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Stern Family Matters


For many an RPG hero, family isn't something that’s often on their minds, assuming it’s even mentioned at all. But for Marcus Stern, the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Izaria, it represents a bond that has gone through much stress and strain.

As we mentioned early on in Project Phoenix, Marcus’s family never did fully approve of his decision to join the Templars. But as distant as the relationship between Marcus and his family is, it has never frayed completely.

Much of this can be attributed to their shared history which binds them all. Since Marcus was young, his mother had been a figure that he could look upon as a pillar of support. His father, King Magnus Stern, though not unkind, was oftentimes busy with affairs of state, and so, he and Marcus have maintained a respectful relationship, but the two aren't especially close.

If there’s anyone with whom Marcus shared a strong connection early on in life, it would be Belzar, Marcus’s fraternal twin brother, seen here in a drawing by Gontaro.

Belzar Stern, Prince of Izaria
Belzar Stern, Prince of Izaria

As the heir-apparent to the Kingdom of Izaria, Belzar has had to learn the art of ruling and how to navigate the politics that define Izaria’s existence on Azuregard. It is a duty that Belzar takes seriously, studying and training for the day that will eventually come. Thankfully, his measured personality, a sharp contrast to Marcus’s impulsiveness, means he’s more than up for this task.

Although Marcus and Belzar have not seen each other in quite some time, the enduring bond these twins share still hold. This means the thought of family is never too far off from Marcus’s mind as he travels around Azuregard, even if he would never say so out loud.

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    1. Creator Caleb Benoit on March 4, 2014

      i can not wait to see how this relationship develops !

    2. Creator Erik Evan Shalat on March 4, 2014

      Sweet duds. And Jeff is pretty cool too.

    3. Creator edzieba on March 4, 2014

      Jeff the Crimson Lancer!

    4. Creator Michael Mc on March 4, 2014

      Awesome :) !

    5. Creator Marcos Nijborg on March 4, 2014

      Belzar seems much more mature than his brother, it would be nice seen the dynamic between the two. And Jeff looks cool, who is he?

    6. Creator Vincent V. on March 4, 2014

      Very cool. I'm wondering who is the guy in background, Jeff?