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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
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Today's Totals:

Kickstarter $639,659

Paypal $9,041

Total $648,700

Hello Again Everyone!

We have almost achieved our $650,000 stretch goal!  Thank you for your continued support in this project, and please continue to spread the word so that we reach the other goals as well.

We’ve decided that during the development of the game, to only allow forum access to those that support us on Kickstarter or PayPal. This will provide backers with a more exclusive community, and enable our Moderators to better manage the forums.

Forum Registration

Developer Backers that pledged $400 or more will receive access to the forums first. As this group will amount to a maximum of 542 accounts, it will be much easier for me to manage the first week following Kickstarter campaign. We will then work on giving everyone else access to the forums in groups, by order of pledge level.

Each backer will be sent an e-mail requesting that you respond with your preferred username, and we will create the account, and send you a temporary password. This means that backers that pledged higher will be given the opportunity to choose a username first.

Forums are currently using a temporary template.  Individual forums will be added/modified depending on our needs and community feedback.

Developer Group

As listed in the rewards, Developers will gain access to the following:

- Private Discussions/Developer Forums

- Most Current Developer Build of the game

That’s a bit vague though, right? That was done intentionally, because I did not want to limit the access that we will be granting or promise anything we may be unable to deliver. Everyone has their own set of skills that they can bring to the development table. Whether it is programming knowledge or years of playing video games, we want your experience and insights on our team.

You will have access to the ideas that we are only discussing within the team, and be able to contribute to the conversation. Before anything is released this group will be aware of it first, which is why a NDA will be required.

That being said, it’s difficult for us to say for certain the exact amount of additional input each backer at this level will have on the game. I imagine that some will want as much control as possible, while others will be content to spectate. This pledge gets you in the front door, but we require evidence of an individual’s ability to think critically, be creative, and communicate with the team.

I hope this update was able to shed a bit more light on Developer+ access and registration.  If not, let the questions flow!


Admin Extraordinaire

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    1. lae on

      @Cronus/CIA Were you able to find out whether or not builds would be released for Linux?

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick Burke on

      That's a nice perk for the backers. I'm usually content to just get info on progress for a given project, but this one got me excited enough that I may share my own opinion from time to time. Let's hope for a few more goals now!

    3. Maxime on

      @CHESSE Oh, of course, NDAs are possible, but I remember them saying they didn't want to ruin it for the backers.

    4. CrazySe7en on

      Confidentiality clauses are there to solve this kind of problem.
      But it was only an idea in the air...

    5. Seizui on

      Now that I am not in tipsy rage, I finally got a chance to read through this.

      About time that information is given out regarding the Forums and DEVELOPER tier and I notice that there will be developer level stuff in there. Okay, that's awesome.

      In that respect, will the forum be the spot where the 'CITIZEN' and above be contacted through, or will that be through other channels?

    6. Maxime on

      @CHESSE Arnaud
      because then you run the risk of ending up with sub-par translations. Also, they don't want to reveal too much of the story - let alone giving all the dialogue for the future players to read!

    7. CrazySe7en on

      Why not use the forum to engage backers in the translation? This would be cheaper and everyone would take advantage.

    8. Vince Vazquez

      Aw yeah - the explorable city stretch goal is a sure bet! And customizable characters - something all RPG's should have, particularly JRPG's where armor pieces don't always visually affect your characters. Personally, that's what I wanted to see the most. I hope you guys enough cash to realize everything you want to do, of course, but I'm happy for now :D

      The final 2 days of this Kickstarter are going to be interesting for sure. You guys are smack-dab in the middle of the "saggy" period, yet you're making steady progress regardless. Once that last minute flood of backers come in (I blame the Kickstarter reminders. Only kicking in during the last 48 hours), I wonder just how much this project will bring in total? Especially since this made it's goal so fast. Games that hit their goal always seem to get more money than games that have yet to do so in those last two days. Pledgers really seem to like stretch goals, I guess...

    9. Adrian Tai on

      @CIA actually, what obstacles are there that prevents the game from being released on PS4/ Vita (or even XBOX One)? if the development team can do it, but just a matter of distribution (SONY's cut, etc), then isn't it better to just announce "PS4 version will be coming" and clearly stating that no release date can be confirmed yet.

      and just curious, does SONY need to vet all apps/ games for PS4? no 'sideloading'?

    10. Manji Uzuki on

      Many thanks for the update. Can't wait to join the developers forums! :)

    11. Trypetide on

      (& @Paul)

      Maybe having big sites like Destructoid, Joystiq, Kotaku or the like (and their Japanese counterpart too, if they exist, like Kotaku) interrogate CIA with "their" questions about the concept, the world, the experience so far for this new indie studio, etc...
      They've certainly many kind of pertinent questions to give to Hiro, without creating a bad exposure because "we can't show you more than what we have" or "we can't tell you more for now".
      You can push interest into a subject without going deep into it. It's more effective in this case to scrub a little all around what is this project, and what affect it.
      They know how to do that pretty well.
      Go talk to Jonathan Holmes, from Destructoid.
      He will concoct you a great "What's up, Holmes" for you !! =3

    12. Led on

      That's good news!
      I'm not sure how useful non-developers forums will be (much less likely to have your opinion read by actual developers), as I'm sure everyone wants to feel like he/she is being heard by the dev team. It's still too early to tell, we'll see when we actually get there.
      You're keeping us in the dark with the multiplayer stretch goal, though I really hope we'll reach it!

      I'm pretty sure the $800,000 goal can be reached, but the Project would probably need some kind of review or talk on a news site or something (just need a little push there). Ideas anyone? :x

    13. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Read on

      I was already backed as a developer, this update makes me even more excited about it. It is a once in a lifetime experience for me to be able to be this involved in a video game and it is something that will last for the next couple of years. Without a doubt worth the price!

    14. Juan Esponera on

      @Hiro No, absolutely not, I din't mean that, sorry if that sounded bad from me.

      I know that if the Sony versions are not 100% negotiated, there's no way they'll be shown here in Kickstarter, and I know that CIA is doing it's best to make them possible.

      But it's a fact that many people are not supporting this awesome game because of that.

      Sorry again for the missunderstanding

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin Tom on

      Thanks for the post, it has made me much more comfortable with backing the Developer tier. I look forward to lending a hand in the dev process in any way I can.

    16. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      I'm not certain what OS the builds will be released for, I'll ask and post in here.


    17. Missing avatar

      Alexander Collins on

      As a Developer, I am very pleased with this update. Having first dibs on usernames is certainly a nice perk! Cheers to the next $2,000~ USD we need!

    18. lae on

      I've asked this before but, is it likely that there will be Linux developer builds early on as well?

    19. Tien Pham

      I really like the way the developer reward is presented in this update. Best of luck to the team in managing the efforts of hundreds of backers excited for the project.

    20. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Depending on the amount of ideas and feedback on the forums, it will likely be impossible for the Staff to respond directly to every post in every topic on the forums. We will instead use announcments, and rely on Mods to clarify. We will still be reading the threads, and will utilize polls to gain a general consensus on topics.


    21. Missing avatar

      Olle Nylander on

      I love how you keep giving these small updates / information on how you are planning things. First project I funded and so far feel really happy that I spent 36$ on it! Keep it up!

    22. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Juan Esponera Roca,

      I hope you don't think we're intentionally not announcing the PS4 and VITA versions...


    23. Trypetide on

      Hope to have the possibility to get some discussion with the team, without having to pledge 400$, at some point, "Admin Extraordinaire" ;D

    24. Missing avatar

      XV-Dragon on

      Hard to make rewards for the PS4/Vita since the contract is not signed (items rewards might need to be tied to the contract)

    25. Juan Esponera on

      I already said it in another update, but it seems that we're loosing a lot of backers because PS4 and Vita versions are not considered in Kickstarter. I think that would definitely help us to achieve the 1 million goal.

    26. Missing avatar

      kebrus on

      I'm really glad it's been a success, i hope you guys get the 1mil milestone, maybe you guys need a bit more publicity, because this project is something a LOT of people would enjoy, i'm really looking forward to this

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      XV-Dragon on

      Current total is actually 648, 887

    29. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      @Ty Hanna
      @Fabian Chung

      Bah! That is correct, I didn't change the total with the updated PayPal amount. I've edited the update, thank you both.


    30. Fabian Chung on

      Nope, 639,000 + 9,000 should be more than 644,000

    31. Missing avatar

      Ty Hanna on

      Is it just me or is the total money math off a bit..