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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

Project Phoenix and Good Smile Company Cooperate on Sylrianah Figurine

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
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Today's Kickstarter and Paypal total

Kickstarter $796,433
Paypal $20,724

Total $817,157

Another day, another stretch goal down!  Thank you so much for your support!  So as we move forward, only 3 days remain.  It'll take an Olympian ;) effort, so be sure to let your fellow JRPG fans know about this final push!

With this stretch goal down, all Treasure Hunter backers will receive that exclusive A4 poster while Digital Collector backers receive a digital copy of that same poster.

So while we continue strive forward, propelled by our passions and ability to succeed, we're amazed and grateful at the amount of support we've gotten from individual backers like yourselves and larger companies like Obsidian!  Well, we're proud to announce that one of our newest partners who've come on board is none other than Good Smile Company, the Japanese company famously known for making really awesome figurines from games and anime!

If you've been an avid collector of anime and games figurines, you've probably have heard about or even own some of Good Smile Company's high quality sculpts!  We're definitely fans of their work on the very elegant Fate/Unlimited Codes Saber figurine as well as their numerous Touhou Project and Vocaloid releases.

Needless to say, we're really excited at this opportunity!  Good Smile Company and Project Phoenix will be working hard to make and deliver NOT one, but TWO Sylrianah figurines!  The first version is a Limited-Edition version which will differ from the normal version in several ways.  The Limited-Edition comes with:

  • Clothing color that will be different from the normal version and will be designed by our Art Supervisor.
  • An elven knife accessory
  • Different packaging, complete with a serial number and a Certificate of Authenticity
  • And you'll get it months before the normal version comes out!

That a well-established figurine company known for their high quality supports us is a big boost and we look forward to working with them to not only deliver a fantastic game experience, but also an awesome Sylrianah figurine that encapsulates an aura of nobility and resoluteness as this elven princess stands at the ready to defeat any and all who dare to threaten her friends, her people, and her homeland!

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    1. Kiko on

      so uh... what do we do now?

    2. John GT

      Such a great little figure! I can't resist her! So $250 I shall add, and find a way to afford it! (Thank the universe the "two copies of game" is preventing me from pledging higher than the "Fiery Companion" Level!)

    3. Missing avatar

      Charlie Kim on

      @Particle Accelerator Thank you for the response. I will pledge $251 here for SUPPORTER.

    4. Particle Accelerator on

      @Matumit Sombunjaroen That is correct.

    5. Particle Accelerator on

      @Charlie Kim You pledge 1$ here then add +250$ no reward :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Charlie Kim on

      How do you pledge the $250 for the figure if you already pledged through Paypal?

    7. Matumit Sombunjaroen on

      Hi, I adjusted my pledge to 650US$

      Even though Sylrianah figure is not listed in the +250US$ Pledge Management,
      I am automatically eligible to get her right?

    8. Particle Accelerator on

      To add on to Starfires clarification: "The Limited Edition figure will be available if you add +250$ to your pledge amount if you pledged under 950$ (Puppeteer tier 950$ and above - discounted pricing of 200$ on the Sylrianah figurine, +250$ for a standalone Sylrianah figurine with tiers below Puppeteer). For Manager tier and above, the Sylrianah figurine will come with the tier. The GSC Limited Edition Sylrianah figurine will be available for some time after the KS campaign on our website for 250$. The Standard Edition will be available only from GSC (Good Smiles Company) directly. The GSC Standard Edition Sylrianah will not contribute to the development of the game, nor will it have special features outlined in [update#20, September 08-13]. Shipping is included within the tiers. "

    9. Vince Vazquez

      Absolutely gorgeous figurine, you guys! Wonderful character designs - cannot wait for in-game stuff to finally get revealed :D This game will be charming and gorgeous.

    10. Starfire on

      Add-on option available.. check out the main page:


      Due to popular demand... if you have pledged below Puppeteer tier level ($950), but still would like to pledge for the Good Smile Company's Limited Edition Sylrianah Figurine, please add $250 to your pledge!

      For Manager tier and above, the Sylrianah figurine will come with the tier."

    11. Missing avatar

      Sylrissa Sirensong on

      950 is too rich for me, give the option for it as an add-on please, so I can get it.

    12. Benedict Ng on

      Damn, I really wanted the figure till I found that it wasn't gonna be a figma figure.

    13. Sam on

      If you make this an add on I will gladly pledge for it
      If they did nendoroids of the characters I would do the same

    14. Kiyoko Kawakami on

      Just point me to a tier with the figure. Or figures. Or make it/them an add-on. And so help me God I will click on it so quickly that my bank account won't have time to cry.

    15. Yourtime on

      OH WOW as figure collector I know good smile company very well :D this is really great, I hope we could get this figure as add-on or for a specfic tier of backer

    16. Missing avatar

      Rex on

      What pledge level do you have to be in to get a figure?

    17. Garron Lewis on

      Will there be an add on for the last 48 hour push???

    18. Trypetide on

      Ok, merci pour l'info.
      Je connaissais celle de Senjougahara, je savais juste pas que c'était d'eux. Donc ça rassure un peu.
      Après c'est vrai que sans artwork de proto (je pense pas qu'ils utilisent celle d'au dessus, non pas que ça puisse me déplaire hein), idée de prix & co... ni infos d'ailleurs =D dur d'imaginer voir ça arriver dans les tiers... mais oui, je confirme mon idée de faire des "réductions" pour tous, avec une graduation. N'en déplaise à ceux qui la veule gratos =S

    19. Fabian Kurayami Bessa on

      Such great News!

      I´m a figure collector and i have at least 20 figures of GSC. They are GREAT! Only Alter would be better.

      Great, great News!

      Figure fans knows how good GSC are!

    20. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Trypetide: Well, surfaces vary according to what they consider appropriate for the character and setting, methinks. For example, my Ultimate Madoka figure (Magical Girl after becoming a god-like conceptual entity - is a lot more shiny-sparkly-smooth than my Hitagi Senjyogahara one (mostly normal highschool girl who's just a smidgen crazy and uses office supplies she pretty much pulls from hammerspace as weapons -

      Both are pretty damn awesome though.

      Also, I'd really like it if lower tiers could get the figure as an add-on to their existing pledge (400$ is too high for me right now).

    21. CrazySe7en on

      For my part, a figurine of the princess Sylrianah I bought immediately . Sharply that preorders start .

    22. Trypetide on

      Want one ? *take a chips* ;]

      What kind of surfaces they have in general?
      Smooth and sparkling a little?
      Like a soap or something, you know..
      (It didn't appear to be TOO smooth-o-sparkly on saber, above, though)

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott Rosales on

      im on a mission to help!
      also this may be said multiple times (sorry for this) but reading through the comments I can see many suggestions such as what character creations gonna be like, what's in store, etc etc. just a suggestion maybe also release a vid asap of equipment, items, the world, character skills, and anything that can bring more hype and information of what's to come. with lights, action and eye catchers I'm pretty sure it would help easily surpass the last stretches. especially info on the ps4 as well. anyways best of luck! can't wait to start helpin out developing this game woot!!! devolper status ftw!

    24. Ralph Miller

      Sculpt = Awesome!

    25. Boris on

      Nice, GSC are certainly one of the good figure companies. Expecting this to be a nice addition to my collection.

    26. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Oh yeah, Good Smile are one of my favorite figure companies (I already got a bunch of them on my shelves, and others inbound from Japan that I've preordered).

    27. Seizui on

      And apparently, you cannot read. Note, I have mentioned that I have been relaying this. I don't care which is which.

    28. Trypetide on

      You wore goodly your nickname, aen't ya =P ?
      (Chill, have one of Rafel's chips)

    29. Inquisitioner on

      That's funny. Because Good Smiles Company & CIA as well have both refereed to it as a "figurine" and I think they know a little more than you about it. Just saying.

    30. Trypetide on

      Way to go, yeah =3 !!

    31. Jasae Bushae on

      Squee~ Another stretch goal reached! Now if we can just aquire the remaining 108k in 62 hours, the game will have a traversable world map which will give the game some more awesome and depth!

      Lets spread the word so that this wonderful game can draw the attention of more backers eager to help catapult this game to success~!

    32. Trypetide on

      For me (in french, and apparently in English somehow)
      figurine = petite statuette (in the proper definition, of course).
      And you... just talking about discount like I do, isn't lol
      I don't mentioned getting one for free in the first place, just offering a temporary offer for the kickstarter's backers to get it "at less costs", with CIA being "reasonable" about it.…

    33. Missing avatar

      Cesar Garcia on

      With less than 3 days left on the kickstarter I really think that adding some in game concepts would help to reach the 1 mill goal. I know the game still has probably most of development left to do, but It would be nice to see images of how you could customize your heroes; concept art and effects/abillities for the phoenix/instruments awarded to the "fiery steed" and "composer" backers; or some in game concept of how the game would feel with that "fully explorable overworld". These could attract more people or make others increase their pledge. While the figures are a nice extra touch, IMO these last days should really focus on showing off the game.

    34. Seizui on

      Got a message for you:

      "That is true, for that to work, you need to be fair to everyone else, but you also need to be fair to Good Smile and the game's creators. You cant expect everyone that pledges through kickstarter to get a free LE figure with their pledge - even if that is TREASURE HUNTER or COMPOSER level. You need to consider that the figures from Good Smile Company are very high quality, 25cm+ figures that retail at $120 MINIMUM.

      It simply doesn't make sense to couple a figure that sells for that much, with EVERYTHING else, on a tier lower than DEVELOPER. My personal idea -which I urge CIA/Hiro to implement is to auto-include the LE figure in all tiers from DEVELOPER and up, and to sell her separately for lower tiers at a reduced cost ($100 - $120) during the KS campaign, then normal price once the game releases/Paypal campaign. (($150~)

      This will be the fairest and most reasonable offer for everyone. CIA gets the money for their game, Good Smile gets proper/acceptable commission on each figure, and everyone gets a chance to own it!

      PS: It's a Scale Figure, not a Figurine! Figurines are tiny!"

    35. Trypetide on

      There will be on the forums, and I think in the Kickstarter's edition of the Artbook

    36. Missing avatar

      Kein Zantezuken on

      Hey, Hiro, I have a question a bit unrelated to this update but important to me: will you release some of the concept art after the game's release?

    37. Missing avatar

      Mario Cisneros on

      I think RUFFLES is a better choice.

    38. Trypetide on

      For that to work you have to be really fair for those under "developer" tier, or else it's just a stand alone purchase and many people who would just want the collector edition with the figurine would gladly pay a little less for it, and also getting the "limited" pledges more faster (like if they take one of the +1160 "Treasure Hunter" pledges left for now) with a Higher discount than the normal ones.
      The figurine will be available in the store, whatever happens.
      But before they answer about this matter, I hope all the backers from the "kickstarter period" would have an obligatory pass for the limited edition (if they want it of course).

    39. Seizui on

      Okay. So, Something that I'm relaying from the PayPal backer.

      Given that the figure is a 1/8 scale or higher, expecting it to be included on a pledge level like composer is expecting too much. I have quite a few 1/8 - 1/6 scale figures and the base price for a good smile 1/8 figure is $150+Shipping.

      "The figure (LE or Normal) should be included in tiers DEVELOPER and up. Other tiers can add it on separately and still be fair and cost effective for both parties, assuming the cost is between $150 - $200."

      - Seizui (and Paypal backer)

    40. Trypetide on

      Contact any persons, websites, irc channels, forums, squirrels you know and pass the word :

    41. Missing avatar

      Scott Rosales on

      congrats on reaching another stretch goal!
      As we approach the ending of the funding date is there anything that can be suggested (from the community and yourselves) and anything I could do to help reach the last 2 stretches and more? Still having high hopes for this game!

    42. TheChosenOne on

      Figurines would be great as an add-on and as long as they are priced right they will bring in more funding. But doing them seperate from the KS means you can't really do unless you keep the limited edition for KS only and the other statue for nonbackers.
      That way you can charge more for the statue and gain profit from it without just overcharging for the same statue.

    43. Seizui on


      ... This is an interesting update. Really, it is. However, I think, for this campaign, this feels... counterproductive? I am with Pep on this. I mean, I think the last updates that we want are more geared towards the game. Kinda feel like the figurines could be focused afterwards.

      After all, it's the game that we're supporting, not the figurines.

    44. Trypetide on

      That's exactly why I use "reasonable" and "costs" in the same sentence =3
      It's also why I think discounts are more fair for all.
      I understand that $250 is an good amount of money, hell... $150 & $120 too.
      But we have to be logical, they're are not big shots, or I you really want to have it for "free", we need many many more pledges, an amount largely superior to $2.5m for that =S

    45. manio on

      Awesome! Thanks for the update.

    46. Pep Gonzalez on

      While I appreciate the update, I'm not really too fond of figurines. If they manage to make some more money for the project, then hell yeah. Otherwise, I have mixed feelings about this.

      Also, I thought we would be having an update about story and writing this week :/

    47. TheChosenOne on

      So if this statue costs $100-200 you think it should be added as a reward for a $250 tier reward? Even if its $30-60 it still is a large chunk of that tier and may take away most if not all of the actual "profit" they make from the tiers. Some people. ;p

    48. Trypetide on

      @CIA (CRONUS or HIRO)
      And I hope it's not a "action figure" type, with too visible joints =S
      (Or it has to be the most discreet possible)

    49. Trypetide on

      @CIA (CRONUS or HIRO)
      It would be more interesting (in a reasonable manner, because "costs") to offer different discounts for the figurine price, depending on what tier we pledge and its type ("early" pledge or not).
      The idea is to gradually go higher in the discount: the higher the tier is, the higher the discount (with free figurines starting at big tiers).

      You could offer a normal and limited edition of these figurines too, but that would only be your decision. But I think this method is more fair for everyone, than just offering it to some tier and nothing for others. I would have think this differently with a tiny figurine (like nendoroid or whatever) but in this case it's also more fair for you.

    50. anthony on

      Kickass figurine! Will you include it in one of the tier groups or is going to be a separate pre-order only?

      Also CONGRATULATIONS both on the stretch goal and Tokyo's selection for the 2020 Olympics!