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Leo Castillo had always found in skateboarding a narrow escape from violence until a gunshot wound threatens to tear it all away.
Created by

Ryan Ferguson

485 backers pledged $36,340 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator The Diary Of Eloise Painter 7 days ago

      Hey, brother, I understand it's tough in the indy film world... I'm wrapping a few films up myself and it's been a few years - three editors later, I think we're going to launch. Communication with your people - that's us - is very important. The longer you ignore us the harder it will be for you to reach out.

      I was not one of the group that received any of the backer gifts. Id like to hear that it's coming or there's just no money to make them. If you need help, please reach out - maybe I or we can help you with some things.

      You must realize most of us are skaters and that's a bond that most people just don't understand.

      Talk to us bro - you'll be surprised at the support you'll receive.

    2. Creator Joerg Metzner on February 2

      Will 2015 be the year this project will be finished?

    3. Creator John Balmaceda on November 21

      I'm guessing this thing is never going to happen. Well over two years now and nothing.

    4. Creator bob young on December 9, 2013

      any updates? you took our money almost a year and a half ago and haven't delivered a thing.

    5. Creator Daniel Hamilton on October 23, 2013

      Are there any new updates on this project or the backer gifts? It would be nice to see some of the progress that has been made ever since you found a new editor.

    6. Creator Daniel Hamilton on January 13, 2013

      Any new updates coming? Can't wait to see the final work.

    7. Creator Emily S. Andrews on August 2, 2012

      Congrats on the successful campaign! Can't wait to see where you can take this thing!

    8. Creator J.W. Hollibush on August 2, 2012

      YES! I am very happy that you got funded. There are people assuming that I am competing with Skate or Die but I want to see it spread throughout the world. I am so proud of this project and will keep promoting it. @corpsehustler on twitter I haven't got a follow back, but hey you are busy as hell I bet.

    9. Creator Alan Butella on August 1, 2012

      Congrats! From the Character crew. So great to see everyone pulling together to make "skate or die" happen. Can't wait to see the final production.

    10. Creator Hilary Ferguson on July 31, 2012


    11. Creator Kiley Kraskouskas on July 31, 2012

      So exciting! You guys are so so close! Can't wait to drink Skate or Die Coffee :)

    12. Creator Erica Ginsberg on July 31, 2012

      436 backers so far and less than $1000 to go. Keep believing. You will make it!

    13. Creator michele ferguson on July 31, 2012

      To our son, Ryan..Mom has practiced great self control up to this point of the fundraising effort but now feel that it's time to tell the world how truly amazing and accomplished you are at your documentary work! Our family has lived this documentary dream of yours for over 4 years and it is imperative that we help you see this incredible hard work become a finished product! We believe in YOU and know that you will always be looking for the next are a keen observer of people and the human condition and you will always find THE STORY and present it in your typical sensitive ,poignant, honest,but loving manner!.PLEASE keep Ryan's dream alive.WE love you!!! MOM and DAD xoxoxoxoxo

    14. Creator Hilary Ferguson on July 31, 2012

      Ryan, I have never been more proud to call you my brother! Your hard work in making this film over the course of the last 4+ years is so inspiring and I know this film will be everything you dreamed of. I am happy to support this amazing project, as I know just how much time and energy you have put into it. You are helping to change the lives of so many and I love you for that! Glad you made it to Scotland safely.

      xoxo Hilary

    15. Creator Amos Soma Fuller on July 29, 2012

      I really really wished I could've backed more but I have book PO's to fill. Good luck and remember no matter the outcome of Kickstarter, you can still make the film happen.

    16. Creator J.W. Hollibush on July 18, 2012

      Very excited to see this and be a backer! I live in Madison WI, and am starting my own brand of skateboards, and snowskates! Called Corpsehustler Skateboards. I can't wait to see the documentary! Best of luck to you and all involved. If I can pledge more than a buck later I will do so! I'll also spread the word. Bad ass by the way!

    17. Creator Martin Anton Gleason on July 17, 2012

      I have been lucky enough to have worked with Ryan in an official capacity. He made a video for the Cook County Juvenile Court that is shown to new court wards and to visiting delegations. This video project he made for us has been able to hold the attention of our youth, get standing ovations from visiting court delegations and change the lives of the youth I work with. Ryan was a consummate professional, working with the youth,the judges and the crazy scheduling of the court.

      IF you have any doubts about this young man's dedication or genius, let me quell them. Ryan works extremely hard, produces amazing work and takes everything in stride. I am exceedingly proud to be able to back him for this personal project.

    18. Creator Mike Hall on July 15, 2012

      Skateboarding meant the world to me growing up and I'm happy to see that it still means so much to the younger generation. I'm happy to back and wish you best luck in making this video and showing the good that can come from skateboarding.

    19. Creator Ryan Ferguson on July 13, 2012

      Thanks you all for your support. Can't do this without you!

    20. Creator alex fortuna on July 13, 2012

      good luck with the project, can't wait to see how it turns out! thanks for being so cool

    21. Creator Cheryle Jackson on July 6, 2012

      Ryan, it was great meeting you. Your passion is contagious! Good luck with the campaign.


    22. Creator Kiley Kraskouskas on June 28, 2012

      Ryan! This is awesome. Good luck with the campaign! Sees like you are off to a great start.