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A fast-paced third person shooter narrating a neo-noir story enhanced by a dark and comic style art set in a criminal infested city. Read more

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A fast-paced third person shooter narrating a neo-noir story enhanced by a dark and comic style art set in a criminal infested city.

About this project

“When the criminals are running from justice and turning the world into a worthless place, a man of night rises against them from deep down of shadows. He is an angel of night and voice of justice. A hero who becomes the nightmare of criminals, to find his dark past.”

The Dark phantom is a 3D third person shooter powered by UDK technology with emphasis on covering and thrilling action. The player plays in the role of Dark Phantom, a man with a stolen past, seeking light in the darkness. The game offers a compelling dark story with several unique antagonists in a fictional modern city full of criminals and villains.

Our full trailer (also included in project video):


Update #4 A sneak peek to our comic

Here is a sneak peek to The Dark Phantom comic. We will soon have a complete update about our comic.

Update #3 Darkman or Dark Phantom?

Hi guys,

Regarding recent comments about similarities of The Dark Phantom’s appearance with Darkman and Watchman, we should declare that we acknowledge these similarities. However this wasn't on purpose and it was the result of our different concept arts and was completely a coincident. In addition, we must say that The Dark Phantom has completely unique characteristics that make him distinctive compared to mentioned characters. We promise, you will enjoy the game and it will be a completely different experience compared to Darkman.

These are some of our concept arts that were drawn by our concept artist:

Update #2 There will always be darkness

Hi, guys. Thank you all for your supports. 

Today we are giving one of our original soundtrack. Check it out.

Also here are some new screenshots. Hope you enjoy it. And don’t forget to leave your comments.

Update #1 Just a quick thanks!

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to all our backers!! 

The team and I want to thank everyone who has backed or supported The Dark Phantom. Without you guys this thing would not happen and we want everyone to know just how thankful we are for your support and enthusiasm. 

 To all those people who think about becoming a backer if you have any questions please shoot them our way, we are more than happy to help you in any way we can. 

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 Thanks again to you all! 

 Hamed Ghafouri & Team 

 Pardis Game Studio

  • Gears of war-like cover system with fluid controls  
  • High quality cutscenes 
  • Use of Advance Technologies like Face FX, Apex and Motion Capture 
  • Dark and compelling story and world with unique art style 
  • Vast cast of characters 
  • Various game mechanics like Bullet Tag, CQC and QTE 

The game tries to illustrate a neo-noir style universe with story related symbols to give more depth and meaning to the main story. The dark and gloomy world of the game is derived from the Dark Phantom’s great sense of bewilderment.  

Being influenced by comic books such as The Boys and Sin City, the art team has used exaggerated lighting and coloring in order to create a unique and artistic atmosphere for players to be immersed in.  

To support the artistic vision of the game and immerse player even more, The Dark Phantom, like any other AAA games, has modern features such as destructible environment, motion blur, depth of field and lens flare. Hence, to make the world feel more real, the team created realistic weapon models and complex shading.

The Dark Phantom delivers a fast paced action packed game to the players. It mainly consists of “cover and shoot” situations with the use of advanced AI to keep the players challenged and thrilled most of the time. To give the players some variety, the game also uses unique boss fights and rare cinematic QTE (Quick Time Events).
The AI enemies are programmed to act as a team in gun fights and force players out of the cover to make the action more challenging. They also take advantage of covers to add to tactical aspects of the game. 
The game tries to represent an intuitive Cover System by using one button for moving in and out of cover. This system is widely known to be used in Gears of War series. Because of this, it will be easy-to-learn for players. There are also destructible covers to make players more engaged.
11 different weapons are used in The Dark Phantom. These weapons have specific features to give each of them an edge in different situations.
The Dark Phantom also possesses Bullet Tag and CQC (Close Quarters Combat). Bullet Tag ability enables Phantom to tags his enemies and shoots them in a cinematic slow motion scene. This system is already used in some AAA games like Hitman: Absolution and Red Dead Redemption. 
There are 4 enemy types each with different behaviors:
Regular Mercenaries:  These are the common enemies that The Dark Phantom will face. They have regular weapon and sometimes use grenade.
Fighters: These enemies are the most hot-headed ones. They charge straight to The Dark Phantom and attack him with melee weapons.
Full Armored Mercenaries: These are the toughest. They are covered with metal armor that makes them move slowly. They carry heavy machine gun so The Dark Phantom must be careful around them.
Snipers: They are in open areas and shoot The Dark Phantom from afar.

After having a strange incident, the Dark Phantom lost his memory. Without remembering anything from his past, he entered a very dangerous game.
Drug gangs controlled the whole city and police operations to catch them had been useless.
The Dark Phantom, whose skin was hurt due to some strange accident, had to use special bandages to cover them. He, who had chosen night for living, noticed the drug bands and tried to gather information about them.
But the presence of Sohrab Jam and Faramarz Shafiq as the gang’s head, changed everything and forced him to enter this dangerous game.
On the other hand, loss of identity and mental damages was weakening him more and more. But meeting a psychologist, DR. Darioush Mehregan, helped him a lot. He vitalized his characteristic and helped him to know himself even better than before. In his last attempts, the Dark Phantom went after the gang. After completely identifying them, he realized that they were an international gang. In the end, he went to a drug container but something very strange happened…

 Sohrab Jam

The Dark Phantom

 Pejman Radmanesh

Faramarz Shafiq

Darioush Mehregan

 Farhad Ariafar


Pardis Game is an indie game development studio. It has founded in 2011. The team is consists of passionate members that are trying to give a fun experience to their audiences. Here we try to reach high level standard as an indie game studio. The Dark Phantom is the first international project of this studio and we want to show our potential with this game.

Hamid has previously worked in some small indie games like arrow of times and now he is the creative director of this game.

Saeed is an experienced level designer with background in art design.

Ali is a seasoned software development with many projects and now he is the technical director of The Dark Phantom.

Salman is a passionate hardcore gamer. This passion makes him pursue game design to create his own games. After creating some small games he is now working as lead game designer.

Frand was working as a 3D modeler for long time in various fields. And right now he is the leader of modeling team.

 Here are some of our rewards.Others will be added when ready.


Pardis Game, is an independent studio which has released two games locally so far; both of them were a success in their own right. The Dark Phantom is our first international project and in comparison with our previous projects, it is bigger and more ambitious. The game is near the end of development, but its cost has exceeded its initial budget. Therefore, we come to Kickstarter in hope of having your support and raising enough money to make the game ready for release. This development includes voice acting, polishing, hiring new experts, designing a better HUD and other small details that we won’t be able to overcome without your help.

Risks and challenges

Nowadays, video game industry is one of the most profitable Entertainment Industries; however, like all industries it comes with its own risks and challenges. The lack of reliable financial source makes this even harder for indie game developers.
Kickstarter gave the chance for indie developers to make their dream games. But most of the projects are here to start from scratch. This means risk for Pledgers.
Our game has passed the risky stages of development and we are polishing the game for releasing. So, there is no risk for our project to fail.

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  • No, because the UDK (Unreal Development Kit), which has been used as the game engine for this game, doesn't support Linux.

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