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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. MαcKrø on

      Nice gameplay update :) !
      Awesome musics and arts too :0!!
      I can't wait for the first (in-game) gameplay video!

      Keep up the good work :) !

    2. Vince Vazquez

      Also, Yumiko Sugihara? An FFIX art vet joins the team? My favorite Final Fantasy!?! This team just keeps getting better & better.

      And even though environment artists hardly ever get attention from gamers, their job is arguably the most important - games with empty, ugly worlds just wouldn't fly. It seems to be one of those rather thankless positions where, when you do your job well, no one should notice. I've done level art personally, and I can say... that part of it kinda blows:) So I'm gonna say I'm excited right now for another Final Fantasy vet and an experienced environment artist to join the Phoenix team. Great addition you guys!

    3. Vince Vazquez

      First off; GOD THIS ART IS GORGEOUS :) I could never read a single word or click on a single vid and I'd love this stuff. I really, really can't wait to see the game in-action; it's going to be beautiful and charming and so, so rad!

      Secondly, BRING ON THE FINAL 48 HOURS! This is classic, last minute, dramatic, "Kickstarter upswing" period after all. Where most campaigns, after sagging for the middle, get a final rush of money from new- and pre-existing- backers. I love this part. Don't really know why it happens. Perhaps it's because Kickstarter Reminders only kick in for the final 2 days? Maybe it's just because people, like me, have gotten burned too much in the past by forgetting about projects they pledged money to 30 days ago, and don't want to overpromise too early so they don't screw up and accidentally overdraw their bank account? Whatever it is, the final push is always awesome for projects like this that have so thoroughly squashed their initial goal :)

      Good luck with your final two days, Project Phoenix team! Here's hoping you get your stretch goals! I wanna see a world map!

    4. Richard on

      Great job on the art and music, but I've got to say the most important thing has let me down. I never expected this to be an RTS game so I'm not surprised by the lack of base building and resource gathering, but the 'gameplay update' again didn't actually talk about the gameplay. Even more than before it looks like we'll just be left clicking a hundred times to kill monsters like in a flash game. I don't expect you to address this before the end of the campaign, so I wish you good luck with the home stretch and hope to be proven wrong when the game is released.

    5. Missing avatar

      Grisbi on

      I love the musics, I cannot wait to hear them in game !!
      But as other people already noted The "Dwarven Wars" is not a song I can relate to dwarves.
      Since when a dwarf sings like an elve. I would not recommend a choir of sopranos nor the string instruments. It needs a lot of drums, bass singer, bassoon or even an organ.
      While listening to this (still beautiful) music I could only see elves and hobbists ....

    6. Missing avatar

      Donny on

      Nice music I love them :)

    7. Starfire on

      Here's the link to the Story Update Video:…

    8. Jamie Dutton on

      The music sounds fantastic as is, Ruffles looks adorable, and I gave an embarrasingly loud fangirl squeal when I saw that Yumiko Sugihara had worked on FF9's 3-d environments! 9 is one of my absolute favorites!!
      Btw, who ever kept saying this update was too late, it's NEVER too late as long as the Kickstarter is live and Paypal is still open! There are plenty of ppl willing to be slacker-backers on projects like this.

    9. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      Thanks for the gameplay update. In the last 50 hours, I hope we see more of this stuff. Also, the music selection is quite nice.

    10. Dedee Trabletoon on

      FF IX 's 3d enviromental artist??? Hurreeeey!!! :D

      and, Dang! Rafles' sin parameter is getting too high now @__@

    11. Tien Pham

      The music as is, is really good and can't wait to hear/experience it when it is finalized. On the Dwarven War, I was listening to it while reading the comments, scrolled up to see what it was call and I was surprised. I didn't expect it with the song's tempo and instrumental choices.

    12. Eric Kang on

      Concepts looking good! Though I'm a bit curious, how will the squad know which side of an obstacle to hide on? Also, what if you don't want your squad to hide in a nearby obstacle? (say if they were acting as bait or something)

    13. Jim Carpenter on

      A fantastic update with much needed info! I agree that this content should make it to the project home page... This is what drives pledges up in the final hours.

      So excited to be a supporter of this project! Telling everyone I know!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kein Zantezuken on


      Thank for music fix.

      Say, will be there more preview-works by Miyoshi? I'm in love with his Elven Glades.

    15. Cassio Tambara Richter on

      How I wish I had 4.000.000 USD to give this fine team so you'd be able to do everything tip top.

    16. Seizui on

      @CIA - Take that back, this is Cronus at this time. Woops.

    17. Seizui on


      With this update, I can address what I saw for understanding purposes:
      First video discusses over the nature of the combat being focused on the battle at hand. No maintaining bases, no tedious mineral/mining/etc gathering. Cool, as William Allen mentioned, this reminds me a bit of Growlanser in that you are in the field moving towards the objective. Which, I like.

      What is now coming to mind that I'll have to ask is: How is combat handled as you get to it? I am musing over how the special skills will be used, or so and what effects they'd have.

      RE: Yoko Enoki
      ... Sadly, it looks like the video is taken down temporarily, as I am noticing by the comments. No matter, I will wait before I comment on that!

    18. Missing avatar

      Cesar Garcia on

      I don't know but maybe it would be useful to get the video from this update on the main page as well; close to the one that talks about the use of terrain in combat.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cesar Garcia on

      Amazing update!!! This was much needed, I hope this boosts the number of people backing the project. The concepts are super nice, and the music great. I initially thought that as a RTS we would be in the need of doing that "resource gathering", which I don't particularly love, but with the update now I know that we're not going to do that, I'm really hyped about this game :)

    20. William Allen on

      If the battle system works like Growlanser's in any way, I will enjoy this game so much

    21. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Definitely agree, those soundtrack samples are fantastic, it would be great if we could make it to that goal...

      Those two art samples continue to be gorgeous. The new dwarf is great and I still totally love Ruffles' design.

      Looking forward to the other video going back up.

    22. Trypetide on

      Too much music videos heh? =3

    23. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Hmmmm, it seems we should have subtitled the entire video ;)

      Don't worry, we'll have the modified video up shortly. Thanks for your support everyone.

      PoorBill 2013

    24. Adrian Tai on

      listening to the WIP soundtracks... makes me really hope we can hit the 1.65mil goal & get Eminence Orchestra in...

      and speaking of stretch goals... i just noticed the rest have also 'appeared'...

    25. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Kein Zantezuken,

      Sorry fixed!


    26. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Read on

      This is an amazing update! I am sooooo excited about the cat race, can't wait to see some art work on them.

    27. Fabian Kurayami Bessa on


      It´s ok Hiro-san.

      As i said, amazing update.

      I just hoped this was a little earlier.

      I really wanted the 1m stretch goal to happen.

    28. Fabian Kurayami Bessa on

      I gotta say i´m REALLY excited with the game after this update.

      Marcus looks an amazing character. Like an "anti-hero", a person rotted by hatred that will learn trough his journey how to be a better person.

      You guys have an amazing opportunity to delve deep in a great character development.

      Again, a little too late, but an amazing update regardless (despite the obvious sound problem).

    29. Missing avatar

      Kein Zantezuken on

      Who composed "Overworld V3"?

    30. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Sorry guys... we were working throughout the night so our video guy didn't do the audio mix properly. WIll probably reupload the video soon...


    31. Fabian Kurayami Bessa on

      Wow... you just can´t hear Mr. Benfield... The soundtrack is too high guys.

    32. Adrian Tai on

      took me a minute before i realised i was looking for Gorek's eyes at his belly/ ale barrel... lolz...

    33. Missing avatar

      Roger Valldeperas on

      Am I the only one who can't hear what Bill is saying around minute 6:05 of the story update? the music is really loud at some point >_<

    34. Jordan York on

      Great update! Hopefully that 48 hour notice gets them pledges picking up :)

    35. Yourtime on

      awesome thanks for the update!

    36. Missing avatar

      XV-Dragon on

      Great update but a little hard to hear Bill over the music at times.

    37. Maxime on

      Nice update! Quite meaty! Will have to check the videos once at home, though, unfortunately!

    38. Fabian Kurayami Bessa on


      A liitle too late, but still AWESOME!!

      Ruffles and Gorek LOOKS AMAAAAAZING!!!

    39. Giru017 on

      Amazing update! Best of luck, I'll see if I can increase my pledge to help out as soon as some money hits my account! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!