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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

Happy New Year!

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Dear backers,

I hope you all enjoyed a happy new year!

Many of us have been working with shortened breaks to make sure we can deliver progress for Project Phoenix. We will be discussing details on the next update.

In the meantime, please enjoy the "older" version of Raffles in Japanese Kimono, brought to you by Asami Hagiwara!

Hiroaki Yura
Director / Producer of Project Phoenix

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    1. Cenk "Skysect" Aslan on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      Sorry Sterling, that particular part seemed a bit subjective, compared to the otherwise rather objective analysis...hence why it felt out of place (to me) compared to the rest of your post.

    3. Sterling Treadwell

      @keith - that statement was part of a "speculative" scenario that, if it was the case, i would be ok with. I did not say it was a UNANIMOUS backlash, nor did i say it was tantamount. Personally whereas i wasn't crazy about it, i am ok with it not being radically changed. Again, it was a "scenario" and one that I would find reasonable and substantial as an explanation for a lack of released updated material for the game.

    4. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      @Sterling - in regards to the comment: "after the initial backlash for the art style/graphics we saw "back in the day" , everything was scrapped and the team started back at the beginning changing everything to a much different and more interesting art style that we'll find striking and agreeable"

      This particular statement is a little too subjective. There was a backlash by some people, but there were also lots of people that liked the chosen art style. Unless there was a majority consensus (which there was not), there's no reason to change.

    5. Harley-James Gravel on

      Will you be finished this game this fucking decade?

    6. Sterling Treadwell

      I have to agree Keith's post and questions are reasonable, succinct and accurate. If anyone on this project is wondering why we are so worried or itchy from a lack of any real details.. do a quick search for Larry Bundy (or Guru Larry) on youtube and on his channel are a growing number of kickstart projects that failed horribly. What you see in many of those cases is sad examples of fraud, poor project/money management, and development dragging on so long the money ran out. What we see with this project is easily straying into that territory, and as time goes on, the less you say, the greater it speaks of BAD NEWS.

      I understand you were hung up on major development for gameplay due to lacking a programmer. In the time while waiting, it would seem you would have that to EASILY knock out all the character design, maps, world lore, weapons, armor and other assets . even if it's just conceptual sketches and examples/doodles. The fact you won't even show these makes me wonder if a: they exist at all, b: they're so poorly done you're embaressed to show them or c: you are too proud to show rough work that might scare or put into question the project itself.

      Right now the ONLY thing I have in my mind that may prove our fears are unfounded is that, after the initial backlash for the art style/graphics we saw "back in the day" , everything was scrapped and the team started back at the beginning changing everything to a much different and more interesting art style that we'll find striking and agreeable. This would take significant work, effort, and time to develop and then re-do across the entire game. and THAT i could accept.

      Or is it just that the development team as a whole operates on a very "never show anything that will not end up in the final game" as a tradesman's pride? or philosophy? I guess I am curious..
      WHY have the developers chosen to NOT be sharing progress on the game besides music? There has to be a real reason. I guess I want to know what it is. it has to be fairly significant to place this project in such an unfavorable light to its backers and so risk your fanbase and reputation. WHat is so important to.. well.. risk it all?

    7. Mark Eisenstat on

      I can only answer one of your questions about update #133: Yes, backers have been contacted about their characters. There aren't many of them in that tier. Beyond that they were contacted (I sent the email myself), I haven't heard anything else. I know that one person did reach out to me about how to submit ideas and I believe I directed them to Hiro.

    8. Glen Proko on

      Thank you for the update, but I look forward to far more to the pending information on the state of the game development in your next update.

    9. Manny M on

      I also find it offensive that you have the gall to request for additional funding via Paypal.

    10. Manny M on

      If the creators don't respond to the very mature and factual responses here, there are real problems.

      @Keith McCoy in particular has summed up your backer's opinions very maturely and succinctly. Pay some respect to address the statements made.

      In any case, i've written this off at this point personally.

    11. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      @Hiro - does adult Ruffles in a kimono have anything to do with the game, or is it an off-topic illustration "just for fun"?

      I've been pretty defensive publicly about the game...but I echo the same sentiments as many others: while the frequency of updates since August 2016 seems much better than the past couple years...the content of these updates appears very thin most of the time. We've received several "Happy Holidays" type updates that have virtually no content. They include holiday sketches of in-game characters that I have to assume have nothing to do with the actual game, and that's about it. With the lack of shown progress, these types of sketches just feel like a waste of resources. Put this artist to work doing stuff that will be used for the game...and then preview THAT artwork....not the useless holiday sketches.

      We need visual progress of the game. I've offered numerous ideas of the types of content to be shown in updates that would instill more confidence in the backer-base...but it feels like those suggestions have been ignored for the most part. WHY?

      Why can't you share details about different character classes? Why can't we see some sketches of equipment? More monster sketches? There should be a boatload of concept art we have yet to see. I can understand not wanting to spoil too much....but on the other end of the spectrum, the lack of visual progress has soured many people in a different way. Also - it should NOT matter if the content is finalized. A simple disclaimer stating as such is enough to protect any concerns about the things changing.

      Simply put, you need to start showing the resources that you've been sitting on for the past few years to prove said resources even exist, so that we can have the confidence our money has been used as it should have been. And no...not more music. That's the one thing you have been semi-reliable about sharing, since it is your personal passion. A simple "Trust me" does not cut it either. After years with minimal to put it bluntly - you've lost the right to say "trust me". It's at the point of "prove it" now.

      We need to see concept art related to the game. We need to hear about the game world locations and people who inhabit it. We need some details about how magic works in the game and what types of spells we can expect. Are there any character mounts? How character-specific is the equipment? How is the general story shaping up, and has it changed much from years past?

      There are 100 more questions I could ask...all of which I'm sure many backers would appreciate knowing the answers to. The unwillingness to share any of this kind of info simply feels like the answers don't exist because very little has been accomplished. I sincerely hope that is not the case, and that you change your opinion on what you are willing to share, because a lot of your backers are starved for information related to the game.

    12. Romdeau on

      What a joke, I doubt this project will ever be finished. After years of obtaining over a million dollars in funding and the creators have nothing to show for it. I'm glad I didn't pledge a large amount or I would be furious at this point. I have demanded a refund but I doubt they'll respond to me about it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      @Leo - several YEARS after the charge was made? Good luck.

    14. Leo on

      would fighting the charge with the CC company work ?

    15. chazlander on

      @Eraciel Losareth, yea I am harsh, but they have shown zero real progress.

      Let me just summarize the updates over the past year. Newest to older.
      2017-01-10: #139 - Old Image. No progress shown.
      2016-12-22: #138 - Christmas Greeting Card. 2016 Recap. No progress shown.
      2016-12-14: #137 - Cinematics. No audio on it. The style isnt in anything related to the actual gameplay. This felt like a real random post. No progress shown IMO.
      2016-11-09: #136 - Holiday Greeting Card again... focusing on narrative and music? Redirected budget towards music? Music for a game with no legs? I dont understand. No real progress shown.
      2016-10-17: #135 - Music. The single track is great, very fitting for the theme. But no real progress on the game shown. Staff working on Music for other titles (Tiny Metal)?
      2016-10-12: #134 - Music from Azuregard. Finally a post with some substance. Music... Daniel!!!!! Someone working on the game! Teases time of day mechanic. Again, people working on other projects (I am Setsuna).
      2016-09-16: #133 - Backer Characters. Working on Backer character creation pipeline. Im not one of them. Did anyone ever get contacted? Hows the progress going? I felt like if it was, they would have shown some work in future posts.
      2016-09-06: #132 - Kraken. Meeting Table. They literally tell us they are working on other projects. A mobile game. QA testing for another publisher. Music for other titles. Progess again is just musical related.
      2016-08-20: #131 - Settling In. Daniel is working on backend tools. No progress shown to backers.
      2016-08-03: #130 - New office. This update was wonderful. It actually goes over many aspects of the game... in detail. By far the last meaningful update but its because the previous post was 5 months earlier....
      2016-03-25: #129 - Update. We meet Daniel. Sounds like hes just getting started. We do see some gameplay. This is amazing.

      So you see my problem is we havent seen any of the game since March of 2016. Just music. The frequency, of the updates since August, has been good. But there has been no real meat to Project Phoenix. Show us something. Get our confidence going again. Please go compare your updates to updates of other Kickstarters. See what kind of content theyre feeding backers and read the responses. I have backed much smaller scale games (1/10th the backing) who have been backed well after this project, and are much farther along than this project.
      I want this to succeed. I just want you to be honest and transparent.

    16. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      I was going to say....Raffles??? What happened to Ruffles?

    17. Missing avatar

      Rafael Ventura on

      All the best wishes for the team behind the game, but at this time I really don't care if the game gets made or not. I trusted the campaign but it was an unfounded belief, unlike most of the other kickstarter projects I backed. Even Mighty No 9 that turned out pretty bad, at least they delievered a product.

      I just want a refund. Thanks.

    18. BlackGauntlet

      Holy crap! Who the heck is Raffles?!

    19. Eraciel Losareth on

      Never, now, you have your date, deal with it.

      @CIA Inc,

      Thanks, and may 2017 be an happy year for the Project Phoenix team.
      Like a lot of supporters here, I think a little something ( like for example, where the assets for development, or a few 3D Models ) about the dev itself.
      Maybe, like @chazlander said ( even if it doesn't seems to be kind, but it's my point of view ^^ ), doing a Google Hangover from time to time, even a short one to talk about the development, would be a nice idea. Because, people just want to be reassured about the ongoing of the development. And, even if I might be one of the "loudest" defenders on the commentary section of the game, I slowly start to be ... well ... insecure about Project Phoenix.

      Anyway, happynew year to the team and their families.

    20. chazlander on

      Transparency. Thats all I want.

    21. chazlander on


      AAA Talent You boasted. 20 Headshots and Bios on the campaign page; namedropping left and right of famous additions to the team, famous titles they've worked on, basically a giant cloud of smoke, right up everyones rear end. I fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker. Mind you, I backed this project at one of the smaller tiers; I feel absolutely horrible for the few who spent hundreds on this lost cause.

      The YouTube channel during funding had several Google Hangouts. That hasnt been updated in over a year. Your forum has over 7000 users registered. With zero active registered users (at the time of this post) online. Content on there is stale.

      Im just bitter. This feels like No Man Sky hype... but without the actual game in my hands to experience the empty promises for myself. I cannot be alone.

    22. Missing avatar

      Douglas Wang on

      Happy New Year! To all Phoenix Team!
      Cute Raffle pic!

    23. Alexandre C. on

      Happy New Year! We appreciate your good wishes.

      By the way, and talking about the releasing of the game, we, the supporters, feel misstreated since there are no updates about the content. We really don't believe that the game is going to be out soon.

      You may have serious problems, and also the honest intention to do not spread them out, instead, I think you want to solve them silently and forget them once the game is finished.

      But, we, the supporters, want a honest answer about the developement, we deserve to know if our money is not enough to finish it. I would totally accept it, since I am not buying 'a game in a store', I am supporting the possibility to make a different game.

      Be honest, tell us what are you going to do, and accept the result. Not everybody is going to be whining spreading hate around the net.


    24. Missing avatar

      benzeneboy on

      A picture and a New Years Greeting don't really warrant another update without content. The only news I want to hear from your team is a date for when I can expect a refund for my pledge.

    25. Missing avatar

      Pratchet on

      Looking forward to the next update and some concrete progress.