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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

New Pledge System

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
Hey Everyone,

We are all excited to finally announce the new tiers and rewards for our PayPal campaign. I think we have some updates that you’ll find interesting, especially if you’ve already contributed to the project.

First, I want to identify and define the two groups that we’ve separated everyone into:

Kickstarter (Campaign) Backers - contributed any amount to Project Phoenix prior to the end of the Kickstarter Campaign (October 19th, 2013), regardless if you contributed on our website on previous PayPal system.

PayPal (Campaign) Backers - contributed to Project Phoenix using the new PayPal system (after January 11th, 2014) .

As many of you have already noticed, we have re-launched our payment system with a modified set of tiers. Our original prices were the bare minimum that we could ask for, while still calculating for Amazon & Kickstarter’s share. We’ve since increased the prices for most of the tiers to a more reasonable amount. Hopefully these changes will help us to reach even more of our Stretch Goals.

PayPal Tiers

Supporter $10

Pioneer $30

Early Bird $45

Digital Collector $60

Shadow Companion $70

Shadow Steed $90

Treasure Hunter $150

Artisan $200

Composer $300

Developer $450

Manager $3000

Entrepreneur $5000

Kickstarter Tiers

Supporter $1

Pioneer $20

Early Bird $25

Founder $35

Digital Collector $50 + Death’s Mantle

Fiery Companion $60 + Shadow Phoenix Egg

Fiery Steed $80 + Shadow Phoenix Mount

Treasure Hunter $120 + Wings of the Fallen

Artisan $155

Composer $255

Developer $400 + Death’s Scythe

Manager $3000

Entrepreneur $5000

Anyone that did not contribute during the Kickstarter Campaign will be unable to use the Kickstarter tiered system. This means that original prices and exclusive rewards will remain available only to those 16,715 founders of Project Phoenix.

In addition, Kickstarter backers will be receive any new rewards associated with their respective tier, while maintaining the original prices. So if you contributed $50 for Digital Collector, you’ll be getting Death’s Mantle as a bonus, and can even upgrade to Fiery Companion for $10 and receive the new Shadow Phoenix Egg. We hope this will be a nice surprise, and provide you with an incentive to continue to contribute towards the project.

Unfortunately, only PayPal backers are able to contribute using the new system. We are working on creating the ability for all users to further contribute and upgrade their pledges. We need to create another database to handle the modifications we’ll be making; we hope to have this new system available to you before the end of next month.

Phoenix Store

Instead of adding new tiers to an already slightly confusing system, we want to focus on stand-alone items. This will range from t-shirts to additional digital content, so if there is something you’re interesting in seeing, let us know. For now we’ll be reintroducing the Sylrianah figurine for $250, and expand from there. Until the upgrade system is implemented, we will be manually tracking purchases of the figurines so it will not appear on your account when you log in. Once we have the system functioning, we will go back and add the figurines to each account.

Forum Access

If you contributed to Project Phoenix but have not registered your account on the website, please go to and on the side bar there is an orange button labeled “Create Account”. Click on the button, follow the instructions, and you will be able to enable your account within a few minutes.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us at, or stop by Phoenix Chat to see if our Mod Team is in.



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    1. Kristan Alicesun on

      If stretch goal funding is ending in June or so, then I really hope you can pull together some of your work when its ready. The more we have to show in the form of screenshots & videos, the easier it'll be to get the attention of the media, increase funding & attract new backers. Work in progress videos where you show the process are also appreciated. Perhaps once the once the combat system is nailed down & some assets are ready you could make a video showing an example of combat.

    2. The Maverick Eye on

      They stated in the update that only Paypal backers can upgrade their pledge at the moment. KS backers cannot upgrade their pledge at the moment.

    3. Teemu Kurikka on

      So how exactly can I up my pledge using Kickstarter tiers? At the Project Phoenix website it just shows the paypal prices.

    4. Maxime on

      @Joao Pedro
      You shouldn't have to register again in you already did. You might need to log in again though.

    5. Missing avatar

      João Pedro on

      Do People that already signed up for the forums need to sign up again?

      Seems like It's asking me to re-sign myself.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cory Starkell on

      So I could go from the $20 Kickstarter(my original pledge) to the $80 Kickstarter(what I wanted to originally pledge) under this?

    7. Missing avatar

      DH531 on

      Awesome! I guess i'll upgrade to Developer tier soon then :3

    8. Khairuddin Haji Mohamed on

      On to the remaining stretch goals!

      It MUST have Japanese voice acting! :)

    9. Michael Matzat on

      I guess I will upgrade from 35 to 50 at some point.

    10. Glen Proko on

      Thank you for the update. I'm pleased to hear the latest news regarding the Sylrianah figurine and will look into it on your website shopping cart. :D

    11. Juan Esponera on

      Great update with great news, I'm looking forward to see some interesting items in the store,
      to contribute a bit more =)

    12. Juan Esponera on

      Great update with great news, I'm looking forward to see some interesting items in the store,
      to contribute a bit more =)

    13. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      @Matt Shannon
      I just replied to your e-mail. You should be able to login now.

    14. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      We do not plan on providing items that provide extra stats or advantages to the game. So as of now every reward we have offered is purely cosmetic.

      I have considered "joke/cheat items", however I would want the game to not save after their use and trophies/achievements would be disabled; it's something to look into though =) Think GTA or Assassin's Creed Cheats.


    15. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      @The Cloudy Eye
      Currently the deadline for contributions to count towards the stretch goals is June 2014. I don't have an exact date on that, but we'll release more information as the date approaches.


    16. TheChosenOne on

      What is this death mantle? Just cosmetic? Or one of those cheat items? Hopefully the first.
      Rewarding early buyers/backers is fine but I really don´t like those cheat item thingies thats screw over late buyers who end up getting less. Hopefully it follows the line of the other items.

    17. The Maverick Eye on

      Glad to know the pledge platform is back. Hope KS backers will also be able to upgrade our pledge soon. But I wonder: is there any deadline for reaching the remaining stretch goal?

    18. Matt

      Great news. I have a registration issue, I have sent an email to the mentioned address. System says I registered, but I do not recall, for this project making one. Looking forward to the reply.