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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

Website Launch

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)

Hey everyone.  Thank you so much for your patience while we were hard at work overhauling our entire website. And that comes with great news: We are finally open up the forums and connected backer accounts!

Registration e-mails have been sent out to the 300+ Kickstarter & PayPal Developer backers that contributed $400 or more to Project Phoenix. These backers will have more than 24 hours to register ahead of everyone else, and will get first pick for usernames.  

Future Updates

There is still a lot of work to be done on the site, and these are just some of the things we’ll be working on:

WordPress/phpBB IRC or Chat System

We will be creating our own integrated chat system into the website. The chat system, like the forums, will require an account to login, which means no advertisements and spam.

Post-Kickstarter Pledges

We’re finishing up tiers and will have them ready as soon as we can. If you contributed any amount before October 19th you will still be able to upgrade your pledge, and use the Kickstarter prices while still receiving any new rewards. There will be more available on this once everything is finalized.

Once the store is back online, any contributions made will now be automatically reflected in the sidebar totals.


We’ll be looking at selling standalone items on the store. Let us know what you’re interested in T-shirts, Posters, and Figurines. All purchases will go towards achieving stretch goals.

Website Images

The art team is currently working on a new Banner and Navbar Icons for the website. If you have artistic ability and are interested in contributing, you’ll now be able to show off your work on the forums.

Mobile Device Layout

We want to make the site as accessible to smart phone users as possible, and we will be creating a mobile version of the website to accommodate them.


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    1. Aaron Meyers on

      re: items in the store, I'm interested in t-shirts, posters, and figurines, all of the above ;-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Philip Gort on

      I'm having a similar issue to Dave, donated for developer level access and have not received a registration email yet

    3. Vince Vazquez

      Loving the site's new look, guys! And it's rad to know there's a place I can go to make a REAL pledge now, considering I didn't toss in nearly as much as I wanted before. Plus, love a good store with some rad merch & swag. T-shirts are my bag, but I don't like posters much - Wallscrolls would be preferable. They last MUCH longer (unless you frame a poster), and they seem more appropriate considering the decidedly Japanese-influence on Project Phoenix if you ask me. Soundtrack albums would also be appreciated! ;)

      But it's all super rad. Thanks for the update.

    4. Glen Proko on

      Top stuff! Please remember to put up the special Good Smile Company Limited Edition Sylrianah Figurine in the store when possible as promised for those who couldn't originally afford it when the Kickstarter funding period was still open. :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Chad Ajdinovich on

      I think im having the same problem as people here are I am a developer but I havent gotten an email. Any word?

    6. Particle Accelerator on

      Good news too bad I haven't been around the IRC much.

    7. Paul Bakaus on

      @Dave ...aaand fixed as well. Hope all is well now!

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Kettler on

      Thanks, I got in! Though perhaps I should note that the donation amount listed in the linked info is completely wrong. But the reward level is correct...

    9. Paul Bakaus on

      @Dave looks like you've found a bug! Should be all good now. Try again please, and sorry for the inconvenience.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dave Kettler on

      I have not received and email and that link doesn't work for me :(

      And yes, I am Developer or higher (much higher, in fact...).

    11. Missing avatar

      s on

      Is this forum account also going to be the account for accessing the game? Or will that be a separate system?

    12. Missing avatar

      Neil Chatterjee on

      I've not yet gotten a registration email unfortunately.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Freda on

      Hadn't recieved an e-mail confirmation, but the link worked, and we're all set now. Thanks!

    14. Led on

      Works much better. Thanks!

    15. Michael Armbruster on

      The link worked and I did receive the welcome e-mail instantly... Thanks, Cronus :)

    16. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      hmmmm, that's strange... there are people registering already, so some did receive the e-mail. Just in case your exchange servers are going slow, he's the link:

      Please note that if you are not a Developer or higher, you will be unable to use the link. We'll make another announcement when everyone else is able to create accounts.


    17. Lance Devon on

      My vote goes to figurines as well. Gives me, the player, the sense of being 'involved' with their world.

      Also, though I know this would be a miracle in of itself, I would like to suggest maybe a limited edition physical print run of the game, for those avid fans down the road. Would double dip myself to get friends on board to this game if I can literally loan them a copy just to get them addicted. But that's just me.

    18. Michael Armbruster on

      @Simon: That's exactly, what I tried to ask politely and in an indirect way :D

    19. Simon (Chojey) on

      Yay for the site/forum... but question, like Michael and Chua Chong mentioned below, some of us don't seem to have received the email just as yet, but the wording above "registration emails have been sent" makes it sound like they've already gone? Is it more of a case of "registration emails will be sent"? :P

    20. Michael Armbruster on

      The forums seem to be up, but I'm very impatient... I'm a developer and have not received a mail yet... Too excited to wait any longer :D

    21. Missing avatar

      ryanmarek on

      Figurines in the store for sure!

    22. Missing avatar

      Chua Chong Yi on

      So the emails are not sent yet?

    23. Eric C on

      Are the forums up?

    24. Michael Armbruster on

      Ouh, can't wait to finally receive the mail since I'm a developer... Checking my mails every 20 seconds or so :D