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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

Classes explained: The Berserker

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)

Dear backers,

I hope you've all been well.
From today's updates, we'd like to start talking to you about classes that you'll see in Project Phoenix. Although the concept for these classes will not change, details like names and skills may change.

Without further ado, let's dive in!


The Berserker

The Berserker is a close combat specialist, with moderately high defence and devastating melee offensive capabilities. With ample health and resistance to damage, he is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to single or multiple targets and be able to fill the role of a light off-tank enemies to protect less defensible classes such as the priests and ninjas. However, the Berserker is ill equipped to be the main tank as it lacks a shield

Marcus is a berserker class
Marcus is a berserker class

The Berserker's equipment consists of heavy plated armour and melee weapons.

The Berserker can be trained to use two handed weapons or dual wield one handed weapons.

Two handed weapons are used for critical hit heavy attacks useful against single target damage. Dial wielded one handed weapons are useful against weaker multiple targets.

We are considering to allow the Berserker to use shields to mitigate damage, but not as effective as other tank classes. For the Berserker, there are current talks about using it as offensive capability like bashing enemies will shields to stun enemies or using the shield like sledge hammers.

There are two major skill-tree for the Berserker and it splits between single target damage and multiple target damage tree.

Leader skills
The leader skill allows each squad to be lead by a character and in turn, it is characterised by a passive buff affecting the whole unit. In the case for the Berserker, as the name suggests, this unit will likely increase the damage output of the squad in exchange for increased damage suffered. This can still work favourably for the squad with combination to crowd controlling effect and a tonne of characters with area of effect damage. However, working against bosses will see a quick demise to your squad.


If you have any suggestions please let us know your thoughts and ideas that you may have. With the system we have, it is very easy to implement the mechanical changes to a class but it is most important to get the basic functionality correct to make it work in an ecosystem working hand in hand with other classes, NPCs and especially bosses.

Yoko has been working hard on each town's character scripts. Now, in the previous updates, we've mentioned that Daniel suggested that we have different characters be placed in different places at different times doing different things. Not only that, they will have something different to say depending on the time of the day and what they are doing. Although it's in Japanese, here is a spreadsheet of how we're working to make that work.

Yoko's work on one of the towns
Yoko's work on one of the towns

We've received a lot of criticism, although we've been hard at work, backers have pointed out that instead of taking time to draw for the backers in seasonal greetings and such, we aren't doing "real" work. However, it is our wish to express our gratitude in these updates and also spice things up instead of a wall of text, so here is a lighter version of the annual Valentine's Day greeting illustration. It didn't take Asami too long to draw, and I hope you all find this acceptable. These days, her time is taken up by drawing characters for high tier backers which we aren't prepared to show yet.

Valentines brought to you by... Asami Hagiwara
Valentines brought to you by... Asami Hagiwara

Not only this, we thought it'd be fitting to also bring you music by Tomoki Miyoshi based on one of the romantic moments from Project Phoenix.

I hope these updates will slowly convince some backers that we are very serious about the game and that we do not want to stray away from our hopes and dreams for what is Project Phoenix. I would do anything to make sure this game is delivered in the best for possible. Sure, there are many things we are embarrassed to show yet, and there are many things I am doing behind the scenes to make this work, some of which will never be told. Yet we are all committed to bringing you what we believe is our best effort and at least we pray you would be able to appreciate our efforts.

Again, my sincerest apologies for the delay and our poor communications.

Hiroaki Yura
Director / Producer of Project Phoenix

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    1. Cenk "Skysect" Aslan on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Darmin Hadzic on

      Thanks for this update!

    3. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      Thanks for the update, hope to see more info.

      In my case, i welcome any and every update there is, it's better to find out about stuff then to have radio silence.

    4. Glen Proko on

      Thank you for the update. I look forward to more game information as it is available.

    5. PK on

      thanks! and good luck!

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert West on

      Thanks for the update!

    7. Sterling Treadwell

      and in terms of the shield and style of the gladiator.. I'd say you have already cited the game will harken back to traditional JRPG roots, and so it gives an expectation of those classic's tropes and traditions. If you choose to be creative and " well this is what we think it should be despite what is the norm" then you're going to mislead a bunch of folk with expectations based on your initial pitch. You can very well do that and stick to your guns if you are confident the final design/gameplay will will folk over. but know it will also still end up a gripe for most players/reviewers and raise a bit of eyre in the rpg community. I'm good either way, I know what myu expectations are but if i see you defy them, i'll base my judgement more on how effective your implementation is than if its "fitting the norm".
      Also the shifting npc's and dialogues is a great idea. I understand how much extra work that can generate, so opting to do it is commendable and highly appreciated.

    8. Sterling Treadwell

      The berzerker could work with dual wielding or 2h swings. Really it is a matter of attack style. With a large 2 hander you have AOE and reach to use, but it would be less effective for up close and personal due to the size of the weapon(it'd still work, but not as effectively). Whereas up close and tight a berzerker would excel with dual weilding smaller weapons, get the advantage of status effects (fear, bleeding, enhanced pierce effects) just due to sheer speed and compounded damage. What I want to see is a choice of what they do, and a way to make it feel effective, and more than anything, satisfying. If I have a zerker step up and swing a big ol axe into a crowd, I want ti see and FEEL that long weighty blow hit and mean something. I want a satisfying noise, a weell timed recoil or knock back, and a sense of power and force coming from it. If i want a dual weilding fast and furious zerker, I want to see tons and tons of hits, each for far less damage, but as he attacks the movement accelerates and compounds, pushing target back slightly, sending debris and blood everywhere, and giving a sense of insane chaotic frenzy. If you just have the old typical "step up, swing, pause, swing, pause, end turn" you lose all of that drama and energy and excitement. I know you are shooting for a old school strategy jrpg but... In my mind there is still every possibility that between plotting.. the actual attacks can totally be amazing, full of life, INTERESTING moments of combat. Balance and tweaking and adding depth are still important, but at the end of it all I want it to be an experience to play more than a spreadsheet to track.
      And I am sorry to say, whereas I think it's honerable to be more up front and honest about things, I also think it is disingenous to say all that while still showing little of what is developed of the game itself. As folk have said, you're well overdue and have little to nothing to show for it. You say "we're working hard and I know you want us focused on the game more then little sketches" but within the same post you... show us little more then concept art and music.. the two things we've seen in spats here and there and has everyone that is worried..remaining worried.
      If there is nothing yet developed within the game engine to show.. or 3d models that have been updated to show.. or animation cycles or texturing or top down map designs to show... If in all honesty everyone scheduled for this project is spending 80% of their time on other games/projects and just not invested as much.. just SAY SO. I'd be less worried if I knew you all were dedicated, but unable to work as often on it than to think you have a full staff working hard on it... and still have little to show. Each scenario has a implication. One is bad.. One is far far worse. Remaining silent about it all just makes folk fear the worst and assume so.

      This game is the 10th video game project I have backed. Of the preceding games, 4 have full release and 2-3 are expected to release in a few months. Still, EVERY project preceding yours (many with a much smaller team, some total upstarts) has SIGNIFICANTLY more to show for the time and effort invested than you guys have. Even Soul Saga is able to show a lot of his efforts, and thats a (mostly) one man effort by a guy that was delayed by half a year due to major spinal surgery. Are you beginning to see why what you're doing... doesn't make sense? Doesn't add up? Seems..suspect and hard to trust?
      I want to see you succeed, and the developers are certainly doing their best. SO you, as the voice of the team, need to focus on letting them succeed, and portraying their efforts and what work IS done, properly. Being evasive dodging questions, and carefully not devulging much of any informatin or material, at this point, is doing your team and the backers supporting the game a disservice. I don't think you intended to do that. So think about it for a while.

    9. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      This is a very good update.

      Since I'm the one with the criticism about the holiday drawings - I will say:
      1) Glad to see you reading the comments, and taking them to heart
      2) The holiday sketches won't be met with criticism ***IF*** there is other visible progress that's been consistently shown (that hasn't been the case too much lately, hence the criticism).

      But again, this was a good update. Would like more like these more regularly.

    10. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Nice peace of music, But i listen'd to it once and i have already forgotten it...

      The excel spreadsheet is the only thing in this update thats says much about what is actually going on behind the scene's.

      was it Daniel ? that was doing the programming behind all of this. And was meant to be making this so all parts of the game could just be put into place and just happen ?.

      What has happened to that ?.

      Like someone else Have a Goal List or even current working on ... Area that you could show off , even just a graph perhaps ?.

      How far do you think you have gotten into getting the game to work ?.

      I do not care for classes or how the hell they work personally till i play the dang thing, and then i can give you feed back on it.

      Is art still being done ? Is Music still being made ? how much of both of these are in game right now ? How big are the maps ? Lots of questions still to be had ...

      Anyways. I wont go on. Thanks


    11. David Ryu on

      Very happy to see a healthy update. I can definitely see where the concern of "not doing a real work" is coming from, but I personally never doubted that was a case. Keep it going guys.

    12. Daniel on

      Criticism is both difficult and healthy. Keep going - I'll wait.

    13. Eraciel Losareth on

      @CIA Inc, Hiroaki Yura

      Very happy with this update ! I may have a question about the Berserker skill trees : will we able to mix the trees or is it a one time selection ? Or any kind of way in game to reset our skill tree selection ? For exemple, I like to try every possibilities on skill trees in every game, to see what's the most enjoyable / useful to me.

      Anyway, keep going guys !

    14. Missing avatar

      Patrick Burke on

      Not sure abut using shield, maybe a buckler instead? Sacrifice some evasion in favor of a small amount of damage mitigation. I think it would be far more appropriate for a Berserker.
      The idea of two handed weapons versus dual wielded for duels or crowds doesn't really make too much sense to me has both styles can work either way. Maybe making two handed weapons great for ignoring enemy defense and armor and dual wielded weapons focus on attack speed and critical hits.
      Keep up the good work, while the delay may seem long, it's a price I'm willing to pay for a good product. I backed for quality, not expediency.

    15. Sean Hull on

      If you allow Beserkers to use a shield, limit their shields usage to Spiked Shields and things that would increase their damage while adding a small amount of armor.

      If not, consider allowing them to use 2H weapons in 1H, allowing them to dual wield 2H weapons for massive damage.

    16. Missing avatar

      Seiya on

      The romance is between Marcus and Ruffles ? I am not too fond of lolicon relationship...

    17. Revilleza Lucky on

      So I tried to still be patience and respectful knowing full well how extensive a game development can be, but at this point this game has been 2 years overdue. Do we have more of a technical alpha preview instead of just more storyboards and concept art showing?

    18. LZRFACE on

      I am glad to see progress is being made, but given the track record of this project I think more transparency would go a long way. "Doing things behind the scenes" simply isn't good enough.

      What are you working on behind the scenes?

      Based on the feedback you received, what direction did you decide to go with the Kraken?

      What are the major development milestones and are you on schedule to reach them?

      What has Daniel been working on during the months since his last update(the last we heard from him was March 2016)?

      Are still confident about the updated release date, and if not what obstacles might prevent you from hitting it?

      At some point you need to put stakes in the ground and commit to something (even small goals), and share those with your backers. A lot of people opened their wallets to support your vision, and despite the set backs still support you. Who knows if the crazy adventure will eventually bare fruit, but at the very least you owe it to your supporters to be open and honest even if it might be a little uncomfortable.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Good to hear, keep these updates coming :)

    20. parpaing on

      Yeah, if you swing more while dual wielding, it can do the trick indeed.

      Regarding the class system, something similar to some Final Fantasy IV (and tactics? I'm not sure) would be nice: you stick to one class and its skills, but you are allowed to get something from another class to spice things up: a healer who can use "jump" to quickly escape danger for example, a tank able to steal (with a lower % success rate) etc etc.
      Being able to change just one thing would allow for a fair amount of customisation, without screwing up too much the game's balanced I guess.

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hofmann on

      It won't calm your backers if you just show some concepts and art snippets, tho. This Project is 2 Years overdue and if you want to get back peoples trust you should start showing some more substantial content,

    22. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      parpaing >> That's a pretty good point in regards to the definition of Berserkers, however armour is an essential part of damage mitigation and maybe in our world, it's a slightly more civilised Berserker.

      In terms of 2H and 1H weapons, we are thinking of using Swing Timers which would allow higher criteria percentage and result in higher damage on 2H weapons. Also, 2H weapon's overkill damage will be extremely high, therefore resulting in dual wield builds to be a more effective weapons against numerous weaker units.

      That all been said, the two points you said does suggest that some people may think as you do, so we'll definitely have a discussion to have a more convincing reason as to why that is so.

      Gregor Lešnik >> Thank you very much. We really appreciate your words...

      Yohann Denis >> We will, thank you but we will make best haste as possible at the same time.

      Jonathan Briggs >> Thanks for your feedback. In regards to the class systems, we want to keep it a simple tree and a simple option between possible builds since you have a lot of people to equip and run. Our design philosophy is to go simple and easy to control as possible so we would be looking for ideas along those lines. And to you too, thank you for your kind words. We do feel that we have failed a lot of people who believed in our project and we would like to redeem ourselves the best way possible.

      Novel85 >> Danke schön! We will do our best!

    23. Missing avatar

      Novel85 on

      Hi Guys,

      I'm really looking forward to the final game.
      So I just wanted to say: keep going and stick to your gut feelings. I believe in your idea of this game and kickstarted this idea knowing the risks.
      As this is your idea you shouldn't put too much value on the opinion of your negative critics. So in my opinion you are totally free to name whatever you want however you like :-)

      best regards from Germany!

      PS: I really like the sounds and designs :-)

    24. Jonathan Briggs on

      The people appearing at different parts of the day night cycle with different speech is a good addition, alot of games dont develop for that. It reminds me abit of familiar older games like suikoden with the recruit theme.

      The class system with talent trees, feels abit bland. Its been done and tried. Although how its implemented can make it interesting, take a look at fire emblem series that is now very popular in the west. They have a version of a talent tree hidden within the classes themselves. Another way to approach it would maybe have the skills tied to weapons like dungeons crawlers. This could create an end game with repeatable dungeons for replay ability as future content. But this all just notes to take, you guys are the developers.

      With Parpaing's comment on "traditional beserker" the term has come a long way and has changed over time. I dont feel a beserker wearing plate is unacceptable or out of place. If people are complaining and you need to bend the knee, Just go something like gladiator, knight, etc.

      Keep working hard Team Phoenix and get a polished game we'll all be proud of :)

    25. Yohann Denis on

      I am not in the hurry, just do your best ^^

    26. dragonDberry on

      Hang in there guys >-< ... problems in the development cycle always happen, and at such a low point that u already were, many would have just simply quit, but you guys didn't!
      Believe in your self and just don't lose hope <3 some of us still love your vision for this project to the fullest ^-^

    27. parpaing on

      Berserker with heavy armour goes against what is traditionally a berserker: a person who'll get deadlier as he suffers damage, so usually, with hardly any armor.
      "the word "berserk" meant going into battle wearing only bear pelts or other animal skins"
      From Wikipedia.

      So of course, it's your own vision of a berserker, but it's like calling a character a knight, and he fights with no armour and a crossbow: it would feel odd.

      I don't get how dual wielding would be good against numerous enemies, while swinging a massive 2 handed weapon would allow you to slash / crush through a whole groupe of enemies...