3D reads - if no other approach works - if so has to be an area of disk space that both can access - the only way I can think of is to use the Mac "my documents" - which is rather kludgy - but if it is the only way - of course program would ask user first if it is okay to do it in the user interface and explain the reasons.

Anyway - that's something to look into in more detail in the future.

It can show the 2D Lissajous patterns fine, as that is done in Bounce Metronome itself. 

(Background - these are the theoretical Lissajous patterns for chords played in Bounce metronome - e.g. if you play a 5 : 4 : 3 frequency ratio - then it shows the 5:4:3 Lissajous pattern - doesn't attempt to monitor the audio produced just shows what it should be theoretically).


I am working on a version of the FTS Lambdoma right now -the one used for music therapy. Expect to have a Mac Beta available for it soon - it is essentially the same code as Bounce "behind the interface" so by making Bounce Mac compatible, I also make the FTS Lambdoma compatible also.

I already have a Wineskin for it here which I have tested and it is working as well on the Mac as Bounce is.

So once the Bounce Mac Beta is working reasonably well, I can release an FTS Lambdoma Mac Beta soon after. And may release it at an early stage beta sooner than that.

Next obvious one to work on is the Lissajous program. That's because the 3D graphics is working well for Bounce Metronome, fast frame rate, so that's promising for Lissajous 3D.

After that - not sure - might be Activity Timer - or Virtual Flower - or Tune Smithy.

If you have any that you are particularly keen to see on the Mac do let me know. Will influence my decision.


With Tune Smithy - I am thinking in terms of doing an update to get it up to date to the same version number as Bounce Metronome. Maybe a few tasks at a time - just enable the tasks that I know work okay with the first release and keep adding new tasks as I debug them.

So - that would do the Mac port - and simultaneously - do the Tune Smithy update I've been wanting to do for years now.

There is just too much extra work involved in the update of the Bounce Beta to be worth going back to Tune Smithy 3.x and try to integrate all this back into the old code.

I think will be less work to update Tune Smithy to version 4 like Bounce Metronome.


Also just to say - if any of you are affected by one of the things here - e.g. if you are blind,  it's okay to ask for a refund.


If you are keen to follow developments as they happen - be sure to check out the blog

and the facebook page

Twitter feed -  I have an automatic repost from the facebook page to twitter.

My facebook home page  but it has lots of posts not to do with the Mac Betas - so you might have to scroll down a long way through posts about Mars, space, microtonal music or whatever until you find them. I do post more often there though than anywhere else.

Google+ - but I don't seem to post there often, I'd like to set up an automatic repost from the Facebook Bounce Metronome page to Google+ but haven't found a way to do it.

Maybe I should just copy the posts over by hand...

Apart from all that - I'll let you know when there are significant developments, or from time to time even if nothing much is happening.

Any questions at all be sure to say!


Doing unlock keys now - early Mac Beta looking good - major accessibility issue for blind musicians not yet solved

Posted by Robert Walker (Creator)

Hi Everyone

I've just done the survey to ask for the names you want to use for the unlock keys and am gong through making the unlock keys and messaging them.

If you answered the survey and haven't had your unlock key yet - it's on its way soon- I'm doing them manually a few at a time. 

Meanwhile making good progress with the beta also. Solved most of the issues in the first Alpha release - everything looking good - except for the accessibility issue for blind users. 

Now has 

See the beta download page to find out more details about all this.

I've done it as a public beta again, So, if you want to give it a go - bearing in mind that it's an early stage beta, you can do so here:

Bounce for Mac Beta

As you'll see from that page - I did encounter several issues that for most users will be minor ones. But there was one major one.


There is one major disappointment in my tests so far, however, a major accessibility issue which I didn't know about.

I can't get any of my programs inside of a Wine Skin to work with Voice Over - the screen reader that comes with the Mac. 

Nothing to do with my programming, it's a Mac / Wineskin / Wine integration issue of some sort. Voice Over can't even see the Windows Notepad inside of a wineskin.

If I can't find a solution to this, then blind users won't be able to use the program in a Wineskin on a Mac.

On Windows Bounce Metronome and Tune Smithy are amongst the few music programs accessible to blind musicians and I get many emails from blind users about Bounce Metronome particularly saying how useful it is. So I'm really keen to get it accessible on a Mac also..

So anyway - am exploring options there. You can read about some of the things I'm looking into here:

Bounce for Mac screen reader issue details

Meanwhile if any of you have any ideas at all that might help there be sure to say!

Expect the unlock keys soon - beta also going well

Posted by Robert Walker (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say, that I heard from Kickstarter and there was only one dropped pledge out of the 59. So that's excellent, and means the new discounted 11" Mac Air is fully covered as I expected. They have transferred the funds though not yet received them into my account.

If anyone had any issues paying via kickstarter, you can still do so via PayPal - see the link on the project page.

I'll send out the unlock keys in a day or two. I'm assuming there is no hurry since I don't yet have a version for the Mac - and anyway you get a 30 day trial - for instance if you try out the alpha..

However, if any of you need your unlock key right away for any reason - just contact me and I'll do it for you.

Also programming is going fine, hope to have a beta ready soon, and will post about it when ready

Rest of this update goes into details of how the project is going, for those who want to know more about it.

But basically - everything is going reasonably well - indeed far better than I expected it to be at this stage. I can't give a timetable for final release. But looks like it is more likely to be on the timescale of weeks rather than months.


I've been getting on well with the bounce programming. 

Surprisingly - it's not so much the timing that got me scratching my head - not yet anyway - but rather - integration with the Mac and the 3D Bounce - the 3D bounce graphics turned out to be really tricky and I have already spent several days of full time coding just trying out various ideas for ways to get that to work. It's working pretty well now.

It turned out that for techy reasons I couldn't integrate the 3D bounce and the buttons and drop lists and check boxes together into a single window in the Wineskin.

Tried various ideas - and for a while was using this approach - can you see it? - 3D scene is placed on top of the window with the check boxes etc - with holes cut out of it to fit together to make a single window:

That's a screenshot from before I got the two windows synchronized with each other automatically.

That worked fine on Windows, but on the Mac, this is what happened:

 Notice how the 3D Bounce window has shadows around all the controls. That's because the Mac treats them as two top level windows and those shadows trace around the places where they meet each other - and they are rather ugly straight edged shadows - I think because it is painting on the 3D scene.

Anyway - so that worked but was not a reasonable solution visually.

So - then tried getting rid of the shadows - and only way to do that was to remove the Mac styling throughout. Result looked like this:

You can try that out with the alpha which uses this approach. Looks like the 3D scene is a single window - but in fact it's two windows as before.

Set the first Mac Alpha running, show the 3D bounce, and then click on "Show all windows" and you can see those two windows, one with the buttons and check boxes etc - and the other with the 3D scene, and with holes cut into each one to fit with the other one.


That worked fine - but problem was - first the appearance, with the buttons in unexpected place for a Mac and - also it looks like an old fashioned program from styling of the title bar (Looks like the Classic XP backwards compatibility option in XP which simulates a Windows 95 / 98 style program).

But also - the other issue, worse than that - is that it couldn't be integrated with the Mac top menu bar. 

Didn't realize when I did the alpha how much Mac users depend on that. 

If you treat it as like a Windows program and only use its own internal menus to control the program, no problem at all. But try to e.g. quit it using the top Mac menu and nothing happens. 

That's because the only way I could get rid of those unsightly shadows was to disable the mac integration in the Wineskin.


So - anyway tried many ideas - but final solution is to have it as a separate 3D bounce window with geometrical controls for play buttons etc inside of the 3D scene itself. That was already an option so was a matter of making that the default - plus coding to make sure the window worked okay on its own as a separate window.

That works okay now - so that's what I'm going to do for next upload. 


 I've also spent well over a day full time trying to deal with anti-aliasing issues - which I expected - but didn't think they could be solved easily. 

So anyway turned out, though they are indeed a bit tricky - perhaps I can deal with some of them. One thing was reasonably easy - the tempo dial - so next upload will have the tempo dial nice and smooth. 

It will have an option to smooth out the text on the skin also. That's more experimental though - an issue with performance + not sure of the visual effect also - still working on that - so probably will default to switched off. I don't know what the outcome will be there in the near term. But I did say in the kickstarter description that there are likely to be aliasing issues - as the Linux version also has this - so it's not like it's unexpected.

I could smooth out the menus also - but that's a whole lot more work. Mainly would be work on the styling - I can use any image (bitmap) for any of the menu items - but am then totally responsible for drawing the whole thing.


I had various other bugs reported, just about all solved now. One thing I haven't solved yet is a timing glitch that happend - just once or twice here. Those sorts of bugs are hard to fix, and I haven't been focusing on the timing yet because of these other bugs.

But generally timing is good, and if you use the busy waits, then it reports sub millisecond precision - that is for midi. How accurately it really is - well I'll need to do recordings and detailed tests to see how it works out. But general impression - apart from that glitch - is that it is doing steady timing just fine.

The glitch is obvious if it happens - completely irregular timing. I found it clears up if you stop play and press play again.

May be other ones also. Anyway I'll be looking at timing in detail next after I've got it integrated fine with the Mac operating system. After all - bugs are often connected with each other - sometimes in surprising ways - might find I solve it while working on other things.

But if not will chase it up in detail and find out what it is.


If you want to know more about how things are going, as they happen, you can follow on facebook, or google+.

google+ updates here:

Facebook updates here:

And my personal facebook page - where I post more often about this project - but also about many other things (e.g. my Mars blog posts or sharing interesting links or having conversations with facebook friends etc) so is not easiest place to follow what is going on.

But - to summarize - I uploaded an early stage Alpha a few days ago for anyone really keen to try it out right away. That's the quickest way to find and fix bugs.

I expected it to have many bugs and it did. Several of you did test it - and reported bugs - really helpful, thanks!

Have fixed nearly all of those and hope to update a new version soon, possibly tomorrow. 


I was hoping to have it ready today but it's not quite finished.

It will be an early stage alpha or beta again - but with much better integration with the Mac operating system than the early stage alpha I uploaded before.


One good thing about the Wineskin on a Mac is that my program is running in a sand box of its own. Even its fonts and such like are inside of the Wineskin. So, it won't change any settings on your Mac. 

The worst that can happen with the beta, as far as I can see is that it stops responding and you have to use a Force Quit to close the program. At any rate that's the worst that's happened here while debugging, and that includes it doing many strange things while testing out various ideas for solving some of the bugs - but just inside of its skin :).

So, anyway if any of you want to try an early stage alpha / beta - I suggest wait until the next upload tomorrow (or thereabouts) - as I've fixed many things. 

Will post about that in detail here when it's ready. And will start contacting those of you who have offered to beta test Bounce Metronome personally when the time comes. But - decided to do it as a public beta (which I already did with the alpha) - so that means - anyone can try it if they want to, don't have to contact me to get the download link, but appreciate reports of any bugs you find.

Thanks again!

Robert (Walker)

The 11" Mac Air has arrived, unboxed it - and already got Bounce running on OSX!

Posted by Robert Walker (Creator)
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Here is the Air in its box:

 Another view

 Here I am unboxing it

 And a few minutes later I had bounce running on the Mac :)

 It turned up a minor bug with the option to show full screen.

 After this video I tested, the melodic features also work, the 2D visuals are fine. The non melodic sample player seems okay also.

It crashes when I show the 3D bounce window. So there is some bug to be fixed there. Some glitches in the show full screen option.

I do have some work to do then. But - looks more like a one or two week type project than a several months type project, at least for Bounce, easier than I expected.

Will keep you updated as I find out more.

This version I just did should work on OSX 10.6 or later, Snow Leopard - all the way up to the latest OSx, Mavericks see Wineskin Home Page.

If any of you have 10.5 or 10.4 (Intel Mac only) - then I might be able to get it to work on those also - does anyone need it to run on an Intel Mac earlier than 10.6 (Snow Leopard)? If so let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Anyway - it's excellent news, far easier to get this far at least than I expected it to be. Is working well enough so I might have a beta available quite soon for anyone keen to try it out right away - best to see if I can fix the full screen and the 3D bounce glitch - and test it more thoroughly first.