【Project Phoenix】 Japan's indie RPG feat. AAA talent!

by CIA, Inc.

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    1. Trypetide on

      "And that's because there's so much going on behind the scenes and we'd like to bring more material to light"

      So, BRING IT !!!
      Patience is a virtue, but be aware that we all are waiting in the shadow... Like wolves...
      Don't be late, Hiro.... ;D

    2. Jamie Dutton on

      Oooo, now this is a tasty update! Makes me want to hear more and possibly throw more money at you!

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Forster on

      Hiro, don't forget that there is only 7 days left from the campaign!

    4. Maxime on

      Yay nice update! Let's have an update blitz to generate a pledge blitz :D

    5. Cenk "Skysect" Aslan on

      Yes , we are backers but I think other people needs more interesting things for a pledge!

    6. Paul Andersen on

      You almost lost me at Cloud, but you had me back at Ramza. Oh, Ramza.

      (I'm kidding about the Cloud part, internet-is-serious-business people.)

    7. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      There's not really any new substance in this update. At this point in the campaign, it feels like a wasted opportunity. Unfortunately, it reminds me of how Square Enix likes to make announcements that there will be an announcement at a future date.

    8. Pep Gonzalez on

      I'm afraid I'll have to agree on Keith. But nonetheless, I feel excited for the upcoming story update. As a writer myself, I'm really interested to see how you guys have managed it.

      Only one question, though... why Orcs? It's like the 100th time the poor Orcs are the bad guys. Hoping to see some twists here, a la "Orcs & Men" or something.

      By the way, get Marcus' shield back! It looked awesome on him, he was like "Ready to bash some heads!" That's the true way of the Templar/Paladin *bows*

      Ps: Nobody seems to answer this one to me but, Ruffles or Rafel? The wiki states it's Rafel, but I keep seeing Ruffles everywhere. Oficial one, please? Thank you in advance.

    9. Brenton on

      Later this week arr well hmm ..... ..... ..... ..... ... drawing a blank. really later!! (We're driving along) are you serious. another update like this may cause me to cancel my pledge.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Medina on

      Brenton why so butthurt?

    11. Seizui on


      So, I finally got a chance to read this update. ...It is a start. It is a start for introducing the characters, but admittedly as Keith and Pep have stated, there is not much substance to draw out of this discussion. In fact, when I first read this, I was at a loss as to what to ask because there was... nothing interesting. With that, I am more or less hopeful that the video that will be introduced will give us further insight into the game's story and the characters. I would definitely like to hear things from the perspective of Yoko Enoki.

      However, in the midst of typing this, a muse kind of hit me.

      1) Whose perspective would the be through? Would it be Marcus, a man who is in the midst of this war who has to cope with his mother's assassination? Or would it be Rafel, the amnesiac angel who, ideally, would have a more neutral outlook towards the war? I am going to assume it's the former, but I am curious as to what is stated.

      @Pep González
      Rafel is the official one. Everyone calls her Ruffles because... it's a cute mascot name. I am going to wager that during the actual course of the game, she'll be referred as 'Rafel'.

    12. Trypetide on

      (Wolves, like said... or more like "nemesis" from Resident Evil... There is nothing for a time and... BOOM!! XD )

      @Pep González
      So, this official character's name is Rafel.
      Like yours here is Pep.
      But she is amnesiac and the only thing she thinks to believe is that her name is Ruffles, for some reasons...
      Like if you tell us right now, out of the blue, that "no, it's not Pep... it's Pepito"

      SO we can state that Ruffles is here nickname, without her really understanding what's going on.
      But we still know that her real name is Rafel. Maybe unconsciously she refuse this "real name" for a reason, but why... You'll know when you play the game. (Maybe the update will be stating something about this).

    13. Maxime on

      @ Pep
      Orcs are not ''the bad guys'' as you see them in LotR's lore. My Yura wrote somehwere in the comments:
      [Orcs have a huge role to play in this game. You'll see soon!]
      And said in an interview:
      [The Lord of the Rings hinged on a lot of racism and not really understanding how the world really works. I really don't like the fact that goblins and orcs are just nasty creatures and they don't have any concept aside from wanting to eat you. I think it needs to be much more sophisticated. Again, I am a big fan of Tolkien, but it terms of the modern day approach, I don't think that really cuts it. It needs to have much clearer intentions about what their goals and aims are and that's a hint of what's to come with Project Phoenix in terms of story. Again, I am a big fan of Tolkien, but it terms of the modern day approach, I don't think that really cuts it. It needs to have much clearer intentions about what their goals and aims are and that's a hint of what's to come with Project Phoenix in terms of story.]

      They have something more planned for their orcs than just being baddies.

    14. Trypetide on

      "Your" Yura? o_O when ??? HOW ???

    15. Maxime on

      I won his heart, that's how!

    16. Pep Gonzalez on

      @Maxime & Trypetide: Thank you both! Ruffles is a cute name. I like it.

      And it's nice to see they'll be trying a different approach with Orcs (and probably everything else). Maybe Marcus' mother was a tyrannical lady who had a grudge against all green-skinned people. Or maybe... someone else has framed her death on them, so people would have a reason to start pummeling them.

    17. Maxime on

      @Pep well, according to what we know of the story so far, it's quite the other way around. She wanted to sign a treaty with the orcs, and was backstabbed as they were signing it. if I'm not mistaken...

    18. Trypetide on

      If you know a little about Berserk (manga) or want to, you'll have the type of deepness that I wish we will have on Project Phoenix. It's not extremely complex per se, but ~80% of all the characters are well scripted, many many many things are happening in the same time within the part of the world where the story takes place, and all of that make sense.
      I'm not advocating "quantity over quality", just a good dosage of both =3 !!

    19. Missing avatar

      xEternalSpiritx on

      This makes me happy, because the reason I love RPGs and JRPGs is the character development that the characters go through. I AM EXCITE

    20. Vash on

      "because it is through them that gamers truly connect with the game as a whole."
      Only paid because you guys are creating the game with this in your mind. If you get one character like a hero everyone of us want to be and other like Vivi Ornitier with his BIG dilemmas = masterpiece.

    21. Maxime on

      Yes. What I'd like to see is a hero with struggles, but with the courage and will to go through them.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nina on

      If Marcus only has half the character of Ramza he would still be great. Words cannot express my excitement for this project and I eagerly anticipate each update!

    23. Skyl--- on

      Love the artwork.