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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

Classes explained: The Battle Mage

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)

Dear backers, 

Thanks for your patience. Today, we'd like to go through the Battle Mage. But first, we should clear the air to put aside a few misunderstandings.

We noticed that several of you are worried that we may have or might be using funding that we received from the Project Phoenix Kickstarter to fund a separate project of mine. I am writing to assure you that this is absolutely not the case, and we would never consider doing that. 

A group of private investors was interested in a prototype of a strategy game that I had begun development on several years ago with Daniel. I used my own money to fund the prototype, and they offered to fund the project the rest of the way through. To be clear, we never mixed funds between this project and Project Phoenix. 

There is a potential that Project Phoenix can get more funding from these investors if I prove to them that my team and I can ship a successful game. This obviously places an immense amount of pressure on me and my staff to make and ship the absolute best game possible for them, and the best news is that this strategy game project is coming together nicely. The worst news is that progress on Project Phoenix has slowed temporarily as a result. 

I hope from the bottom of my heart that the resulting impressions and sales results from this strategy game catapult our development plans for Project Phoenix so far forward that we not only hit every one of our original Kickstarter targets—we outright dazzle everyone as a part of a new generation of Japanese developers. 

Because frankly, although we are determined to prove to ourselves that we have what it takes to see Project Phoenix through, we also eagerly want to prove to you that we are not viewing your expectations from a rear-view perspective. We are determined to ship a game that will deliver on nothing short of what we have promised to you. 

Now, for the update: 


The Battle Mage

The Battle Mage is a hybrid magic DPS, highly suited to applying heavy single target or AoE damage against armored targets. Contrary to the common mages from other fantasy based games, the Battle Mage from Project Phoenix is not a glass cannon. Clad in armor and trained in the ways of combat, he is already a fearsome opponent before applying any kind of magical damage or enhancements. Battle Mages are found in the thick of the fighting along with the Berserker and Paladin.


The Battle Mage's equipment consists of heavy plated armour.


The Battle Mage uses enchanted melee weapons. Capable of magically buffing his equipment, choose wisely as to how you'd want him equipped as utility of his class will depend on it.


There are two major skill trees for the Battle Mage and it splits between Single Target magic DPS and AoE magic DPS. 

Leader skills

The leader skill allows each squad to be lead by a character and in turn, it is characterised by a passive buff affecting the whole unit. In the case for the Battle Mage, we are currently considering enchant damage or magic resistance for the whole squad.


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    1. pjomayo on

      It's the 1st May 2018,and still none of us are any the wiser.

    2. Cenk "Skysect" Aslan on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Sterling Treadwell


      Fair enough. Hopefully you and the others get the recognition and appreciation you deserve.

    4. Mark Eisenstat on

      @Sterling Treadwell
      It would be unfair to the other volunteers (past and present) for me to accept anything from you. I do appreciate the offer, though. In the end, I am just a backer like any other, perhaps with a few more Project Phoenix-related wrinkles than most.

    5. Sterling Treadwell

      @glen- I looked a bit into it and usually the lawsuit would expect to be handled in the defendant's country unless a strong enough case is made to justify having it somewhere else. So if it was started in the US, even if they're in JP or Aus they'd likely get obligated to handle it here as with a class action suit it would involve numerous people looking for restitution, which would be hard for them all to travel for the court dates. I hope it doesn't have to come to this.. but that is my guess (i'm not a lawyer nor do I claim to know law extensiavely, I just did some digging the other day).

    6. Glen Proko on

      @Casey DeWitt : Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate you returning for that last comment before you stopped.
      @Mark Eisenstat : I do understand your position and respect your handling of it. I will remember you kindly if we ever cross paths professionally.
      @Darmin Hadzic : Feel free to report it now to Kickstarter. But I know how they work so be prepared for a lot of canned answers while they fob you off. The only thing Kickstarter listens to now is a court summons or investigative journalist.
      @Sterling Treadwell : Any USA or Canadian citizen can start the class action against CIA, Inc. and Kickstarter for this project.

    7. Sterling Treadwell

      actually.. @Mark Eisenstat can you pm me if you do have a paypal account, what the address is. I think for all your voluntary work and effort you deserve SOMETHING after all this BS. If this project crashes and burns, at least you'll get something out of it. I can't say it'll be a lot, certainly not what you deserve.. but I want to show my gratitude in what ways I can.

    8. Sterling Treadwell

      it is kind of sad to say.. at this point the only person I feel should be still getting paid on this project is Mark. I would also say Daniel doing coding if he is still toiling at this regularly ( at this point it's hard to say).

      One thing to keep in mind was early 2016 when they did the last real video of the engine and showed progress, it was the early days of his programming and seeing the engine and at that point he estimated around 2.5 years of development on just programming. If that is the case I kind of wonder if the entire project is just in limbo (or off everyone's radar) until that timeline has finished out. No one wants to be bothered, no one cares about it yet since there is little for staff to do until that core work is done. I think if that is the case... really.. that's the closest i can get to a optimistic state of things. That early 2019 we'll see a massive surge of reports and updates and .. maybe then it'll get the shot in the arm it needs. It's not IDEAL... but it means eventually releasing a finished product. though how dated and behind the times it'll look in late 2018/2019 is anyone's guess... i suspect delaying it so long will hurt it's overall polish to wider, general audiences.

    9. Mark Eisenstat on

      Hey, at least no one's left me nasty messages on the forum yet. There's always that ray of sunshine. Cronus once told me (back in the early days of this KS) that his private messages were so full that he had to turn them off.

      I am very unhappy with the state of things, but as Casey said, I'm in a very unenviable position in that I see some of the goings-on, but am unable to affect anything. All I do is re-post the Kickstarter updates to the forum and the news page at this point. I don't bother reading the info@ email anymore, because I have no way of addressing anyone's issues. I don't even know if anyone's reading it at this point.

      I am still willing to bring any offers of help to CIA directly, so if anyone is interested, just let me know.

    10. Darmin Hadzic on

      Thank you very much for the info, Casey.
      As sad as the situation is, I would join your cause if it comes to it.

      I pledged $155 to this project, money I can afford to live without and not the reason why I am here.
      Instead I see this project as a major contributor to the decline of faith in other KS projects.
      Some form of accountability is desperately needed to show that while pledges are not investments, they are also not gambling on trust.
      I'll keep my finger off the report button until I see whether the next update is also a rehash.

    11. MannyLaMancha on

      Thanks for the insight, Casey.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Steimel on

      This feels like just another disingenuous update -- a class review of material from 3 years ago. I've wanted to maintain support for this project, but at this point, that is just not good enough. Updates need to be about what is going on in the project and what new material is being worked on.

      I think what bothers me the most is the constant misappropriation of "what the fans want," and using that phrase as justification for terrible, anti-backer business decisions. I want a playable game, at this point. If it means a scaled back main scenario -- fine. If it means not upgrading the art assets -- fine. Right now, Project Phoenix makes me feel like I fell for a massive scam to fund Tiny Metal, and what this "fan wants" is for that to change.

    13. Ricky Kwong on

      This has been the biggest disappointment to me on Kickstarter since its inception... what a shame. I look at my pledge and see the estimated delivery was November 2014. Now nearly 3 years later and we have absolutely nothing to show for it, not even the promised closed beta access. Barely a trailer even... I mean, y'all just a bunch of con artists. This game has really made me think twice about investing in other games on Kickstarter.

    14. Sterling Treadwell


      that is disturbing to hear. But it reinforces what most of us have suspected. I would love to see a class action lawsuit to kick these guys into reality and to show them AND other Kickstarter groups that taking in a ton of money and then sdaying "oopsie" is not going to cut it. I personally am really out very little.. like $15 i think? I know I know.. I am way too vocal against these guys for such small investment. But I see it as a coffin nail for crowdfunding, indie game development, and kickstarter as a whole. Seeing people like this ruin what was a great idea .. well.. pisses me off. And seeing people scam folk out of money and then use smoke and mirrors to run out the clock and avoid the truth pisses me off even more.

      I really hope folk rally and wake these guys up. Cause if not.. things like this look like a open invite to more people looking for easy money and a way to abuse the system.

    15. Missing avatar

      Casey DeWitt on

      @Glen Proko
      I wasn't planning on commenting anymore on this project, but I've had a few days to think about it and feel it's the right thing to do.

      I talked with Mark, who is a backer like all of us and volunteers his time to CIA. He relayed to me that Hiro saw my offers and isn't interested as their "problem doesn't lie with project management". I have to say I'm disappointed I didn't get to make a case for myself, but it comes as little surprise as I talked further with Mark. He's a fantastic guy caught in an unenviable position - without guidance or any real communication from Hiro & Co. he's basically being told to put up pittance updates and deal with any community backlash as the team does something else. What that is I'm not sure, as it seems their internal chats have been empty for the past six months.

      I find it hard to believe that a team that doesn't include it's community managers, no matter if they are volunteer or not, are truly without any project management problems. I would also like to state again to the character of Mark that he still is continuing along and trying to do his best, despite everything. And I didn't want to comment further because I know teams like this, they'll be quick to blame him for my comments. But this team is broken. They were offered help by me and who knows how many other volunteers and they don't even bother to work with them, or talk with them. They will continue to regurgitate old content until new funding is squared away for their side project, and as many others in this section have mentioned this project will likely never see the light of day.

      I've reported this project to Kickstarter and will likely be in contact with some of my friends in the gaming media. If this needs to go to class action I'll be happy to lead it. The sad thing is, I truly, 100% wanted to donate my time to this project for free. I STILL WILL as I told Mark despite Hiro's rejection. And even if the problem was with budget, or talent, or funding, or concepting, or engineering - that is ALL part of a project! And every part of it needs to be managed properly! I fail to see how that does not fall under the purview of project management, so unless this project has somehow transcended how video games are made and discovered a new set of issues, they are simply not interested in the supporters, or finishing this project as their first priority.

      I lost $120 on this, nowhere near what some have, but I don't feel right sitting back and saying nothing.

    16. Glen Proko on

      Yeah, I know; outside investors, other game, this could help here... I've heard it all before from Benny Powell when he founded Red Giant Entertainment with the funds of his Kickstarter projects JAPAN NEEDS HEROES and JAPAN NEEDS HEROES 2.

      Thanks for the update but this is old art from 2014. I can hear the funeral dirge now while reading this post.

      I spent a bit of time going through all the comments and saw enough that thought the same as I do that some direct replies were justified:

      @Rob Hamilton : Artwork for in-game Battle Mage looks like God Wars style to me. That actually comes out this month in PAL territories on PS4 and PS Vita coincidentally...

      @Olivier Lebeau-Paradis : No, no, no! You absolutely do not want that. JAPAN NEEDS HEROES/JAPAN NEEDS HEROES 2 did that when they ran into serious trouble with their physical product troubles and now everyone (including myself) thinks that the project manager, Benny Powell, and his company Red Giant Entertainment just ran off with the money. Better to keep the communication going no matter what.

      @David Ryu : Yes, it took me three failed projects to click on to the "glorified pre-order platform" tunnel vision problem too. I treat Kickstarter as gambling at a casino now where you know the house has the roulette table rigged.

      @Wes : $5,000? Wow, and I thought I was nuts at a USD$120 pledge. And yes, I loved the Eminence concerts too.

      @Sterling Treadwell : Good points. I missed that litigation risk... it is exactly the same smoke and mirrors game as Benny Powell/Red Giant Entertainment did with JAPAN NEEDS HEROES/JAPAN NEEDS HEROES 2 and that is insulting.

      @BlackGauntlet : Musician hooked me too along with a close friend's opinion on the project viability that knows of the CIA team. While I'll never trust Kickstarter again, I'll still consider backing video game companies with their "special projects" when they're a proven organisation. Such as with inXile.

      @nitrium : I haven't written it off because I am not a US or Canadian citizen and can't sue everyone.

      @rvdm : Sounds like you're lining up the litigation angle. I think most of the Kickstarter backers here in the USD$100+ range would support you if you led a class action.

      @David De Ost : Yes. It is exactly the same level of updates as seen from Benny Powell to keep Kickstarter's complaints team off his back... then he stopped caring and stopped all updates entirely with nothing new said in two years.

      @Edward Wilcox : I backed this too for using on my PS Vita. Trust me, it is almost certainly not going to happen now. Sorry.

      @Matt Johnson : Unsung Story was the begger rip off. People are still going to the courts over that one, while Project Phoenix is in the "right on the cliff edge" catagory.

      @Ken VanderVeer : Good spot. Yes, this art update isn't anything new.

      Finally @Sterling Treadwell I'm happy if you opt not to stay silent until an actual update/reply from CIA happens. Next to @rvdm you have been one of the best comment providers of information and analysis here.

      @Mark Eisenstat I look forward to any future news regarding your follow up with @Casey DeWitt.

    17. Missing avatar

      floorislava on

      Rofl, this is never coming out.

    18. BlackGauntlet

      @Ken VanderVeer
      Yeah. And it looks like it will carry on until EVERY class had been "explained".
      You will note that each of these "explanations" come every 2 months.
      If there are 12 classes available, CIA can drag this 3 year old information on for the next 2 whole f*cking years.
      Who knew art assets have so much mileage? CIA is really milking the sh!t out of them.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Oh, and after you cancel the project, you should give each and every single backer a free copy of the game you're really working on.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Cancel this game. Again you've shown it's not really a priority at all to those working on it. They have to work on "real" projects instead.

      Cancel. the. game.

    21. Ken VanderVeer

      I love how the idea of an update is showing assets from, at the latest, February of 2014.

    22. Missing avatar

      Matt Johnson on

      Good news everyone! Here's a concept sketch of a character for a game that will never be released because there's no real work being done on it! You're welcome!

      I'm not sure which is the biggest ripoff now, this or Unsung Story. This, I guess, since 'we' hit the $1mil mark. Wish I had my $45 back so I could buy some more Spehs Mahrines that I'll most likely never paint...

    23. BlackGauntlet

      I can see that you have been brainwashed by all the video-game KSs that you have backed.
      Try backing some boardgames that you can enjoy with your family/friends away from your console/PC.
      You'll get something physical, beautiful, valuable and much more prompt than all the bullshit that you have backed. The only video game studios I still have respect for is Larian and Harebrained Schemes.
      All the others have proven over and over again that, with time and money, video game developers will squander it with abandon because of how virtual the nature of their product is.

    24. Nersius on

      When I saw that the project would be a side-job for many developers I knew that the project was going to take some time to release, so I'm not really as frustrated as many of the backers below.

      That being said, a dump of a few design sketches, documents, in-progress experiments, etc... would be nice.

    25. Sterling Treadwell

      To add one detail to Edward Wilcox's request (which has been asked many many times over) about a working prototype or gameplay video... I would say we should see where it is currently, if it truly exists, but it should be a NEW video. If you post an update with the sample gameplay vids from the early months of this project... We know you are stalling for time and going to leave us high and dry. if you choose not to respond to this with palpable, real content that we have not seen, we know you are stalling for time. If you tell us ONE MORE TIME to trust you , how passionate you are, or that you have every intent to complete the game but produce no proof the game has been worked on during these years of development we know you are stalling. Essentially, at this point, you either fess up or prove EVERYONE here wrong with meaningful content we haven't seen.

      I'm done. Sorry to folks that read my earlier LONG block of text (though I think it had to be said). I'll stay quiet until I see an actual update/reply from CIA.

    26. Edward Wilcox on

      Sorry I have to add my voice also. I think it is shiny that you are posting updates... but no real progress has been made on this game? I bought this to use on my Vita... I doubt it will be working by the time you even get this released... if ever. Please show us some concrete proof that you even have a working alpha or even some real gameplay video?

    27. David De Ost on

      I have to add my voice to the skeptical backers. It feels more and more like CIA is putting out pseudo-updates simply in a bid to avoid Kickstarter ruling their project as "failed to deliver", because technically, as long as they're still sending out updates, they can still claim to be 'working on the game'.

      Sterling Treadwell is definitely onto something with there being a dubious construction in regards to the other studio. At the very least, you've bitten off way more than you could chew and now don't have the nerve to admit it, at worst you've simply intended to scam backers (and probably your own team and associates) from the get-go, in which case you probably don't give a damn about any of this.

      Regardless, I agree with rvdm - you clearly did not deliver on the promised product and clearly didn't even manage to show any sort of observable progress beyond concept art and ideas. You're obliged - morally if not legally - to find some kind of alternative, or a refund. I'm fully aware that refunds will never happen, because let's face it, the money's long spent, but you can still redeem yourselves by providing some kind of compensation.

      I refuse to lose my faith in Kickstarter after this, I still believe it's a great platform for passionate and well-meaning developers to produce great games without publishers demanding they be made for the lowest common denominator, but I certainly have almost no faith in CIA, Inc left.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Baillie on

      I had been considering backing a video game on Kickstarter, then this update came through and reminded me why I NEVER back an unproven developer. There is not enough benefit to taking this sort of risk when I can simply wait a few years and buy the game for like £10 more if it actually does get released... projects like yours are the reason video games get a fraction of the funding that they used to.

      I stick to board games on here now, at least the designers there are passionate and so far I haven't had a board game not deliver even if it was a year late. Far better than being over 2 years late and still showing bloody concept art.

    29. rvdm on


      Thanks for that update. In Kickstarter's terms and conditions, there are some provisions that specify what you, as a creator, commit to towards your backers. It also states what you should do if you fail to deliver according to your initial projections.

      As written:
      "If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if:"

      So, your current challenge is to do just that. I think it is safe to say that you failed to deliver, and I also think it is safe to say you didn't fulfil the basic obligations of the agreement we have with you.

      In the kickstarter agreement, there are a number of actions you should take to remedy this situation - ranging from giving full disclosure (financially and in terms of completion), reasoning behind the failure, insight in proper use of funds, and finally an offer to return said funds to the backers, or to formally cancel the project and suggest next steps.

      In my opinion, most of those things you didn't satisfy. Updates have been vague, and littered with distracting side projects without tangible results for this project. Spending has been unclear, up to the point where you are trying to defend not mis-using the funding for other things. Concrete deliveries or a schedule are fully absent, but you state that you're trying to convince 'other investors' that you can deliver - whilst showing you don't deliver to the backers who paid over $1m USD to see actual, playable, tangible results.

      So now, seeing you failed to live up to the expectations and promises, I'd like you to respond on the final provision, to admit to this kickstarter failing, and to lay out next steps. I don't know if there is any sellable IP or output, but I recommend figuring it out. There are two choices: refund us backers, or explain how you plan to take this project forward in an alternative form. I'm OK with either (I invested, I didn't 'buy') - but I do deserve, like all other backers, a final update and closure of this project. Current fake news (sorry for the trumpism) is shameful and deceitful to the people who invested in you. Own up to that. Close the kickstarter and take our losses. Start a new project finding new backers if you can - otherwise enjoy the other projects you've been working on while keeping us waiting.

    30. nitrium on

      I've completely written this Kickstarter off. I'm frankly amazed that not EVERY backer has at this point. Why doesn't this so-called "developer" just own up and put everyone out of their misery and say "sorry guys, but I spent all the Kickstarter money and nothing is coming. Ever." See it's not that hard. Frankly I'm tired of getting these non-updates (#142!!!) for a game that I, for one, already know is NEVER coming out. Keeping this charade going is actually intellectually insulting.

    31. BlackGauntlet

      @David Ryu
      Very noble of you and your $20, ignoring the fact that people dropped 250 times more than you- just to help ensure that this project comes into fruition. When you say "small investment", remember to say that you are also speaking for yourself alone.

      I don't understand why you'd say that this project is "too good to be true". What makes you think that? I'd like to point you to Soul Saga; another JRPG with only a fraction of Project Phoenix's budget done by a lone developer. It's coming along nicely and soon to be released. It's delayed, yes, but there is DEFINITELY a game and not smatterings of artwork and past concepts.

      As for your comparisons to other CRPGs and studios, let me shoot them all down for you:
      1) Persona 5 - It took 5 years from conception to release. Project Phoenix took 1~2 years to conceptualize before being launched on Kickstarter. Another 3 years later (funded in 2013), there isn't even a gameplay video.
      2) Mass Effect: Andromeda was conceptualized in 2013 (same year as Project Phoenix getting funded). Guess what? You can play it now.
      3) Blizzard & Valve - They have successful franchises; brands that are so popular that making a less than stellar sequel would earn the ire & outrage of fans all over and destroy the reputation they had worked so hard to build up. I can truthfully tell you that Starcraft 3, Half-life 3, Warcraft 4 and Diablo 4 (Blizzard's top priority now) are all still in conceptualization stage. Only Diablo 4 (or Diablo Online) might be in development now.

      Finally, don't forget that this project is not ran by a group of starry-eyed and overly ambitious teenagers nor are we expecting a game so hard to develop that it requires an army of Mountain Dew-fueled code-monkeys working 24/7 to make. It has been proven by several lone devs on KS that it can be done by a small team to make a game of this calibre.

      Anyway, if you feel that $5K is a small investment, please help CIA by giving your $5K to Mr. Wes, since it's small to you.

      The hook and sinker for me on this project is the promise of a world-renowned musician being roped in. Had it not been for him, I'd have given this a miss.

      The worst part of this update is this:
      "The leader skill allows each squad to be lead by a character and in turn, it is characterised by a passive buff affecting the whole unit. In the case for the Battle Mage, we are *CURRENTLY* considering enchant damage or magic resistance for the whole squad."

      For f*ck's sake, really? 3 years later and a game-balancing mechanism is not even decided yet? Just how little is done?

    32. Sterling Treadwell

      Ugh... Ok I think the saddest part of this entire project is that since it got funded you have shown almost NO creative ability with Project Phoenix. The character classes are the most vague generic cookei cutter descriptions that EVERY game uses going back decades. The concept art is ok, but we have NEVER seen anything past the initial mock up sketches. I know if you are going to do detailed renders, you have to have good drawings to work off and multiple ideas beyond the initial " how about this?" ones. We've yet to have seen new work since the early posts. you're recycling your assets.
      Lets' think about this.. if you had to produce your current vertical slice of the game, and show a timeline/roadmap of the progress so far, and all you could tell them was " well we have these drawings and some class basic write ups, some story concepts laid out and shifted our original prototype engine to a new one but we haven't added enough to it since the first year of developement to show you anything new" Your boss would fire you. Or he would respectfully expect you to stand down and let someone else fix the mess you created.

      we saw this with FFXIV. They managed to turn out a completely unfinished broken product and with honorable and proper decisions, broguth it back from the dead. Yes thats a multi million dollar investment, but the point is...

      This is a massive example of the sheer lack of creativity on board. I'm sorry, I am sure some of the people contractedare solid. But if you can't bring all the lements of an orchestra together to produce a symphony, all you have is a cacaphony of noise and no presentable material.

      and that is what we have. NOISE.

      You aren't even creating decent lies and smoke to cover all this. I mean for example, you cite

      "This obviously places an immense amount of pressure on me and my staff to make and ship the absolute best game possible for them, and the best news is that this strategy game project is coming together nicely. The worst news is that progress on Project Phoenix has slowed temporarily as a result. "

      The Tiny Metal game is falling under your other studio, not CIA. You specifically created a separate LLC for that development house "Area 34" in 2016 as per your linkDN. We also see that beginning of that with the failed kickstarter you ran in october 2016. In your interview at the recent con i posted in the main comments, you site that you had been working on it for a while prior to this, and yet CIA was created in 2010. So AFTER project phoenix was conceived planned and looking for funding.. you secured funding for this other project? I have my doubts still. And what you are effectively saying in this is that your CIA company/development house is directly tied to your Area 34 studio, by saying due to the stress and pressure for Tiny Metal to ship, phoenix is slowed to a crawl.

      why would 2 separat studios have ANY effect on eachother's development unless there's a significant crossover of staff working at both. If you had to give a complete audit for each house, could you prove that no funds crossed lines and the companies are completely separate? Cause if CIA buckles after you stall for a while, you'll have to prove that separation if you get slapped with litigation.

      Everyone, that's the thing you need to closely look at. He has purposefully hidden much of CIA's developers so they cannot be identified. In Tiny Metal's campaign and documentation most of that staff is also obscured with code names, partial names, pseudonames or fake images for portraits. Why the deception?

      At this point the Project Phoenix game has been in development for just shy of 4 years (it launched in aug 2013). I will say every asset and drawing shown was shown either in the original pitch kickstarter assets or within the first few months of production. YOU HAVE NOT SHOWN ANYTHING ACCOMPLISHED since then.

      I actually ask everyone that backed this to return and look at the base kickstarter page. At the video they did. Look deep at the fact they said they were in early pre-production, but claim to have a ton of stuff already laid out. All we really have seen is stuff from that point, and some vids of the 3d engine within the first year. aside from that nothing has been produced.

      They make a lot of claims but have no real game to show in the campaign... I should have seen through that back then. Nowadays I pass on tons of projects that show this kind of lacking from the get go.

      and if you consider the project may have started, in some form, in 2010 and all they had in the KS was all they pulled together, and all we've seen is mostly also in that early kickstart footage... It's safe to assume nothing has been accomplished for the game (aside from that cinematic they contracted out, and music) since this entire process started around 2010.

      I also find it funny in the original pitch you talk about how games have gotten too over focused on flashy graphics and animations, and how this game will bring things back to the core elements where the visuals won't be the core focus... and yet you have worked hard to migrate from unity to (unreal i think?) so it looks better, and were also looking to fund hiring out contractors to make high detail character models.

      I am glad you actually cited what i raised on the other comment tab and attempted to address it, but telling us what you did was not insightful, honest, or transparent. You have pooled together over $1million dollars and what we are seeing is early sketches and production art we saw on the kickstarter launch. artwork cited even in the video as early rough sketches of character designs.

      there is no game. there is no project. your biding your time and covering your tracks so when Tiny Metal releases you can move on and let CIA fold, yet still remain making games and hiding any attachment to this. Shame on you all.

    33. Missing avatar

      John C Courchesne on

      3 years and this is what you have to show us?

    34. Littleknife on

      Correction: Entrepreneur backer. Whatever.

    35. Littleknife on

      I'm sorry Hiro but this has been a complete disaster. My gut told me that when I was very temporarily your Community Manager.

      As a Phoenix supporter, I've written off that 5 grand. You should have stuck to the Fantasia concerts man. We all loved those.

    36. David Ryu on

      Here's my standing and my opinion as a project's small-time backer.

      I fully knew that Kickstarter was not a reliable platform to pre-order goods when I made to back this project. In fact it never should have been. Ultimately, Kickstarter should have been a place where those with ideas and visions to get a chance to execute their dreams. It is ironic that the success of Kickstarter has deformed the relationship between the backers and the project launchers, and now it has become some weird form of a glorified pre-order platform. There are companies that helps you market your Kickstarter campaign, and lots of projects simply use Kickstarter as a proof for heavy investors that they will have a solid marketplace. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is unclear to me, but it has certainly increased the expectations from the backers.

      On top of that, game development is all sorts of crazy. Even the AAA developers with their best talents and a fuckton of resources can predict a correct release date. That's what happened with ME:A. That's why Persona 5 took 5 years to come out. That's why Blizzard is famous for "the game is ready when it's ready." That's why we have "Valve Time". Of course, despite that, we have thousands of games being released every year, each trying to better the other, and with that the standards of taste will also find higher peaks.

      I knew that the promise was too good to be true when I backed this game. I knew that it had such a high chance of failure. I still backed the game anyways, because of few reasons:
      1. I didn't mind dropping a $20 lottery ticket.
      2. I absolutely love the game genre that Project Phoenix was going to be, and you just don't see that as often.
      3. I still believe that, despite everything, this was a project born from a man's passion and love.

      For those who are saying that "this project is a further testimony of how unreliable Kickstarter is", I would like to tell you that that's exactly how it is. Crowd funding is basically thousands of people putting in a small investment. Nobody complains about the nature of risks behind investing because that's just how it is.

      That being said, at this point, I am sad to see the struggles. I am sad to see that the team is trying desperately to stay afloat, and they cannot do anything more than ask for further patience and grace from its backers. I'm sure that it's extremely hard for the developers themselves to be put in such situation. I'm not mad or upset about the current state, and still wish that I will eventually get to see this project come to life, but I do not think that I can be an avid supporter of this project as I used to be. I still wish the team the very best, but from here on out, I don't think I will put my attention to this project on rest.

    37. Lorendeau Benjamin on

      Please keep it up :). It seems you made a lot of backers angry. But a lot more is not expressing itself. Doesn't mean they are happy with all this. It's been a heck lot of time now. If you want my point of view: I don't care how much time, I don't care about weekly updates with ingame videos. I want a real game. With better artistic graphics than what I have seen. And something you are proud of. Take your time. Stop apologizing. Do what is necessary. Your comeback will taste even better. Surprise all of us, as we are very eager to be surprised by you now. But please do not abandon this project.

      Kind regards,

    38. Pip Palmer on

      What is worse than this update is that, upon looking at your site, I noticed you are still soliciting backers to fund this dead-end project and also hawking off orders for merchandise you will likely never be able to fill. Where does the dishonesty and deceit end?

    39. Daniel Henry on

      Also please tell us the name of the strategy game you are making so we are forewarned not to ever buy it.
      Infact i will be keeping an eye out on future relesses to ensure I dont provide you with another cent.

    40. Daniel Henry on

      I agree wholeheartedly with Davids comment about begging for our trust while abusing it.
      This has been another nail in the coffin for my trust in a kickstarter campaign as a developer asks for our trust and money then all the 'unforseeable' problems arise and they squander our trust and money.
      The rinse repeat on the excuses makes it unbearable and disrespectful.
      I 100% regret kickstarting this title.

    41. Olivier Lebeau-Paradis on

      You should simply stop updating until you can show something substantial, because most people here don't know how running a game studio works, it's simply adding fuel to the negativity. They want a full game and that's understandable since it should have been released a while ago. Something went wrong but most Kickstarter creators would have been long gone at this point so the fact that there are still updates and people working on the project is commendable and shows that there might still be hope. Damage has been done but there's still time to really put effort on it so that it's not known as the Duke Nukem Forever of JRPG or simply never released.

    42. Romdeau on

      How many years later and all you have to show is concept art of a "battle mage"? Give me a break. "Temporarily slowed down" is PR speak for complete standstill until I get more money to squander. This is straight up highway robbery and I have no idea what these facade of "updates" are supposed to do - is this what your lawyer advised you to do to avoid a class action lawsuit for as long as possible?

    43. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Would Hiro (or frankly, anyone from the team) be willing to sit down for a live stream with backers to answer questions?

      These sporadic updates are more frustrating than informative... they convey unclear and conflicting information, they promise more information in later updates which never comes (weren't you supposed to announce your "tiny project" in May? It took one of your own backers to put the pieces together of what it actually is), and they fail to answer the questions that your backers actually want answered.

      Hiro was more than happy jumping into Reddit AMAs and Google Hangouts back when things seemed bright for this project, but now that things are looking dire the only information we get from the team comes in the form of these anonymously authored updates of little substance. We have no avenue for direct and open communication with you, and I believe it was revealed in the last update that Hiro doesn't even read these comments.

      Please commit yourself to a date and time for a live stream with your backers where we can have our questions answered. I can't imagine that sounds like a pleasant experience for you, but part of being a professional (and more generally a grown-up) is facing unpleasant experiences when you've put yourself in a position that warrants them.

    44. Aargh on

      It's now two years after the promised release date, and you still have nothing to show but some concept art. This is ridiculous.

      I don't know if this project was a big scam from the start, or if things went horribly wrong somewhere along the line and you just don't have the balls to admit your failure to the public, but either way it's getting beyond ridiculous. Whether or not you're stealing money from this project, from your backers, to fund your new project or not, you've already proven incapable of shipping a successful game, incapable of managing a successful project, and incapable of showing the least bit of respect, dignity and integrity to the people who gave you their trust and their money in order to make your dream project a reality.

      If you showed some honestly, some humility, some ability to own your mistakes, and some goddamn basic progress on the actual game I would have been able to patiently weather the delays and setbacks. Sometimes things go wrong, but as long as you're genuinely trying to keep up your end of the bargain a lot can be forgiven. But considering the time that has passed, the complete lack of actual progress shown and the constant excuses and tiny drips of content that should have been completed more than two years ago, the only reasonable conclusion I can draw is that there is no game, there will be no game, and you're just trying to placate your fans (ex-fans by now) while you either run off with the money or, more likely, already spent all of it on things that aren't the actual game.

    45. Mark Eisenstat on

      Sorry, I sent it to that temp email you said you'd created. I'll add you on LinkedIn and try that way.

    46. Missing avatar

      Atkinson on

      Please, please, please end this nonsense.

      In a past update (23 April) it was claimed that $0.35MM is being held to fulfill Kickstarter rewards. This represents at least 30.7% of backer money put into this (I say "at least" since you won't have to refund all those "unfulfilled pledges" you had the gall to complain about, as if they would have made any difference).

      Bring closure to this project by refunding all users their prorated share using that money, rather than continue this sham which shows you wish nothing more than to continue to spit on your backers.

    47. Yohann Denis on

      Art is good in my opinion, but I regret having confidence in this project ...

      Récompense sélectionnée
      155 $


      Physical copy of the limited edition art book, features all art in game, including early concept art

      Includes Treasure Hunter Rewards

      Livraison prévue: mars 2015

      Numéro de contributeur
      7 176

      the only thing that could make me feel better is an original drawing of a cat girl / nekomimi maid on A4 :3
      (and a full colored one, not a sketch) :p

    48. Manny M on

      I feel most for those poor saps you pledged an absurd amount of money on this KS, with absolutely nothing to show but a few sketches.

      SIX people pledged $10k!

      49 people total contributed over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!

      So whilst I can lament my loss of $25, it's these people I truly feel for... surely they must be taking it up with KS by now.

    49. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on

      Oh great. Another one bites the dust.

      Project Phoenix has lived up to it's name. At least in part. It has gone up in flames.

      Amazing that you can justify this to yourself. You'll prove you can finish a game by not finishing your game. Your progress update is a complete lack of progress.

      You're 2 years late, and you're slowing down to concentrate on another game.

      What a crock. Well, this one goes into the pile of "Will probably never see the light of day".