【Project Phoenix】 Japan's indie RPG feat. AAA talent!

by CIA, Inc.

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    1. Skyl--- on

      Very fitting, it's cold here too and I could just do with some of that lamb stew and wine! Thanks for the updates guys.

    2. Juan Esponera on

      Nice! Another bite of Azuregard, building up the hype.

      Is there going to be any book or document gathering all these?

    3. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      Any chance we can start seeing some game models? Having any update is appreciated, but week after week of the same type of content can get stale when it feels like there are essentials we still haven't really been given much of a taste of yet. There's been enough time since the Kickstarter to have gotten some game models to at least a proof stage. Heck, there's even been enough time that a few models could be getting some test animations....which would be fun to see.

      All these interviews and fluff entries we've been getting week after week are getting kinda bland. Where are some images of actual game content? (not concept art....actual graphics, at whatever stage they may be).

      I'm sure this post sounds ungrateful - but I'm posting this to let you know these sort of updates week after week are getting boring when there's more crucial stuff to preview.

    4. Kenny

      Great update! Thanks for sharing!

    5. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Keith >> Totally understand.
      We have test models on basic human m/f and child models approved. We don't have finalised models for characters yet. We also have several basic animations and tested on Unity, but I believe it's not really something to show the public yet. It's something that is unpolished and really work in progress.

      It feels slow but our schedule is focusing on Story/Scripting and Game Design at the moment.

      If you feel you still want to see the animations, holler at us again and I'll discuss with our PR team.


    6. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      Thank you for the response.

      While animations would be great to see, if your opinion is that they aren't good enough to show yet, I can respect that. It would be nice to see SOMETHING that would be a tease of in-game content...and models would be great.

      To this point, I think the 3D model of Ruffles is the only in game content of anything we've seen yet. Those are the sorts of things many people were hoping to see during the Kickstarter, so its a little bizarre that even this much later we've only seen 1 in-game model concept.

      Here's a random question about that - will the in game monsters be scaled believably compared to the human models, or will we see the Final Fantasy Tactics treatment of dragons and behemoths?

    7. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Keith - The monsters will be scaled "naturally" to the human models since we don't need to fit everyone in a "square" like in FFT