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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

PlayStation Exclusive

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
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Total $845,711

Less than 48 hours to go!

PS4/PS Vita Item Codes

We know you’ve been looking forward to a PS4/PS Vita version and so are we! As things stand, Project Phoenix can only be purchased and downloaded from the PlayStation Store. If this stance changes before the game launches, we will make sure to announce it immediately!

Furthermore, this impacts our ability to create individual item codes on the PlayStation Network. But worry not! We’ve come up with a solution that we think you’ll enjoy. Here’s how it’ll work: if you pledge $120 or more for the Treasure Hunter tier, you will receive a code to redeem the in-game items listed below on both the PS4 & PS Vita. We are currently looking into the possibility of adding backgrounds, screensavers and icons into this bundle to make it more awesome, and we’ll update you with more information as we progress.

The Composer tier’s Musical Items will be exclusive to Windows/Mac/Linux, and will not be available anywhere else.  All of these exclusive items will only be available during the KickStarter Campaign.


We have created new tier for backers who are able to give $950+. This tier will contain a limited edition 1/8 scale figurine of Sylrianah, and be included in the rewards of all higher level tiers. We will be offering this figurine for the next 55 hours at a reduced cost; after KickStarter the figurine will be available on our website for $250, so get in there while it lasts!


Story Update Redux

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    1. Jonathan Estrada on

      So I guess there is no way for me to get this on ps4? I already backed this project but I am not really a PC gamer...

    2. Missing avatar

      San on

      Is the in-game code for the PS4 & PS VITA items only exclusive during the KickStarter Campaign? or can the item be brought later as DLC for anyone?

    3. Particle Accelerator on

      Read the front page: "Do you plan on releasing Project Phoenix on Wii/WiiU/3DS/XBOX ONE?

      Currently we do not have any plans to release it on those consoles."

    4. Kiwiblazer on

      How about a wii u version?

    5. Piquemal Kevin on

      I demand à free code for Playstation4 and psvita. I m an artisan 2 backers for this very reason. Actually i feel desapointed and betrayed. Just do something about that.

    6. Particle Accelerator on

      @Abilash Pulicken: Even if you waited until then to buy it still 'funds' them and could lead to bigger and better things later on. As for why there's complications with the PS4/Vita version. I have asked for CIA - Hiro to explain further (since people don't understand or don't want to hear me say it): "By that, indies don't exist on an open scale in Japan much unlike the West so they are new to handling people like us. Like brand new.

      -Hiro" So yes, it's Average Joe vs. (Established Company Here) walking up to them as I've said before in previous comments. Even established companies have troubles with new ip's in Japan (it's almost 1million more for comcept to get Mighty Number 9 on PS4 and Xbox One compared to the 2.2million for PS3/Xbox360 and Wii-U) If that helps any. I hope you will enjoy the game in whatever form you can afford/play comfortably, whether it's PC or Playstation. I really appreciate you understanding though. I try my best to relay information and keep people informed through FAQ.

    7. Abilash Pulicken

      Well, there's definitely something to be said for supporting the game after release - given that this is a labor of love, and that so many of the people on this project aren't working for salaries (opting for a cut of the profits instead), every bit of cash is important, regardless of when they receive it.

      I feel that the important thing is that the project is supported - given that I game almost exclusively on my consoles though, I would prefer to donate at a time that most benefits both myself and the developers. :)

    8. Particle Accelerator on

      @Abilash Pulicken While I'm no trying to downgrade the frustration this causes, it's still worded uneccesarily in a 'demanding' way rather than the way you are writing. Which really doesn't help anything as for the confusion (doesn't really help but it was officially said):

      "So the KS rewards are PCs only. You can play it on any PC. Install it on any system and it'd work. We will never be selling or pledging Android/iOS versions before launch. In terms of PS4/VITA, we will be setting up a different pledge system on our official website soon! We were told we were not allowed to sell the actual game but we can give you DLC unlock. Sorry, but this is the best we can do, that's why we did this as an addon to the $120 pack. - Hiro "

      I do agree they need to full explain, why, but it has to deal with Sony's pricing on the code creation and the fact that Sony wants to sell it on "their time" not CIA's. As for supporting the game after release, I can't fault you. But, what does that give? After release there would be no room for improvement (except for the 'dlc' expansion, type, add ons if they could).

    9. Abilash Pulicken

      I agree with Jorge. I realize that the process of getting a code sent to backers isn't exactly straightforward, but it's not impossible by any means. Furthermore CIA has complicated things for themselves by not being clear about WHY it is not possible to get these codes to backers. The fact that so many backers are confused about how they're going to be able to play the game on the PS4/Vita is proof enough of this.

      As a side note, while I'm thankful for the fact that Particle Accelerator has been gracious enough to try and make sense of this issue, it really shouldn't fall to a fellow backer to be answering these questions. The issue should be clarified in this post, or a new one by a member of the development team.

      I really wanted to support this game through the development process, but I'm not impressed by how backer concerns have been addressed so far. It looks like I'm going to name myself among those who will be supporting the game after-release, when this game is released via PSN.

    10. Particle Accelerator on

      "Most people here pay for a game in advance." Unfortunately that's not the main goal of kickstarter, it's to fund a developers idea you respect, trust or want to see succeed. You can't really "demand" anything, why don't you speak to CIA directly so they can explain to you what happened. I don't really understand your reasoning, you can't act like every situation is the same. Can you 'demand' a bookstore give you a book you ordered if it so happens to go on back order? It's not going to get to you any faster no matter how many letters you send or how angry you are. Things happen :l

    11. Particle Accelerator on

      @Jorge Maltrain Except, I'm not wrong my "they" was Mighty Number 9. I should've specified, dunno why I didn't. Which the stretch goal for ps3/xbox/wii-u hasn't been met, let alone 3.3mil for PS4/Xbox One, but okay.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jorge Maltrain on

      @Particle Accelerator You are COMPLETELY WRONG. Indeed, Soul Saga offered a key for PS4/PSVita and for only 15 bucks: "Pledge $15 or more // Playstation 4 / Vita! A key to download Soul Saga from Sony's online store for the Vita or Playstation 4! If you would like a PS4/Vita key on any other tier level, please add an additional $10 to your pledge! // Estimated delivery: Jul 2014"... and they only funded their project with a 25% of this one.
      CIA clearly CAN give us key codes for PS4 or PS Vita. We don't buy the game? Right... sure. That's bullshit. Most people here pay for a game in advance, trusting on developers. In this case, I think I wasted my money. I DEMAND a key for PS4/PSVita. I don't care for an extra dungeon or whatever. This SUCKS and will be my last time supporting this company in the future if they don't deliver what we pay for.

    13. Particle Accelerator on

      @Timothy Lose At this time the addon code is only available at Treasure Hunter sorry, it may be available later at a "dlc psn" price, but highly unlikely :(

    14. Timothy Lose on

      /\ I mean without going to the Treasure Hunter tier, sorry, didn't clarify.

    15. Timothy Lose on

      So no chance for Fiery Steed on PS4?

    16. Missing avatar

      David Loi on

      The news regarding the PS versions is extremely disappointing.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mino on

      Question! So the PS4/Vita will only be available AFTER the KS campaign?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jamar Arrington on

      So in all I will have spent at the most $40 on this including the donation I already made, when this comes out..yay >_>

    19. Particle Accelerator on

      (Yay no edit button) Sorry, I misread that I thought you meant as in "not pc to ps4 anymore". Ignore me.

    20. Particle Accelerator on

      @Peter Jacob It's not console exclusive, it's just worded poorly (and I wish they'd fix it...)

    21. Peter Jacob on

      Do not like this KS turning console exclusive but I'm struggling to shed any tears for the Xbone. Still, games should be on all capable platforms. This hardware exclusive nonsense is holding gaming back as a culture.

    22. Particle Accelerator on

      and for the record there is not "set price" to get onto a platform. Much like there is no set price to have your face on something popular. Average Joe over there who shows promise to a company may get a lower price depending on returns or cost of his product. Company B will have a corporation price and Less-than-average John might be ignored all together. I never said it was all Sony's fault but code creation and distribution is and it is expensive to buy. Have you ever gone to college? The textbook you buy is 300 dollars, but you aren't paying 300 dollars for the textbook. You're paying 300 dollars for that little validation card that comes with the book. Same situation here.

    23. Particle Accelerator on

      @VkBest They don't offer PSN codes, they haven't even reached that stretch goal yet and PS3 stretch goal comes before the PS4. They clearly stated that the codes were expensive and that they were not allowed to give out the codes yet until a designated time by Sony.

    24. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      @particle accelerator, I'm sorry I can't believe you, if is so hard to get codes for psn, why liege, soul saga and mighty no. 9 will offer psn codes? Sony is not the problem, I think the problem is there is a publisher behind this project for consoles.

    25. Particle Accelerator on

      @Christian Blakes It's not so much about making money, so much as that's what it costs, developing something for a new console is not the least bit cheap for an example, getting Mighty Number on PS3/Xbox360/Wii-U was 2.2mil, getting it onto PS4/Xbox One is 3.3mil, a while million dollars more to produce it for the new consoles, these aren't necessarily big developers either and if you want a physical edition to be released on those consoles it'd be even more.

      As for the "average gamer" it's a PC developed game, being ported to the consoles. That's about as "un-average" as it gets, the price is a bit high, sure, but it's not like they choose it to be that way. There is no other option for them right now and they came up with this as a means of giving something back to the people because of what happened until it could be sorted out. I agree it's not the best thing, but what can you do. Really.

    26. Particle Accelerator on

      @Jorge Maltrain It has nothing to do with them being greedy, I wish people would stop assuming things they don't know or don't take the time to figure out. It costs a lot to get PSN codes made and Sony won't make them the way CIA had hoped they would. They came up with a DLC add-on as a way to hold anyone over, who wants those items in their game, until they can have an official PS4/Vita version sold on the project website. So, they have to wait for them. No point in harping at Sony either, because they won't change that no matter how much anyone cries.

      @Nakano Not sure what you mean but the iOS/Android versions aren't the same, says so on the front page.

      @Kebrus Yes, the funding will continue through Paypal until June-2014.

      @Seizui Sorry, I didn't mean to word it so harshly, heh.

      @Robert Silesius Yes, I agree it's worded horrifically. It the game is still for PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/Vita and Android/iOS (as a different version due to limitations)

      @Yan and Oscar Yes, that is also true. But many people don't care about "what they can do for their country" or hindsight, especially if they don't get what they want immediately.

    27. Missing avatar

      kebrus on

      Question: will the funding continue after kickstarter? I really hope the game gets to the 1mil goal i would love the overworld

    28. Nakano

      Can someone shortly sum what is this game is about?
      I am a little worried that this is also developed for iOS and Android.
      And would prefer PS3 version if the dev team has experience for it.

    29. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      I think they shouldn't have spoken about vita/ps4 from beginning. I'm agree if they can't or don't want to offer the game from kickstarter, but it have been confusing from beginning. Besides, doesn't help other projects like mighty n9 offer console version ( if the stretch goal is success) even with a $20 pledge, whereas project Phoenix offer items for console over $120.

    30. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      This update was really badly worded, because all of a sudden it sounded like there would be no Windows, Linux or Mac versions...

    31. Juan Esponera on

      I think the update is badly explained, because lots of people still think that you have to pay 120 bucks or more to get your PS4/Vita game.

      Sony versions will ONLY be avalaible AFTER the KS campaign, because they must be purchased via PSN. KS campaign only offers the PC version


      Yes, I agree with Yan, we are here to give our support and be part of a project that could become an awesome experience for all of us (and getting unique stuff that we're not getting anywhere as a plus). I really hope that the overworld exploration is reached :S!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Cesar Garcia on

      They still haven't announced a price for the PSN versions. They did say that they're working on a tier just for playstation, and that they'll probably give it at a reduced cost if you had backed them up at KS. We also have to consider that the PSN versions weren't stretch goals, but they're still making those ones happen. The idea is to support the project, get more features for the game, and at the same time you can get some in game items that you won't be able to get later on when released.

    34. Yan on

      They're not on kickstarter to sell you a game. They're on kickstarter to get the funding necessary to bring this project to life; it costs a lot of $$ to produce a game. You're paying to support the developers and the game, and games do not produce by themselves. And hey, if we hit certain stretch goals, the game gets more features.

    35. Ruinaes on

      I like many other have wanted this game on my PS4. I've been excited about it since the start. However, if I have to pay that much for a PS4 version, why should I not simply buy it on PSN when released?

    36. Cece Blakes on

      I understand that you want to make a profit off of this, but why do we have to pay SO much for the game on PS4 or Vita? I got on board b/c I would have thought that I could have a choice of getting it for my Vita instead of the computer. The extra tiers would be great and all. But a lot of us aren't rich.
      I don't want this product to become like the Xbox One's launch information. You don't even care about the average gamer. Minimum wage won't be able to pay for this, even if I do work the extra hours to get it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jorge Maltrain on

      This SUCKS. I supported this project because I was pretty sure I would be able to download the game to my PSVita and PS4. Now I must pay the full game? I think you MUST fix this. You collected A LOT of money, so don't be greedy now.

    38. Seizui on

      Relaying once more. Any concerns will be passed on. Any directed to me on this part will find a big wall. Thanks.

      Also, he apologies for the previous post since he was half asleep. The wall statement stands.

      I apologize for my rather long-winded and strongly worded response to the Figure pricing and PUPPETEER tier pledge - I was already half-asleep in bed when it was announced, and Seizui relayed my message later thatn I would have liked. (I originally wrote it when there was only 25 comments here!)

      Regardless, I'm mainly upset because I would love to pledge for the project as a DEVELOPER and get the LE Sylrianah Figure as well, but I am just $8 short in my paypal account and I won't be able to add funds in time to get her...

      Please let me know what I can do in this situation, or if I am simply forced to move down to a lower tier, like ARTISAN + Figure...

      Your help in regards to my situation is appreciated, and I love the look of the game so far, you're all doing great work!

      - DEVELOPER Paypal Backer and Figure Collector, BRSxIgnition"

    39. Missing avatar

      Neil Chatterjee on

      I do agree with Inquisitioner regarding the deal vs discount thing. While I completely understand the pricing, it is only being offered at a "reduced price" for Citizen-level backers (which only had 20 slots); everyone else who does not go for the $900 tier pays the regular price for it. As such, while I do think $250 is a very reasonable price for a high-quality, limited edition figurine, I don't agree with the wording that the figurine is being offered at a reduced price as a whole.

    40. Inquisitioner on

      I personally feel that us, the kickstarter backers, should receive a discount for the figurine, lets say pay $200 - a discount for only these two last days. A reward for backing the project so early on. While the rest whom get the figurine after the project, from Sep 2013 to June 2014, pay the $250 i.o normal price. The long date to order, outside the project, really limits the whole exclusive and limited feeling anyhow, whereas this discount would actually both be limited and exclusive to the kickstarter backers.

      Because giving the figurine at discount of $200 while including an additional $700 sounds to me more like a deal rather than discount. As in pay $1000 and get $50 off. And considering how its also limited doesn't help either.

      Just what I make out of all this. Feels more reasonable for all parts - considering how including the figurine in Dev tier is too much for CIA whereas 250/Puppeteer is too much for backers.

    41. Seizui on

      @Particle Accelerator
      Because I was asked to relay this. As such, I will relay the question. The person already read the info and wanted some reasoning behind it.

      Me personally? I don't really care, either way. I do not collect figures.

    42. Mike temple on

      So, if all I want is the PS4 version of the game is my best option to not fund on Kickstarter and just wait for the game to release on PS4? Because unless I'm missing something that's all I can come up with.

    43. Particle Accelerator on

      @Juan Esponera That pretty much sums it up and it's no fault of CIA's they are not allowed to sell/give the PS4/Vita codes yet, which, is also stated.

      "The Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita codes are available if you pledge $120 or more for the Treasure Hunter tier (or any other tiers above this), you will receive a code to redeem the in-game items: Phoenix Egg, Phoenix Mount, Phoenix Cape and Phoenix Wings.

      If you DO NOT want to spend 120$ for the free Playstation 4/Playstation Vita code (which includes a few in-game items) there will be a separate way to buy the Playstation 4/Playstation Vita editions on the main website later (Without the addons). "

    44. IamHowie on

      To secure my chance of getting the figurine, I had officially thrown down half of my next month's payroll to this game LMAO.

    45. Juan Esponera on

      Lots of backers are asking the same, just because they didn't read the comments below.

      PS4 and VITA versions are NOT given in Kickstarter. Doesn't matter how much you pledge, the only thing you'll get for Sony versions are codes for downloadable contents if you BUY IN PSN the game.

      Hope I was clear enough

    46. Particle Accelerator on

      You get adventure for two, physical copy and the ps4/vita add-on codes. Most of those questions are answered on the FAQ page I linked you. The only one that needs a CIA person to answer would be "Can I choose ps4 and pc as my downloads?" Which the answer is probably no.

    47. Ed Anderson on

      sweet one more question to my prior one on keeping my collectors edition sealed new. since you stated id get two downloads aka with the adventure for two. i got a few things if you could answer next to them.
      since i get two downloads with adventure for two can i choose ps4 and pc as my downloads???
      i know the music composer codes is pc only but are all the bonus codes sealed inside the collectors edition or will you email them so i can use with my free download???
      with the download codes will i be getting two sets of codes since i have adventure for two or is it just one set and id have to choose etc..??
      for the digital collector tier im assuming ill get digital versions of everything letting me keep my collectors physical versions sealed correct??
      thanks again,

    48. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      DEVELOPER Paypal Backer and Figure Collector, BRSxIgnition",

      The puppeteer tier has been very thoroughly thought out. We needed to put it there as anything lower would have been detrimental to the cost structure we had in place. That is why we offered a standalone Sylrianah for $250.

      I hope this is a satisfactory answer as three of us really put our heads together to really think this through so that it works for us and the backers.

      Thank you!


    49. Particle Accelerator on

      @Seizui I don't know why you're posting that when that was already discussed and is stated on the FAQ the 950$ tier (and higher) is the tier to get the limited edition figurine at 200 dollars, add +250$ to any tier below that and you get the limited edition figurine. They cannot lower the price anymore than that or they will be losing money.