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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
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More Models From Our Friends in Germany

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)

 A couple months ago, we showed some models that Steffen Unger and his team were working on. If you were able to take a look at it through the Unity web player, you’ll have seen rows upon rows of orcs, decked out in various regalia as well as a few humans. Since then, Steffen and his team have made a lot of progress and we’re able to unveil some more models for your viewing pleasure!

In this iteration, you’ll notice that we now have models for elves, dwarves, and even the fabled Felinians! When it comes to building out these models, here’s what Steffen Unger has to say about it:

“The idea is that, we’ll get concepts for certain characters, but we’ll try to prepare them in a way that they can be reused often, in different combinations and with different colors to achieve simple variation like hair and skin color. In addition to that, we’ll also recolor armor to create elite troops, champions or opposing forces from the same piece of clothing.”

We’ll have more to show about what Steffen Unger means by this, so in the meantime, stay tuned!

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    1. Steffen Unger on

      it is most likely going to be one shader for all characters, metals, skin, fur, doesn't matter. we still have to play with glossyness values and maybe ramping up the fresnel effect on furry materials, but it is one mastershader for all character assets.

    2. Missing avatar

      kebrus on

      I have a question

      Do you intend to have a different shader/material for the hair/fur? It kinda looks like plastic or wax but maybe that was the intention all alone. It's just that hairs, the cat characters and the horses look too much like the normal characters.

      Also, is the camera zoom factor going to stay like that? not that it bothers me, just curious

      good job!

    3. Rafael Masoni on

      These models are amazing! Very clean, stylish and highly readable.

      Great job!

    4. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Oh, nevermind, i just noticed the link below !
      The horse model is so cute. X )

    5. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Awesome, too bad the picture is so small because they look nice and round. Very cute.

      I hope this doesn't mean there won't be dozens of different (unique) mobs because I can already smell the comm department stating there will be "more than 200 different (same-ish) characters". Please prepare some duct tape form them. ;)

    6. Steffen Unger on

      Michał Droździewicz: thats more or less a programming task, all characters have 4 colors that can be changed or randomized, skin, hair, metal and one main cloth color

      and here is the webplayer i keep updating every now and then.

    7. Vince Vazquez

      Man these character models are looking great! The best SD models I've ever seen in 3D. I can't wait until they're in-game doing stuff.

      As a character artist myself, I always wanna jump right into rigging/skinning and animating after finishing up a model! I mean, until they start moving, I don't feel like they're really "alive" until they at least have some walk & idle cycles done. T-poses just make me anxious to see animation :D

    8. Michał Droździewicz on

      You should make random changes to models when there is more than one on the screen at the same time (so not all orcs look exactly the same) ;)

    9. DamnCatOnMyDesk

      Love the way the visual style and tech are coming together. ;)

    10. Louis Bonaviso on

      Dem 3D models. Looking good so far. Can't wait to see them move.