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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

Stern Family Matters – Spotlighting Aurelia

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
Aurelia Stern, First Princess of Izaria, aka the Fanged Wolf of Izaria
Aurelia Stern, First Princess of Izaria, aka the Fanged Wolf of Izaria

From our previous post where we talked about Belzar Stern, Marcus’s twin brother, you’ll have gotten a taste of what the Stern family dynamics are like and what personalities you can expect to encounter as you play through the game. There’s no doubt that the bond that exists between the twins is strong. While the two lived out their boyhood, getting into the kinds of mischief that children often get themselves into, there was always someone not far away to keep a close eye on them. That person is none other than their older sister, Aurelia Stern.

Aurelia Stern is the eldest of King Magnus Stern’s children and holds the title of First Princess of Izaria. This title comes with much responsibility: she is in command of the outpost of Fort Denathas where she spends much of her time defending the people against the white wolves that come from the Bloodpass to raid human settlements. She does her job exceptionally well and wears her long cloak made of wolf pelts proudly as it is a testament to the many wolves she’s slain to protect humanity.

As a leader, Aurelia is demanding. Her training methods are brutal; she sets routines that others have described to be unnecessarily grueling. As a result, the men under her command will always be in peak physical condition to defend against any foe that dares approach, but they will obey more out of fear than out of love. None dare defy her however, as to do so means to cross her sharp blade or her cold, sharper fury which will quail even the stoutest heart. Her allies will refer to her out of fear and admiration as the Bloodpass Witch; foes call her the Fanged Wolf of Izaria.

To Aurelia, nothing is more important than protecting her family, especially her two younger brothers. This is what motivates her to push herself and those around her so hard. So when she heard that Marcus opted to join the Templars, she tried to dissuade him, but to no avail. The relationship between Marcus and Aurelia still endures as Aurelia’s love for her siblings supersedes all other priorities and Marcus sees her as someone who’s dependable, even if he feels a bit uneasy and intimidated while around her.

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    1. Moazzam on

      Awesome illustration! Reminds me of a cross between Armstrong from FMAB and Cammy from Street Fighter.

      When I pledged for this project, it was to make possible a game where some of the best game designers in the world could get together and allow their creativity to be unrestrained so they could make something awesome. At the same time they could update us on their progress and hear our thoughts so they could get real-time feedback.

      I think we have to make sure we are softer with feedback. I personally hate computer designing stuff for other people because they tend to override my choices and preferences, and so I feel annoyed that I can't just let my creativity flow. So I only make stuff for me. That's why I was so excited about this project and its potential.

      In this character design, my only preference would be that the cleavage isn't so prominent. But I'm happy with whatever choices you guys make! Just make what you guys perceive to be the perfect game!

    2. Missing avatar

      João Pedro on

      Pffft, really guys.

      This design is fiiine. I like the coat, the choice of colors is great. The outfit design is pretty good. Maybe to define her skill level by being just as great as a soldier despite using shoes that don't give that much balance.

      But even that is more of a

      I might agree with the high heels being a bit too much for a soldier, but it could be worked in.

      Also, ignore Princes whatitsname, she pulled the same BS on La-Mulana 2 KS page. Just a sad, sad person with some weird, weird hold-ups.

    3. Steve van Weelij on

      I am completely in love with Aurelia's design. EVEN the boobs and high heels! To be honest, I never had a doubt that this would not be her battlefield uniform. Also, I believe the breasts (which I do not believe to be unnaturally big), gives this woman a higher standing as she is obviously of a good breed/high class family and at the same time in highly fit condition.
      It is about appearance people. Give a guy broad shoulders and he automatically has a higher standing because of his looks, it is the same with women. These physical details is what unconsciously triggers a certain feeling which I believe was found perfectly for Aurelia.

    4. Fabian Kurayami Bessa on

      Princess Erimemushinteperem you clearly have confidance issues.

      You bitch about good looking male lead characters as well or is just a thing about boobs?

    5. Fabian Kurayami Bessa on

      People here looks like a bunch of moralists geez.

      Awesome design.

      I'm absolutely in love with Gontaro artstyle.

      Have to say tough, we are a year away of the projected release date, should we start to see some pre-alpha footage soon?

    6. Chroniz on

      Wow, why am I not surprised of these comments at all? Sigh.

      The only thing I would personally change are those really high heels, they seem kinda out of place on her character.

    7. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Again, everybody is absolutely welcome to their own opinion, however please make it easy for us developer to be able to judge signal to noise ratio of the general opinion of the backers by making sure that comments are suggestive and worded as such.

      One angry/upset backer does upset everyone here, and please be mindful that you been upset is very upsetting for everybody! We all care about everyone else in this community and I'm sure the backers care about each other too (afterall, we are all in the same boat)

      Carebears ftw!

      - with love from Hiro

    8. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      >> Yes exactly, if we can all tone it down a bit, it'd be very much appreciated!


    9. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Princess Erimemushinteperem
      >> You are welcome to your own opinion, but in some cases it may harm the motivation of an artist who may have been doing well so far. I welcome constructive criticism however, your comment below was clearly strongly worded, in the future, if you could give us your opinion in a mild suggestive manner, the feelings of our artists could be preserved and maybe, they may take in your suggestion! =D


    10. Christian on

      Oh and I agree that this is not about Japan. In fact, I doubt this would upset so many people if it weren't for stereotypical women in Western fantasy art having very much the same characteristics.

    11. Christian on


      Princess Erimemushinteperem pretty much said it all. I only want to add that I am well aware that this is a WiP but where is the point in this if not to collect feedback from the community?

      My tone in particular didn't further a constructive debate, though, and I apologize for that and any offense the artist himself might have taken.

    12. Michele "Wise Monkey" on

      It is okay to me, I do not think we all have to agree with your point of view.
      I agree that videogames should not use sexuality as a selling point however sexuality is not necessarily a bad thing so i do not see why we should avoid using it, as Hiro explained he is trying to give the artists as much freedom as possible and as you wrote they are not making a game only a male audience will enjoy.

      Many jokes about Cloud's buster sword being impossible to use effectively in battle but realism is not strictly important in fiction works.

    13. a on

      @CIA Just because an author made a design all on his own doesn't immediately make it okay. Or immune from criticism.

      Nix the stripper heels, shrink the breasts, and give her some realistic coverage. Strong women shouldn't have to be sexualised - they can just be strong and stand on those merits.

      Though I gotta admit, as someone who wears heels every day to work, looking at those makes me laugh kinda uncontrollably. Clearly the artist, who is otherwise AMAZING, has no idea how female shoes work. Or feminine attire. Or the female audience.

      If they go with this, umm, stripper knight design, it'd be kind if hilarious if they were realistic with it and she could only hobble - with extreme help at that. The big, strong, viscious leader hobbling in, boobs a-jiggling (and likely popping out, since that costume is utterly ridiculous), would be a sight indeed! Since there's no way in heck you'd be walking in heels like that. I'd see why she was taken so seriously by the people she commanded lol.

      No, but I've LOVED the other designs. This one just needs a once-over to remove the rather blatant misogynistic design choices that undercut her character in the first place.

      At the very least I'm glad to hear this is still a WIP.

    14. Particle Accelerator on

      @Christian That wasn't my point,

      @CIA: Thanks, I agree with everything said. I hope constructive criticism is still allowed however.

    15. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Everyone please note that Gontaro designed Aurelia with his own free will. Not to mention, Gontaro had spent considerable amount of time in NYC working as an illustrator so no one can really claim that this is "Japanese" sexist view of female image.

      This is just a concept design of an NPC, I ask that people don't make it a huge problem of this. If people start making comments like this, a lot of our artists will start losing motivation to continue on with this project. Please respect their artistic rights, at the same time, read the comment I read below.

    16. Christian on

      @Particle Accelerator

      I'm open to suggestions. I mean it's not like claiming that this is how women are actually seen in Japan would have been more polite (nor, I hope, even close to accurate).

    17. Particle Accelerator on

      Relating it to porn isn't really necessary.

    18. Christian on

      @Lady Maria von Wenia *rofl* Loved the school uniform comment ;) However, with those shoes and the stern looks she is clearly the dominatrix type of Japanese female cutout. School uniforms are for the 14-year olds getting raped whereas 50cm high-heels are for the whip-wielding type of woman. I mean, it's not like Japanese porn is one-dimensional.

    19. Christian on

      @Marc Judging by the picture, her favorite weapon seems to be pretty standard as fantasy women go: cleavage. I mean, cleaving enemies.

    20. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      What's her favorite weapon ? Piece of armour ? Stance ? One liner ? ; )
      How do others react to her when facing each-other in battle ?
      Does she take advantage by using the fact people see her as a woman or don't want to loose to a woman in combat ? (ala Brienne of Tarth). Or is she weak and people simply don't want to win to a feared leader wearing a puppy wolf cape ?

      Also, are there any other woman in the army or is she the only one ? Can we expect to see some female soldiers or would no other woman see her as a role model, as someone to emulate ?

      Big question coming up... What's the place of women in this universe and culture ?

    21. Vince Vazquez

      I love the aesthetic sensibilities in this game. CIA, I really do :D

      It's always great to see something with Eastern artistry but not crazy, neon and/or techno, J-pop influenced outfits or anything. Those types of character designs seem to outnumber the FF XIV: Realm Reborns, Last Stories and Valkyria Chronicles in the market nowadays. All of this art definitely speaks to me and look like exactly like what I want to see more of :)

      These always look great!

    22. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Hi everyone,

      Here are my answers to your woes!
      1) This is Aurelia's dress uniform, not her combat fatigues. Not that she's less deadlier.
      2) The cape is part of the "dress" uniform. She will always wear this, you won't be able to see what's underneath...

      and finally, this is a WIP and also an indie game!
      As the director, I want to give our people as much freedom as possible as it is important to as a bunch of independent game creators and also, this is NOT final =D


    23. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Quite nice as long its not her battle dress...

    24. Missing avatar

      Mehmet Krljic on

      I guess this kind of attire would be something she wears on a Sunday or, you know, when there's some kind of a holiday that needs to be observed. For the battlefield I am sure she slips into something much more practical, like a comfortable battle thong and flip-flops. Right? Right?

    25. Innis on

      Check out castanics from tera. Hawt and deadly is good enough on the battlefield imo.
      Maybe she wore high heels back when she first got her combat training. Maybe the trainer just happened to be a BA female knight that had just SO happened to be well adapted when fighting in heels. W.e. the reason may be, I just love the way it looks. HUehue :)))

    26. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Love the design. Can't wait to see her kick butt.

      @Ryan Duchane: I thought that too, which is awesome, can't wait for the game. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Linus Stenlund on

      TBH i dont think her boobs look that large, so im fine with that part. but i dont think higheels are something she would wear, does not fit with her character description. Responsible, warrior, stern leader. Higheels are sutch a risk to use in any battle even if you are very used to them. Getting stuck in poor terain or havin them breake might just get you killed.

    28. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      with high heels, i dont see how she will be effective in combat, the cleavage, it's fine... it just strange how she is supposedly a feared woman on the battlefield, but her armour doesnt seem to offer much protection.

      Or maybe this is her in palace clothing? and that she has another set of outfit for battle?

    29. Kytana on

      Big Boobs *check
      High Heels *check
      Blond *check
      But with glasses she looks a little bit better
      Ah, intelligent *check

      But where is the school uniform?

    30. Mele on

      Yep like nomnam I m not a big fan of the heels but great artwork

    31. test name on

      Except for the heels, I like it.

    32. Starfire on

      *sigh* I would have to agree with some of the people here. I thought we weren't going down the path of big boobs and low cleavages, impractical armour like every other Japanese ish RPGs and was going to be different. This is the first female character that deviates from that premise, a little bit disappointed but don't hate it or anything

    33. Missing avatar

      DH531 on

      Very nice (*´・v・)

    34. Geomancer on

      Well, those are certainly ... large...

      I'm not sure if that's what they're going for, but if not I'd suggest toning it down a bit. Those look bigger than a DD which is unusual even with ... enhancement. As is, that's the very first thing people's eyes will go to ... as is evident by some of the comments so far.

      I'd suggest going down to a C at most, so people focus on her as a whole in their first impression.

    35. Missing avatar

      Wyatt on

      I really like her design! ...Until the cape comes off. Seems like a weird place to not have armour, what with the vital organs in your chest cavity. Why not give, a breastplate instead of a cleavage cutout? And oh dear, what's with the heels? Is she a magical (hooker) girl?

      I hope this is the dress uniform, not her combat gear.

    36. Particle Accelerator on

      Princess Erimemushinteperem, I'm a woman and her "boobs aren't in my face" any more than others I've seen in games. In fact, they're slightly less in my face. I would like the cleavage cut to be covered a little more, but it's not that bad. I'm sure they're aware that women exist and want to play the games too.

    37. IamHowie on

      Well she does wear her fur coat when boobs power is not required.

    38. a on

      Can we not... Do the boobs in your face thing? Women play these games too - we do exist, devs!

      I cannot stand how Japanese developers consistently ignore the female market. It may not exist much in Japan, but if you're marketing to the West too, you have to recognise it.

      I know a lot of people will disagree and say "oh, it's not bad lolz" or "what if her character is an unbelievable boobs-in-your-face kinda leader," but this is a major sour note for me because, yet again, I feel ignored as a gamer and as a demographic. Joy.

    39. WiredRM on

      I see she came equipped with her battle high-heels, lol. One wonders how those heels support the weight of her armor...

      In all seriousness though, I like the artwork for the character. She reminds me of Olivier Mira Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist.

    40. Ryan Duchane on

      Very cool! The description of her reminds me of Olivier Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist, in a good way! Man, I cant wait for this game.

    41. Michaël Wilkey on

      Superb artwork! It's ravishing!

    42. Juan Esponera on

      All this background about characters is growing so deep, I love it.

    43. Bryan on

      i have some questions, ive seen a lot of this updates posted and i was wondering if you get to choose a girl ingame ala date sim? (lol) and if the game plus(if it has) will be played through your stronger descendants?

      or am i thinking too much about it and is just simple background story ? thanks!

    44. Skyl--- on

      The art has been so great, I have to wonder who is art supervisor mystery person ... ;)

    45. Missing avatar

      asukamaru on

      The fang of Izaria, or the wolf of Izaria would be better no? Is there a toothless wolf in Izaria ?
      Anyway can't wait for the game gambatte.