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An anime science fiction action thriller that will explore what it means to live and die well, testing the limits of all we hold dear
An anime science fiction action thriller that will explore what it means to live and die well, testing the limits of all we hold dear
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UTD: The Metalist Gear

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Collaborator)


Greetings, boys and girls! We have some special words regarding UTD from a very well known video game icon.


小島秀夫(こじま ひでお)

株式会社コナミデジタルエンタテインメント エグゼクティブコンテンツオフィサー 小島プロダクション監督

Hideo Kojima

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. Executive Content Officer (Director of KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS)

PR Release

September 01, 2014


TOKYO... Hideo Kojima announced today his very moving and humbling endorsement of the Under the Dog anime Kickstarter project. We are honored to receive such words.

Japanese ネットの浸透と共に、「物創り」とその制作における「資金調達」の仕組みも大きく変 化してきた。

旧来の出資者やクライアントに縛られない、創り手(クリエーター)と世界中の消費者(ユ ーザー)がダイレクトにやりとりをする新しい「物創り」の形態が今、盛んに試されてい る。そんな中、一企業戦士(サラリーマン)として、数々の名作アドベンチャー・ゲームを 世に送り出してきた鬼才イシイジロウが、「物創り」の未来を問う挑戦を始めた。

イシイジロウの原作を基とするインディーズアニメ「UNDER THE DOG」のクラウドファン ディングである。

これは注目せずにはいられない。応援せずにはいられない。特にカルトな人気を誇るクリエ ーターが商業ベースとは異なる「物創り」でどう化学変化を起こすのか?ここに期待せず にはいられない。

イシイジロウのインディーズ参戦は、これからの「物創り」を方向付けるだけではなく、 同時に「ゲームデザイナーがストーリーテラーとしても世界に通用するかどうか?」の宣言 でもあるのだ。

English “Coming with the permeation of the internet [in our daily lives], “creating” and a production’s “financing” structure have changed significantly.

Now, new methods of “creating” are being put to the test, where direct communication between the creator and the global user has become the norm and the creator is not bound by the former traditional investor or clientele. In such circumstances right now, a writer with remarkable talent, Jiro Ishii, who brought to the world numerous renowned adventure games during his “salary man” days, has now taken up the torch in order to challenge the traditions and establish this new future of “creating.” This is “Under the Dog,” the crowdfunding effort for an indie anime based on Jiro Ishii’s original story.

One cannot help but pay close attention to this project. One cannot help but cheer on this project. In particular, how can this creator who garners cult-like popularity catalyze a new chemical reaction [in the industry] by putting an emphasis on “creating,” which stands apart from the typical commercial oriented projects? One cannot help but look forward to this succeeding.

Jiro Ishii’s indie challenge will not only change the path for “creating,” but at the same time declare the answer for the question: Can game designers be accepted by the world as storytellers in [other mediums] as well?”

These kind words from Kojima-san come on the heels of UTD announcing late last week that it would be allowing backers who pledge at the $20 tier or higher will not only have access to the digital version of the first OVA but also digital access to any future Under the Dog animations. If the UTD meets its goal at any point of producing a trilogy of films, backers who pledged $20 or more will have them.

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    1. CIA, Inc. on

      @Chris K
      He retweeted Ishii-san on his JP Twitter but I think we may still get him to Tweet on his EN account.

    2. Chris K on

      @CIA - Having a direct plug from him or his PR team will do more good than only having the press release here; without that it isn't really visible to people outside of the circle that already know about UTD.

    3. CIA, Inc. on

      @Derick Peterson

    4. Missing avatar

      Derick P on

      That's really cool! This is an exciting time in the industry.

    5. CIA, Inc. on


      Cross promotion would be awesome but not sure Kojima's team will go for it. It would be completely up to them.

      I do not think Kojima's team is publishing the comments anywhere at this time. Trying to coordinate with the JP team because I think a tweet directly from him would do us even more good.

      I also do not think Kojima plans to contribute monetarily but that is completely up to him.

    6. Chris K on

      Is there a link to where he published his press release? Is he going to tweet about this? It's incredibly humbling for a visionary like him to endorse this project.

      @Roland - That would be pretty cool. Swapping easter eggs between projects. :D

    7. Robert Richardson on

      @Roland - I'd like to see cross promotion, too. I hope they can work something out.

    8. Saman Borujerdi on

      easy dude. chill down

    9. Otoshigami No. 40723

      CIA got us LIKE A DAM FIDDLE!!

    10. Otoshigami No. 40723

      looks like Everybody's is FREAKING OUT!!!!

    11. Saman Borujerdi on

      oh my phucking god.
      is he going to help or not?

    12. Roland Birk Nielsen on

      awesome to have Kojima san bringing some coverage to the project as well.

      i hope, when funded successfully, it will get an eastern egg in MGSV: Phantom Pain, and that like wise the game will get some posters or eastern eggs in the animation as well.

    13. Robert Richardson on

      @Otoshi No Kami - Information ninjas have been dispatched. :)

      This is about the best endorsement you could hope for from the video game industry. Now I'd see if you can get Kojima-san to tweet about it. That could certainly make things interesting.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tim Maloney on

      I'm not a gamer, and I did not know the name Hideo Kojima, but even I have heard of Metal Gear Solid.

      Wikipedia, English, Hideo Kojima:

    15. Otoshigami No. 40723

      HIDEO KOJIMA?!! HOLY SHIT!! Everyone Spread This information HARD AND FAST NOW!!!

    16. Otoshigami No. 40723

      HIDEO KOJIMA!! HOLY SHIT!! Everyone Spread This information HARD AND FAST NOW!!!

    17. Liam G on

      Wow. Okay, this is awesome! *throws all the good vibes at you*

    18. Daniel Sato on

      A very nice endorsement from a pioneer of modern science fiction games!

    19. Missing avatar

      Brett S.


    20. Simon LeGrand on

      That is amazing! Hideo, if you can see this, thanks for my childhood!

    21. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      It would of been even nicer if he had funded the remaining 200 grand

    22. Robert Kidwell on

      Oh thats just amazing to hear!! Those were very kind words!