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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      *Raises hand* but I'm not an E3 attendant so I'll meet you all at whichever bar you go to first if you could please post it up when you know. No reason to pay for their parking & deal with the traffic there otherwise hehe, it's going to be a mess tonight.

    2. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      So I'm thinking of meeting at one of the E3 gates tomorrow at around 1800. I have an interview till then so might run a few mins late. Who's still in for a pubcrawl?

      Director/Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    3. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      What time will the pub crawl begin? After the hour meetup for E3 attendees?

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Dykstra on

      Something that Hiroaki Yura mentioned on another article, that should be mentioned on this site:

      "Otherwise, I didn't word it correctly but the story is done for Project Phoenix, we're just working on side quest stories that would touch on the history and the world of Azuregard.

      In regards to myself funding part of the project, well, firstly the scope we're aiming for is a bit more than what Kickstarter gave us in funds. And the sidequests and history lessons within Project Phoenix is purely my own will to add this content and in no way should 'raise a red flag'."

      So the 'story concept' that he's working on is entirely flavor texts, side content, etc. The main story is done and his funding is purely to flesh out the history and atmosphere of the world. He's a passionate creator. Thanks for the hard work and personal commitment to the project, sir.

    5. Billy Chin on

      It'll be good if Project Phoenix at least have 80% completion from this year onwards. Otherwise, everyone would love to have their pledged funds back even though they aren't willing too. Good luck!

    6. Michael Abi Daoud on

      @Timotheus - To quote "The work is created out of my own personal funds" where does this say the project is at a lack of funds. I read that as he paid out of his own pocket, meaning he deviated from the funding. Their are project managers or coordinators that will often pay out of their own pocket for the reason of a gamble without using expenditures.

      I can appreciate where you might be concerned - and for someone who just found out they were burned on another Kickstarter project, I'm not going to lose faith in this.

      Take a look at some other project - ZeBoyd are currently behind on Cosmic Star, then there's the River City Ransom game. Like them, Hiro's been doing his best to update.

      I WILL say that after Bloodstained; Ritual of the Night is funded fully, I will probably never use Kickstarter again. I lost a few bucks because the creator chose to cut and run. Of course, Kickstarter is turning the other cheek... but hey...

    7. Timotheus on

      @Joshua totally agree, however this lack of funds appearing during creating the story concept (?!) of Project Phoenix is worrisome.

      Also, date for deliverables was Nov 2014, and that they are barely getting a story concept in place as of May 2015 is definitely worrisome.

    8. Glen Proko on

      E3 meet-up session sounds great.

    9. Faelim on

      @Timotheus - Because in a perfect world, even $1 million USD alone is not enough to fund a project of this one's intended scale. Often the case in this scenario is to "prove out" the interest in a concept in order to seek out the actual required funding via investors or other means.

      And that's in a perfect world. A project that drags on longer that is expected (fairly normal), or encounters delays or team member churn (also fairly normal) can find themselves in dire straits financially.

    10. Michele "Wise Monkey" on

      @Tyler Bacon
      You should read the answer to the first question of the FAQ section.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tyler Bacon on

      As Timotheus said, I was slightly worried when I read this as well. Where did all the money go? And I thought this WAS a paid development? How come it's been shafted as a side project? Definitely confused!

    12. Timotheus on

      I am unclear why you needed to use your personal funds for this after the project has raised over $1 million USD.

    13. Matumit Sombunjaroen on

      Seriously, at least show us a higher resolution image.

    14. Mikhail Aristov on

      Personally, I would prefer an honest update from the developers themselves over one written by their PR any time. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert West on

      Thanks for the update. Would definitely join you if I was going, but I hope you have fun. Glad to see you guys are still workinground on the game, and look forward to more updates soon.

    16. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      Oh and P.S. the art is really beautiful!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      I'd love to join for the pub crawl!!! I live very close by too :Do

      Thank you for this Hiro, really means a lot you putting this extra effort forward despite time constraints & needing to pump out work on the project itself.

      Appreciate you!

    18. Missing avatar

      Tertium_Quid on

      Any Alpha updates? I remember reading that Alpha will cover act 1 and that it is scheduled for June. How many acts are there?

    19. Kevdo on

      I'll be in the area for E3, I'd love to get some drinks! :D

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Monje on

      I would love to! If you can help me get my hands on some tickets, I'll help be your assistant for as long as you need me to. Either way, I live in the LA area, so it would be a pleasure to share some drinks with you!

    21. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      OtoshiGami No. 40723 >>
      It's too early for us to show much on E3 yet, Sony has a tendency to only show near complete things at conventions for Indie devs. =(

      Maxime >>
      Maybe one day I might come to a bar near you!

    22. Maxime on

      Wow, I'd join you for sure if I went to E3! Unfortunately it's a bit far for a few drinks ;)

    23. Otoshigami No. 40723

      Project phoenix on E3 I hope. about your personal Funds, I hope your wife and kids don't see that UPDATE. :P