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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
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A peek at an NPC human soldier

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)

As you take your first step into Azuregard, the first race that you'll become acquainted with are the humans.  In terms of development, humans have come a long way from their ancient clannish origins as they've tamed the wilds to settle down.  With time, clan bonds dissolved in many locales as people united for the common good to create villages, then towns, then cities, then, ultimately, kingdoms and empires.  The artwork you see before you is an example of a stalwart NPC soldier who's dedicated his services in defense of his Kingdom, whether it's keeping order within the Kingdom or defending it from orcish or the occasional barbarian incursions. 

When Azuregard came into being, we knew that humans would be the dominant species on the continent.  Their ability to adapt and be flexible has long given them an advantage when moving and settling down in new areas while their relatively shorter lifespan (compared to that of elves and dwarves) have pushed them, perhaps by necessity, to achieve as much as possible so that they may make their mark upon the world. 

Couple that with their diversity and you've got a lot of material to cover and endless stories that can be crafted!  Humanity's boundless capacity to shock, amaze, and awe are what makes them such fascinating subjects as do their part to keep Project Phoenix immersive and engaging.  Furthermore, as the story and world is better laid out, we'll have more information about the various societies that dot the world of Azuregard, from agrarian communities with a laid-back approach to life, to highly regimented cultures that, due to constant threats from outside, are on constant alert for threats to their homeland.

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    1. Corrodias on

      The "childish" aspect you're sensing is the larger head in proportion to the body. It's a classic staple of some kinds of Japanese art. You'll get used to it.

    2. Geomancer on

      I also agree, the "in game design" does make them look like a child.

    3. Gustavo Loureiro dos Reis on

      Great post =D , but I gotta agree with Jeremy about preferring the proportional side designs to the in game ones /:

    4. Chris Evans on

      Love it. I like the simplified game design. I think it brings in more imagination.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      They all look good I have to say I prefer the proportional side designs to the in game designs. When compared, the in game looks like a child going trick or treating standing next to his dad.

    6. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      I love this style of character design SO much more than what has come out of the "Nomura Era" of Final Fantasy. It's refreshing to see legitimate looking knights and wizards again, rather than the near-future emo teens that Nomura has turned the FF franchise into. I was getting tired of all my Final Fantasy characters looking like they stepped right out of an Abercrombie ad. This is the art direction Final Fantasy needs to find again.

    7. Jasae Bushae on

      Interesting~ Will this be a default or will the 'what you equip reflects on the character' also apply to your generics as well as your named people?

    8. Nour Hanieh on

      How about a female NPC soldier?! ... Please don't exclude females!

    9. IchigoRXC - Zerth of the Obsidian Order on

      @Inquisitioner It is definitely a quote from FF9, regardless of it's form. Also it should say sworn. Good ole Steiner.

    10. Inquisitioner on

      More like a haiku than quote..

    11. Michele "Wise Monkey" on

      @Tommy Hanley
      Nice quote.

    12. Tommy Hanley on

      "Dilemma. Having sword fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?"

    13. Peter Jacob on

      Always had a soft spot for the unappreciated, faceless infantry goon.

    14. Jonathan Briggs on

      They look awesome! Can I recruit a few hundred and begin my own empire :)?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ahmad Al Shaibani on

      The attention to detail is stunning !!!

    16. Missing avatar


      Looking good!

    17. Missing avatar

      Ja Powers


    18. Oh Zhi Wei

      Nice! I like the look of the soldier, keep up the awesome work guys!(and gals!)