【Project Phoenix】 Japan's indie RPG feat. AAA talent!

by CIA, Inc.

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    1. Michael St. George Matatics

      Please people, help support Under the Dog! It's really cool imho! It's still a few thousand shy of its goal but it's getting there. Any contribution to help tip the scale in the direction of hitting that goal would be much appreciated.

    2. Dunkare on

      No, I will not. Because it looks not really special or exciting. Just another "cool girl kills bad guys in sexy battle dress" movie. I mean, why would anyone wear such a revealing outfit as protection in a gunfight? Makes no sense. They should try creating believable characters and have them look like the people they're supposed to be, not like porn stars acting the part. Then I will give them my support/money.

    3. Missing avatar

      João Pedro on


      Whoa, hyperbole man, calm down.

      Show me a porn star willing to fight criminals with pistols in the mean streets of future Tokyo and that porn star will get several points in my book.The character design is not the problem with this project.

      No guys, the reason why I'm not interested in the project is because a 24-minute action animation, no matter how incredibly well animated it will be, it's not enough time to make a compeling story/sequence.

      this is the kind of project that could have tried to go for a more ambitious goal, with a higher goal but for a +50 minutes episode. Also, I see that the creators are really engaged in the concept, but It is a pretty well-run concept. Gun-toting protagonist fighting terrorists is a tough concept to sell.

      I still hope you manage, but I'm simply not interested.

    4. Nour Hanieh on

      omfg you people need to like seriously donate to keep UTD alive cu'z i want the BDs and the extras!! ><!!

    5. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      @Joao Pedro

      "Backers who pledge at the $20 reward tier and higher will also have digital access to any future Under the Dog animations that we produce. That means if we fund here and only create the 24 min. OVA, if we go on (as we plan to) to make a film or trilogy of films, then the backers who pledged here for $20 or more will also be able to download those films!"

      Making anime is extremely expensive, maybe they could increase the duration with that budget but probably losing animation quality. Anyway, get all they will produce on that series with $20 i think is both a bet and cheap.

    6. FaceLicker on

      I paid money to support Project Phoenix and that is what I want to see meaningful updates for. I did not pay money to view advertisements for another kickstarter campaign.

    7. Geomancer on


      That's only if they meet the stretch goes for those extra episodes. Which frankly isn't likely with only 3 days left and the original goal not even met yet.

      I'm personally not supporting it because I find $20 to be too expensive, even if they made all 3 episodes and/or feature film. Blockbuster films are less than that, including Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks animated films. In addition the episodes/film will not be in my language which for me personally decreases the value. I prefer to watch TV/Movies rather than read them.

      They're asking for a financial investment without a financial return. With Project Phoenix you can invest $25 and in return get a game that will cost more.

    8. Ahmed on

      I have to agree with everyone else: this really sounds desperate, and not for Project Phoenix backers at all. It's fine if it was at the footer of a PP update.

      The value proposition isn't there, and the premise is not appealing at all. Of course, execution is everything, but that's the one thing we aren't getting to see unless the backing is successful.

    9. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      @geomancer, well I´m from Spain, so my english is a little poor, but I think this sentence contradict your point.

      "Backers who pledge at the $20 reward tier and higher will also have digital access to any future Under the Dog animations that we produce. That means if we fund here and only create the 24 min."

      I think they are including even material not funded by kickstarter if the first OVA is funded, but maybe my english translation were wrong.

    10. Missing avatar

      João Pedro on


      I don't think you get me. It's not about the price and sincerely, as a consumer, I also don't care much for the production costs. If the productions cost are that high, then they might as well push for the longer length. No point in trying to make it shorter to make the money due if we won't receive enough stuff for that production.

    11. Ahmed on

      Wow, you guys did it. That exploded overnight!

    12. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      Joao I don´t try to convince you, in fact they were funded already. how many backers would they need if they would give a copy for $5? you are comparing video game budget with anime budget, that is ridiculous, a good and talent group can make a great game with low budget because their talent, even having talent anime need man power drawing frame to frame.

      Even a anime chapter of 23 minutes (repeating the opening and ending every chapters) low budget and normal/bad animation for TV cost $150k. Besides I think you are forgetting 10% kickstarter tax + cost for replicate blu ray, figure, and merchandising and the cost of sending internationally.

      Anyway, its your money, but I think you are wrong in your arguments, because you are comparing apple and oranges.

      See you.

    13. Missing avatar

      K Wizzy on

      Can you guys stop giving Under the Dog details to Project Phoenix backers?
      One is enough, especially if the notifications also don't have any meaningful details about Project Phoenix.