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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

Character Profiles

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
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On the heels of the story update featuring Yoko Enoki and Bill Benfield, we've gone ahead and added some character profiles on the Kickstarter front page!  If you scroll through, you can read up on brief bios of Marcus, Ruffles, Sylrianah, Zarum, and Gorek which we've reproduced here:

Marcus Stern

Born to King Magnus Stern and the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Izaria, Marcus’ early life was marred by a great tragedy that has shaped his short-tempered personality and his outlook towards those of other races, especially Orcs.  The tragedy was what drove Marcus to eventually join the feared unit known as the Death Templars.  Through their training and Marcus’ single-minded dedication to become stronger, Marcus has become a weapons master and adept in swordplay, especially with the longsword and shortsword.  Unfortunately, his decision to join the Death Templars has driven a wedge between him and his family and even now, their relationship is respectful, but distant.


An amnesiac angel, Ruffles seeks to find out who she is and her place within the larger world.  She’s a being of pure heart who tries to help everyone she can, even if it inconveniences her or puts her in danger.  She also tries to see the good in people, doing her best to guide troubled souls out of the shroud and back on the path of goodness.

Sylrianah Tyrnearaheal

Sylrianah, the Elven Princess, has always been driven by the desire to see the world beyond the forest’s borders, but only now, taking the first steps to venture outside the sanctity of the elven lands.  She shares many of her people’s traits: she’s calm, cool, and collected, with a great reverence for life, but can also seem just a bit aloof.  Like many of her people, she’s stealthy, especially in forest environs and she can wield a shortbow to devastating effect, as her keen elven sights and marksmanship training make her a fine scout.


It’s not difficult to feel just a bit uneasy around Zarum.  The battlemage has long had a reputation for being dangerous, with a hairpin trigger that, more often than not, leaves only destruction in his wake.This reputation allows Zarum to journey across Azuregard unimpeded, though the motives that drive him on are inscrutable to most.  Those who come across Zarum’s path are advised to tread lightly lest they find their lifespan being shortened unexpectedly…

Gorek Greyhelm

Gorek is a dwarf with a jovial personality whose thirst for the beer cups is only rivaled by his thirst for combat, both of which has made him a favorite of the Dwarven King who finds his skills with his Stormhammer to be reliable and his seemingly endless banter to be even more pleasing.  Despite this seemingly happy-go-lucky attitude towards most things, if there’s one thing those around Gorek should be aware of, it’s his enormous pride which can bring him to be angry at the smallest perceived slight, especially when drunk.

These won't be the only ones however and we will expand upon this further, especially given latest developments like the cat-folk race that Yoko Enoki mentions in her video as well as WIP illustrations that GONTARO has produced, detailing such characters as a female samurai.  We'll have more of that once the art and bios are finalized!

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    1. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      @IamHowie : then you should go to sleep :p And yes you're right, that's why I still have some hope, but just having a bit of the characters and nothing about the story, and just concepts about the rest, how can I say this... hmm let's say it doesn't push me to a full optimistic view of the future for this game with birds singing and butterflies dancing. But there's still the music, the gameplay, and the hope that the vision is true :)
      I'll still back it, but I'll drop one level under for my pledge, I know it won't change anything on the project, I'm just stating my opinion.
      But still, good luck with the project, hope you'll succeed in reviving the genre (and yes I'm clearly among those that think that the jrpg is in bad shape)

    2. IamHowie on

      Even cliche can be good if the characters are written right. A Song of Ice and Fire had a pretty mundane and boring start, but what matters is how to lay out personalities of characters to make them lively and likable, so an ordinary mundane bad happening that had befallen onto the character you like, could strike hard to your heart.
      You can have twisted crazy back stories for every character all you like, but if there's nothing for audience to relate to during story plots, they could still end up with horrible characterization.
      I think half my brain's decomposing from sleep deprivation....time to sleep...

    3. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      I hope that the story can offer a better experience than these teasers of some characters. The first three seems pretty average and cliché for me, and when I say cliché I mean the bad side of archetype/stereotype. I've seen them several times in games and mangas. And I'm not talking of their personality but their background. The former prince with a tragic past, the elf princess who is a great ranger, calm and strong in forests and the cute little amnesic angel...
      These things are just what I didn't expect from a project that was here to revive the jrpg genre. I was really happy when I saw someone with that ambition, jrpg, and japanese games in general have made me dream for hours and hours until a few years back. Now, except for extremely rare cases, I can't stand the new ones for more than a couple of hours.
      To be clear, i'm not posting this for asking the studio to change the backgrounds, just to explain why I'll lower my pledge or completely cancel it, still don't know. The gameplay looks great, but I played jrps with great gameplay that were boring as hell, for some game if story doesn't keep up with the gameplay it can somehow make it, but for rpgs, if the story is average, the game can be painfully long. I hope that this game won't turn out like this. And as I said, it's only my personal opinion.

    4. Boris on

      You know, the more I learn Japanese, the less I like furigana-over-everything. It's a crutch that starts interfering with learning the language more than helping at some point.
      Though, in some texts I'll probably be thankful for any furigana for some years to come.

    5. Particle Accelerator on

      @Nakano They cannot include furigana support.

    6. Nakano

      >I'll still be playing the game in Japanese so I can aim for the higher levels in the proficiency test
      A request for the game creators. Can we have a button to instantly switch between Japanese and English language in-game? Would love that feature as I am also studying Japanese. First I would read the dialog in Japanese. Then try to translate it by myself (furigana support would be appreciated) and then check the English translation.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mercredi on

      @Diosisback; The best they could do, after talking with Sony for a few days, was to be able to supply a PSN code to redeem the add-on items, which you can then use after you purchase the game from the PSN for either the PS4 or PS Vita.

      They also said they'd inform us in future if any change in the situation comes up.

    8. Diosisback on


      "We are currently working on a standalone tier for the PlayStation version to place on the Project Phoenix website, so expect that before the KickStarter ends. The plan is to reduce the price of this tier by as much as possible, so the only other rewards included will be the in-game items. More information will be available once we announce this tier." -Cronus

      The whole Vita/PSN situation hasn´t been properly explained, that is what I am complaining about. If that makes me a jerk, well, so be it.

    9. Lemming on

      @Diosisback Well, I don't think Sony Japan is going to read your comment in the next 22 hours and completely change the way they do business in Japan just for you, so you might have to end up doing that. Frankly, you threatening them with withdrawing your pledge accomplishes nothing but making you look like a bit of a jerk.

    10. Diosisback on

      I am very dissapointed with the lack of information regarding the PS VITA version.

      If there is no way of getting the game via PSN code before the funding period ends, I will cancel my pledge.

    11. Missing avatar

      David Carrus on

      HI guys from Project Phoenix.
      I have a humble suggestion. Despite the way the characters start, i really love when they change through the course of the story in unexpected, but believable ways. I think it's the feature that makes the difference between forgettable and remarkable.

      Sorry if i'm too specific too early, but i'd like you to avoid cliche as much as possible.

      Just my 2 cents and keep up the good work

    12. Skyl--- on

      Marcus Stern sounds and looks a bit like Sturm Brightblade. But here he is a Death Templar instead of a Knights Templar... :) Not that I mind, I love Dragonlance.

    13. Lemming on

      I have to say, I'm generally skeptical of anything cute in Japanese being very translatable when they're given an English name, but Ruffles is an adorable name.
      I'll still be playing the game in Japanese so I can aim for the higher levels in the proficiency test, but I have to give credit where it's due. So adorable...

    14. Adrian Tai on

      almost sprayed coffee over my monitor when i saw the comment about ruffles being a hobbit... lolz... sorry, din mean to offend anyone... but that was just so cute... lolz...

    15. Iris on

      @Matumit Sombunjaroen
      She's an angel not a hobbit lol.

    16. Kristoffer Brandberg on

      I still think there should be a canine-based race as well to counter the Felinians with loyalty over cuteness.

    17. Matumit Sombunjaroen on

      Son of King Magnus Stern, Prince of the Kingdom of Izaria

      I'll take that the description was initially written in Japanese and translated as is.

      第2王子、 2nd Prince, and so on
      Usually mean Second Legitimate Son of the current King.
      The terms are more commonly use in Japanese Literature than English.

    18. Matumit Sombunjaroen on

      If Ruffle is a Hobbit and we have 3more of her,
      Then we could get a fan roaring formula

    19. Particle Accelerator on

      @CIA-Hiro I'll try my best to have backers (people) understand that, thank you for trying. I'm sure it won't please everyone though, but I'll try :)

    20. Edwin Pierce on

      @REDNAL- That means he is the second son of that King. He has an older brother who is the 1st prince like prince william and henry IRL

    21. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Particle Accelerator,

      By that, indies don't exist on an open scale in Japan much unlike the West so they are new to handling people like us. Like brand new.


    22. Particle Accelerator on

      @CIA-Hiro Well not to me, I know the problems you're facing. I meant the people complaining since the PS4/Vita update ;~; I keep trying to explain the problems, but they just don't understand lol.

    23. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Particle Accelerator,



    24. Particle Accelerator on

      @CIA - Hiro Is there any way you can just say why you can't sell/give the PS4/Vita codes so people stop chirping angerly and confoundedly about the situation, please... ?

    25. Missing avatar

      Lightford on

      RUFFLES! Where are my chips! I DIG THIS NAME!

    26. CIA, Inc. Creator on


      Zarum isn't hot tempered =P
      And who told you that there are only five?


    27. Rednal on

      "Born to -King- Magnus Stern and the Second -Prince- of the Kingdom of Izaria"

      Maybe I'm reading that wrong, but... uh... I don't think human anatomy actually works that way.

    28. Adrian Tai on

      sorry, auctorium... typo.

    29. Adrian Tai on

      @autorium this is where the 'character' emphasis in the game comes in... lolz

    30. Jordan York on

      It's great to learn more about these characters. Great update. Thanks for sharing!

    31. Auctorium on

      So 3/5 of the main characters are short tempered? This bodes well for team cohesion...

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      So would Zarum be like a hotheaded Raistlin Majere?

    33. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      @Particle - the more updates they can release in the last 24 hrs...that means more interest is generated....which means more pledge money.

    34. Ángel Rivas on

      Nice update :) Btw that is the paypal amount?

    35. Adrian Tai on

      i hope the cat folks dun have a leader who wields a small sword that gets bigger with each swing and then projects some kinda light signal into the sky... lolz...

      ok, not that funny... oh well...

    36. Particle Accelerator on

      I actually wasn't expecting another update, this is good.

    37. Maxime on

      Yes, keep 'em coming! Our thirst for info can only be rivaled by Gorek's thirst for.. ehh.. beer. :D

    38. Trypetide on

      Great, Great, Great...
      Yoko & Bill = Expectations HIGH =3 !!!