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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
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A Peek at Felinia

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
Luciano Concept WIP
Luciano Concept WIP
Luciano In-Game version WIP
Luciano In-Game version WIP

Though many of the civilized regions your characters will explore are populated by humans, there are pockets of demi-humans scattered throughout Azuregard that are worth mentioning. So far, we’ve gone into a good amount of detail about elves, dwarves, and orcs. But that is by no means a complete list of all the races that call Azuregard home. Of the other demi-human races, perhaps none are shrouded in greater mystery and none more fascinating than the mysterious cat-folk of Felinia.

Situated on the southern edge of the Kingdom of the Far Realms, Felinia’s location isn't widely known to many who live on Azuregard. And even for those who have knowledge of Felinia’s location, getting there presents a major challenge given the rough terrain and sheer cliff faces that surround the hidden capital. Suffice to say, it’s not a place that most other demi-humans will often go out of their way to visit unless the need is urgent.

As isolated as the city is from outsiders, the cat-folk do travel far and wide. Although Felinians aren’t a common sight, they aren’t rare either, especially during the spring and summer months. Felinians can be identified by their shorter stature and their elegant, if functional, mode of dress. Despite their size, they are capable fighters, adopting a swashbuckler’s mentality as they use their agility and proficiency with dueling weapons like rapiers and epees or lighter blades like daggers and short swords to overwhelm their foes.

So as you continue your travels around Azuregard, don’t be surprised if you come across a Felinian out on the road, going about his business. Do especially be on the lookout for a fellow who calls himself Luciano. We hear he’s got quite the reputation and he has some stories of interest that you may just want to follow up on…

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    1. Ted F. Simmerman on

      Beautiful artwork. Sure wish I could draw. Ok, I’m jealous :)

    2. Skyl--- on

      Very cute art.

    3. EvaUnit02

      Fantastic artwork! Luciano looks like he could easily kick the butts of a whole platoon of Final Fantasy's moogles!

    4. Relkin43 on

      Ooo I hope this ones playable :D

    5. test name on

      It doesn't break immersion, that's just you.

    6. Missing avatar

      nantry lantry on

      Felinia? Isn't this supposed to be a foreign world? How can these beings just happen upon a word that means "feline" in English? It breaks immersion :/ Or maybe I'm just making baseless assumptions *shrugs*

    7. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Yeah, would be awesome if he were able to join our party. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Dylan McKeon on

      Way too cute he needs to be a playable character.

    9. Tim McKinley on

      Love the concept art and story!

    10. Missing avatar

      Lu Huan on

      I don't suppose we could get him to join our party? :3

    11. Erik Evan Shalat on

      Really cute. I updated the wiki with Felinia stuff.

    12. Ehren on

      The Felinia are awesome! A Ruffles tier race in the making!