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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

New Years update

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Dear backers,

I hope you all had a great start to the new year!
My apologies for our late update but I do have some great news.

The Programmer

We now have a contract with a programmer who will start his work on the 9th of February. We will be setting up his new work space and once he is settled, we will do an update to announce his involvement.

We have taken careful measures to make sure we got the right person for the job, hence the delay. Our apologies for making everyone feel very uncomfortable for the delay.

Our new programmer's wage was never budgeted into the Kickstarter budget as the original programmer had planned to take royalty. However, I will be taking responsibilities by paying for his wages myself, so please don't worry about the financing aspects.

The Milestones

Once our programmer is settled, we will reassess the development milestones and publish our new schedules in a separate update. I expect smooth sailing as many of the assets are already in place, and our staff ready to hop back to development.

In other news...

We would like to give a shout out to one of our composers, Tomoki Miyoshi to congratulate him on a fantastic job for making the whole soundtrack to Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna also known as Project Setsuna

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna is a JRPG based on the old and tried JRPG, Chrono Trigger. Published by Square Enix, it is Tomoki is major solo work for a JRPG. You can listen to the soundtrack by visiting the official homepage here.

As we trudge on with our day job to feed our family and pay the bills, we come together in the time of our choosing to do what we feel passionate about, Project Phoenix.

There will be a lot more activity and progress in our updates this year, I hope I can prove to all you wonderful backers that everything was worth waiting for.

Director / Producer of Project Phoenix
Hiroaki Yura

PS Thanks to Asami Hagiwara for the New Years illustration! I've attached a Facebook dimension version below for anyone who'd like to use it.

Facebook version! Please feel free to use it
Facebook version! Please feel free to use it
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    1. T.L. on

      While I share the concern of some of the other backers, I tried (and try) to keep a positive attitude towards this project, but very recently heard some rather unsettling news regarding your choice of localization vendor/team. Although I have no horse in the race in this specific instance, I am a veteran of that part of the game industry, and I am (just to reiterate that) very concerned about what I heard through my network. Could you please reveal who you are going to use for localization? That would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Azure on

      I'd better see results within six months. Otherwise I will demand a refund.

    3. Missing avatar

      kickstartsomestuff1 on


      I am writing to you to request a full refund on my pledge. While I understand Kickstarter is more investment than pre-order, I do not want to be an investor for "Project Phoenix" any longer.

      This project has shown time and time again to be a failure to me. The game play looks like a crummy ios free-toplay-game, the idea is uninspired, and then there's the obvious release delays.

      As a content creator you should want 100% support from your backers. Well you have zero from me. I do not believe in this project, I do not believe in the creators, and I do not believe there will ever be a product worth paying attention to.

      I pledged $120 for a top quality JRPG. There is also the expectation of my reward tier: DVD physical copy, game guide, cloth map, soundtrack, and back exclusive digital content.

      A two and a half year delay after many other delays does not instill confidence. As far as I'm concerned this campaign is fraudulent.

      To ask one more time: please provide me a refund of $120 as I do not want to be associated with "Project Phoenix."

      Thank you

    4. Kethrian on

      Videogames on kickstarter almost always go way past their expected completion dates. Just for some examples from others I have backed, and are still being made:
      Earthlock: Festival of Magic - 10 months past expected date and still in alpha.
      Homestuck Adventure - 19 months past expected date and still being worked on.
      Delver's Drop - Over 2 years beyond the predicted date, and is still being worked on.
      Chasm - 20 months over, and is still in beta.
      A.N.N.E. - 21 months over and still in progress.
      Cosmic Star Heroine - Over a year and still being worked on.
      Hyper Light Drifter - 19 months overdue and still in progress.
      Darkest Dungeon - Came out 1 year after predicted.
      Dragon Fin Soup - Came out 8 months after prediction.
      Grave - 1 year after predicted date and still in production.
      Unsung Story - 6 months beyond predicted date and still being worked on.

      As you can see, it is quite common right now for game developers to underestimate how long it takes to make a game. But not one of the ones I have backed have given up, and I fully expect each and every one to release their game when it is ready.

    5. Missing avatar

      Shawn Mongillo on

      The coldness ends tomorrow.
      What is this I see?
      Your update warms me.

    6. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      Keep on trucking through and hopefully 2016 would be a magical year for u guys.

    7. David Ryu on

      Good to hear! Wish the team a great success in 2016. I have never heard of Setsuna until now (I don't think they've done any marketing effort in the West), but it looks right up my alley. Definitely on my wish list.

    8. Glen Proko on

      Thank you for the update.

    9. Wai Park Soon on

      Sorry but I think one will definitely regret boycotting the past and/or works from anyone in your list. Try check out their past works, I am pretty sure that you have played at least one of them.

    10. Fish on

      I hope my $120 pledge you refuse to refund me is worth the lost money from all games past and future you guys have been part of.

    11. Fish on

      I will not be buying any games the following people have contrubited towards.
      Hiroaki Yura
      Vaughan Smith
      Yoko Enoki
      Bill Benfield
      Kiyoshi Arai
      Koya Takahshi
      Koji Moriga
      Asami Hagiwara
      Steffen Unger
      Yumiko Sugihara
      Nobuo Uematsu
      John Kurlander
      Donna Burke
      Larry Oji
      Rene Paulesich
      or any other of developers involved in this game.

    12. Otoshigami No. 40723

      Finally some progress. I hope you will take care of that new programmer very carefully who will be able to dedicated himself to make this game a reality.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Mueller on

      Thanks for the update!
      You guys have always had my support, and that won't change. I appreciate your personal devotion to the project!

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert West on

      Awesome!!! Thanks for the update!

    15. Missing avatar

      Pratchet on

      Exactly what I wanted to hear. Keep on trudging through.

    16. Jasae Bushae on

      Once again I am struck by the beauty of wonderful music. ^^ I confess, I had never even heard of Setsuna until now. But listening to this music has me really interested in trying it out.

      Also, that new years image looks quite cute. X3 im hoping the game has such imagery in it as well. ^^

      Finally, im quite pleased to hear that the programmer aspect has been ironed out!

    17. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Thanks for the update, as others have already said still looking forward to the game, good to see things are about to start moving again. :)
      Setsuna is one of my anticipated games this year and the soundtrack sounds really promising, can't wait for it. Excited to hear the rest of the music for it!

    18. Baerl on

      Cheers for the update, glad to hear that the ball is (once again) on the roll. Keep your chin up through the negativity, they're in the minority. There are still a LOT of backers for this project who are still behind you 100%.
      All the best for 2016, Hiro and all at CIA.

    19. Zombra on

      Still looking forward to Project Phoenix!

      Wow, I checked out the Setsuna page and really love the soundtrack. Congratulations, Tomoki!

    20. Maxime on

      Just to make sure, that wasn't sarcastic or anything! I'm actually happy wherever there's an update, as minimal as it can be.
      It was meant as encouragement!

    21. Dawn_

      Well, when it comes to this project, i don't know what to think anymore.
      My thought about it now is "if it actually comes out, i'd be happily surprised"
      If it doesn't come to be "Too bad". I don't have much anticipation anymore.
      Whatever comes, comes.

    22. Jak

      Thanks for the update! And thank you for being strong and not letting the negativity of people and situations bring you down. What matters is if guys continue strong and to achieve the goals that you set out in the first place, and to do it with positivity and strength. I hope you guys have a very strong and productive year!

    23. madGamer on

      Good luck i hope this year will see the game growing :)

    24. Eraciel Losareth on

      Thanks for the update ! Again, please, don't take the crybabies complains for you, quite depressive to read it as a Kickstarter pledger, so I don't even imagine as one of the team member ...
      Anyways, I hope we will have some arts or musics samples soon ! Keep going :] !

    25. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update! Here's hoping next week will mark the end of the Programmer issues that have been holding development back, I'd love to see some updates soon about how the game is growing/changing.

      I don't mind waiting however long it takes for the game to be finished, but it'd be a lot more enjoyable without so much doom and gloom from those less patient.

    26. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Johann Denis >>

      The artwork will be great!
      We are planning for a little addition to everybody soon.

      Director / Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    27. Yohann Denis on

      I hope the artbook will be good ! (155$, my pledge)
      signed by the whole team or/with an original drawing would be a great addition for the wait :)

    28. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Maxime >>

      I'm sorry, our end of the year and the beginning was super busy with deadlines for a game we had to work on. We also had the matter of doing interviews and drawing up a contract for our new programmer and... then all my kids got sick at the same time..

      Director / Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    29. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      Spencer Egart >>

      Yes you are correct. All funds were budgeted into making new assets. The original programmer was going to work for royalty. However, as I stated in the update, I will be taking care of his wage myself so I hope that doesn't present a problem for you.

      Director / Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    30. Maxime on

      Forgot to actually read, right?

      Thanks for giving sign of life!

    31. Missing avatar

      Spencer Egart on

      You got 10 times what you asked for and that doesn't include the budget for the *programmer*?