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This year we are celebrating the 100th birthday the post office in historic Boyes Hot Springs, in the heart of the Valley of the Moon
This year we are celebrating the 100th birthday the post office in historic Boyes Hot Springs, in the heart of the Valley of the Moon
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Recent updates

Not the last update: our Congressional record

[Congressional Record: July 6, 2011 (Extensions)] [Page E1240-E1241] From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access [] [DOCID:cr06jy11-58] CELEBRATING THE 100TH BIRTHDAY OF THE BOYES HOT SPRINGS POST OFFICE ______ HON. LYNN C. WOOLSEY of california in the house of representatives Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Ms. WOOLSEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today with my colleague, Representative Mike Thompson, to honor the 100th birthday of an important community institution, the Boyes Hot Springs Post Office. On July 8, 1911, the Sonoma Index Tribune reported that ``A.D. Graham of Graham's Cash Store received the appointment as post master of Boyes Springs. Located at his store.'' The store, lost in a 1923 fire along with most of the town, was near the train depot at Boyes Boulevard and the Sonoma Highway (Hwy 12). After rapid rebuilding, the post office was located in the Woodleaf Store (now a diner that is part of the Sonoma Mission Inn) until 1951 when its current site was built at the Plaza Center at Boyes Boulevard and Sonoma Highway. This site, previously known as the Boyes Springs Plaza, had been the scene of street parties and fiestas. Now, redevelopment plans include a public plaza in the surrounding space, reviving it as a place for celebration. [[Page E1241]] Boyes Hot Springs has a lively history, integral to the fabric of the Sonoma Valley. Formerly the center of a great resort area, it hosted thousands of visitors during its heyday. There were dozens of resorts, from small motor courts to the grand Sonoma Mission Inn. The Boyes Bath House boasted the second largest indoor swimming pool in the country. And, for many years, the area was a training ground for professional football and baseball teams such as the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco Seals. After the demise of the passenger railroad, the area still thrived with the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and the rise of the automobile. Boyes Springs real estate man L.E. ``Bud'' Castner was one of the first directors of the Golden Gate Bridge District. In the 1960s, as the resorts faded, Boyes Hot Springs faded a bit as well. Community pride, however, never waned. The area became attractive in the 1980s and 1990s to home buyers who were priced out of the Bay Area market. Attracted by its rural charm, they purchased its large stock of charming cottages to rehabilitate. At the same time, the population of Mexican immigrants grew, attracted principally by the grape growing and wine businesses. To old timers and new residents alike, the post office is the center of the community. Since most of the surrounding streets receive no mail delivery, residents make a daily trip to the post office where they catch up on the latest local news with their friends and neighbors. The immigrant population relies on it for communication with their families back home. The postal workers are personally known to all, a part of the broader community family. Mr. Speaker, the community is hosting a celebration to honor this anniversary. In the words of one of the organizers, Michael Acker of the Springs Community Alliance, it will ``salute the past, show appreciation for service, and look to the future with hope.'' Please join us in honoring the centennial of the Boyes Hot Springs Post Office. ____________________

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The Last Update?

SMASHING SUCCESS! Thanks to everybody who worked, encouraged, contributed, and attended. There are a lot more photos and some video, which I will make available online as soon as possible.

Photo 7 is post master Jim Lake receiving the Congressional certificate from Lynn Woolsey's staffer George Haralambopolous.

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Last minute painting

At this moment I'm waiting for the painters to finish so I can hang the photographs. Many people doubted that the USPS would come through with the promised interior work, but they did, if last minute!

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Ritual Cleaning of the Post Office

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The Big Clean

A hard core group of volunteers braved 90 degree temps for five hours today, scrubbing and pressure washing the building, and cleaning inside. We started at 7:30 AM. by 11 I was completely soaked, stoked and a pressure washing fool. As I was working and seeing some very stubborn dirt that would not come off, I thought, "this is a ritual cleaning; once every 100 years." Wish I had some photos but I was too busy! Here is a photo of the new plants installed by the Sonoma Mission Inn a few days ago.

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