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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing our new team member

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)

Dear backers,

As promised, we'd like to introduce you all to our new programmer, Mr Daniel Dressler. He has just started working at our studio in Tokyo yesterday, although we intended to do this update yesterday, setting up all the hardware and project file took our focus away so we apologise for the delay.

Here's a message from Daniel, please make him feel welcome!

Hello Everyone! My name is Daniel Dressler, I am a software engineer living and working in Tokyo. At my prior company I programmed the game logic for a popular Japanese Hearthstone-like game. Now I am excited to join CIA and help make Project Phoenix a reality!

Two years ago Hiro convinced me along with you guys, my fellow backers. Then late last year he did it again and convinced me to join up.

This surprised even me but Project Phoenix is far from a 0% codebase. Pascal did substantial work and has left us with codebase I am proud to work upon. Once Hiro gave me access to the existing UE4 source code the general quality of the code surprised me. Pascal did not cut corners when he laid the foundation of Project Phoenix. We may be looking towards another 2.5 years of development but honestly I look forward to spending that time realizing the full potential of Project Phoenix.

In the coming weeks, we'll look at the setup even closer and give you all a heads up on the much awaited milestones.

Thanks again for your patience, and we look forward to sending more updates in the near future!

Director / Producer of Project Phoenix
Hiroaki Yura


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    1. Noppadol Mututanon on

      Hoorey , Welcome Daniel!

      I hope we will hear much from now on, and I know that you and CIA team will be busy to work up on schedule but please not forgot to update frequently (I mean not everyday or week but once/twice a month is fine , just don't go silence like last year. )


    2. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! Good luck man! I still hope to see this game! :)

    3. Norghat on

      Haha yes, he need another monitor :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Douglas Wang on

      Hello Daniel, =3 Nice to meet ya! Let's make a great game

    5. Dawn_

      Here! Look! A Unicorn!

    6. Otoshigami No. 40723

      I guess 2.5 years sounds about right considering there might be unexpected delays along the way. I'm glad this project didn't give up now that the team is fully up and running again. welcome aboard Daniel and get a second monitor already. :P

    7. Jak

      Yea, give this man a second monitor! Anyways, welcome!

    8. Jarrah on

      I suppose even Duke Nukem came out eventually

    9. Alice Melody Robinson on

      From working in this field I know software development is hard. There will likely be further bumps in the progress of this project. But I hope everyone stays hopeful as I believe this project has merit and I would like to see it become a reality.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ricardo André Gomes Kislitsyn on

      Welcome Daniel and good luck to you and all members of the Phoenix Project team. ^_^

    11. Mark

      Where is the 27" monitor or better yet, why doesn't the new guy have a dual monitor setup!!! Come'on, developers needs two large screens as the minimum, IMHO. Welcome aboard none the less.

    12. David Ryu on

      Welcome to the team! As a backer of this project I still strongly stand behind all the efforts and passions being poured into this project. I hope you the very best and while I understand why others might feel it to be daunting, I cannot care less about 2.5 years delay. In fact that's prefect for me because I will be graduating college by then and I will actually be able to play it to my heart's content. Woaow you guys being so considerate with my study time allocation how nice

    13. Balmung on

      Nice to hear and from now on we only want to hear good news. ;)

      All that things could happen, so no reason why I should lost my trust in kickstarter projects. The most of my backed projects get finished and that well to very well or on a good way. I hope Project Phoenix is on that way again too.

    14. Missing avatar


      Welcome to the team, Daniel, and thanks for the update!

    15. Jesse on

      Wow, Daniel, living the dream.
      I lived in Japan for 4 years, I tried to get an IT related job in Japan, but alas it fell through.
      Would love to go back!
      All the best for you in your new position! Looking forward to playing it!!

    16. Missing avatar

      ryanmarek on

      Good luck to you all. Especially Yura who is pouring his life into this.

    17. Nemo Pohle on

      Dresslerさんはドイツからきましたか。Just asking because I'm from Germany myself and learning Japanese for ten months now hoping to some day work in Japan too. Congratulations for getting this job.

    18. Jonathan Robertson

      I think his initial suggestion of another 2.5 years was smart and is very likely more time than he thinks he would need if there were no interruptions.

      Since he is a backer of this project also (if I understood his post correctly), I believe he's trying to give us an honest estimate with buffer time so he can prevent further disappointment and set the right expectations.

      But that's just me reading between the lines…

      I also think this is a very positive step for the project and will be looking forward to future updates.

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert West on

      Welcome, Daniel. Thanks for signing up.

    20. Spielosoph on

      Hi there...
      If people (like me) do not believe in the project any more it does not necessarliy mean they do not believe in you. So keep your head up when people (like me) bash this project......
      It is not personal.

    21. giga-ganon on

      good to hear! This project is a wreck, but a least you don't give up! Hope we'll get a good game in the end

    22. Jasae Bushae on

      Now the project can move forward! Woo! ^^

    23. Romdeau on

      I mean I'd like to remind everyone that this game was backed in September 2013 with around $1Million-originally estimated to be in a releasable state by 2015. It's Feb 2016 and we're nowhere near finishing. 2.5 years from now is August 2018. 5 years of development time. It's not like we're funding the next in Triple A gaming here-an indie JRPG game does NOT need to take that long if the scope is proper. If anything this project has taught me not to back any company that hasn't proven it can deliver on a project (i.e. Harebrained-schemes)

    24. Winston Jen on

      Great to have you on the team! I hope you'll let all of us be playtesters and quality control employees. ^_^

    25. Norghat on

      Hi, good luck with the huge work waiting for you !
      @Romdeau, yes the wait is just too long, but nevermind, let s see what happen in the next months. I know it's a little bit easy for me to said because i didn t back a large sum...
      So wait & see !

    26. Zwarteziel on

      Good luck Daniel. It seems like a daunting task for a single programmer, even with a good codebase. I wish you smooth sailing and look forward to updates in the coming years!

    27. Romdeau on

      This is good news to hear...but an additional 2.5 years? And that's assuming no delays or unexpected interruptions occur during development-and speaking as a developer myself, that never happens over the course of 30 months. Sigh, Project Phoenix is just turning into another reason to strongly re-consider backing Kickstarter projects.