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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

The Luck o' the Emerald Isles and Project Phoenix's Inner Workings

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)

Hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patrick’s Day a few days ago! As you might expect, Ruffles spent a large part of that day traversing Azurgarde’s Emerald Isle and exploring its hidden caches to check upon her leprechaun allies who have been hiding their treasures from orcish raiders. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we hope that many of you were able to enjoy a nice relaxing beverage (adult or otherwise) and that you’ll be ready for the adventures to come.

And speaking of those adventures, here’s what we’ll have in store for you as we approach our goal of getting the Alpha released. First of all, we’ve decided to release some development videos so that all of you can get a better understanding of what we’re working on. Do keep in mind that because you’ll be mostly looking at programming, it’s not going to be all whiz and bang. We’ll be looking at the game’s guts, so to speak, but we’d still like you to follow along all the same. With that, here are Hiro’s words about what you’ll be seeing next:

"Hi, everyone! We wanted to give you a better look at what Pascal, our programmer, is working on. Please note: the video is not here to show off how great the game looks, but rather, to show what we're coding. This means that the visuals, animations and effects will not look good, nor are they intended to be the final product. Also, the test is very preliminary, this is not the final version of stealth and stealth only works with other functioning parts like the Threat System which isn't in place yet. Finally, please remember that we're working from the ground up on the UNREAL Engine so we're going back to square one. So without further ado, check out the video of Pascal's hard work!"

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Replay with sound
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So thanks again for coming with us on this long journey. As an additional note, Developer-level backers will start receiving more dev side information over the coming months, so if you’ve pledged at that level, stay tuned!

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    1. Iris on

      Thanks! Any news on that?

    2. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      >> David Ryu

      We're still not giving up pre-launch on some of the goals. So tell your friends!

      We're actually making plans to do five full acts before launch.

      Director/Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    3. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      >> Raül Meroño Pericas

      Thank you!

      We're working hard round the clock. Sometimes my son brings his iPad and watches at my feet whilst I work on Phoenix late at night haha!

      Director/Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    4. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      >> Banana Split

      I'm not sure how long we have to upgrade your pledge, let me ask the PR team!

      Director/Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    5. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      >> Rodrigo Varela

      Hi Rodrigo, my apologies for not explaining the stealth concept for Project Phoenix properly.

      Here are some excuse to use stealth in Project Phoenix.
      1) To avoid a patrolling enemy which outnumbers/overpowers you
      2) To ambush a small force of enemies (Ambush will give you a bonus % damage for the first few seconds)
      3) To get into position to ambush a town held by the enemies which is otherwise unreachable without the "move whilst in stealth" ability (pathfinders and ninjas only)

      Do you still think this wouldn't work?

      Also, we are very far from "making things look good stage". I'm sorry this has taken more time than you have patience for, but we're doing our best in the time we have and the limited resources we have. I hope the end product can be a pleasant surprise for you, till then, please watch us go through the development phases and give us constructive criticism from your point of view.

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Director/Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    6. Michele "Wise Monkey" on

      @Rodrigo Varela I don't know, has stealth ever made sense in other games?
      Wait, yes it does.

    7. Rodrigo Varela on

      I wish this mechanic made any sense from a development/game design perspective. I mean, what's even the point of it? Bonus damage? Luring the orc to that specific point means nothing as your units could have been in plain sight and the result would have been the same. Reminds me of that gimmicky thing about destroying the bridge.

      I don't really think this could work, specially not when the enemy is AI. I can see the "League of Legends" influence but I don't see how this could work in this specific game.

      Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed with the latest updates, it's been a while since the campaign was completed and even if you guys have the hugbox website no one is telling the truth: everything looks subpar. Even for a project that "just started". With the team you are supposed to have I expected to see a little more quality, and yet, since the last Hangout with the "pre-alpha" footage I don't see any kind of improvement. I doubt about the future of this project. I'm almost regretting the moment I decided to back it just because of Nobuo Uematsu. The absence of quality content is pretty sad. I really hope I'm wrong and the project ends up well, even though there's no evidence of that being the case. Note that I'm not talking about graphics but game design and decisions.

      This was supposed to save the JRPGs.

    8. Zwarteziel on

      Thanks for the update and the look at the game. Also: nice music!

    9. Iris on

      A little question about pledge upgrade: how long more do we have to upgrade exactly? I'm considering doing an upgrade soon, but probably won't be able to do it before at least another month.

    10. Missing avatar

      Hunter Bateman on

      Huge fan of the look of the models! Keep up the good work :)

    11. Raül Meroño Pericas on

      Nice video!
      @Hiro: Thanks for the below explanations and for the update flow that you are trying to keep since the beginning of 2015. It gives me reasons to believe that this will be a successful project.

      C'mon, I've listened to Tomoki Miyoshi's music samples so many times through Soundcloud to end up not playing a complete game with this charming music (cries while he goes back to listen to Elven Glades...).
      Btw, I hope your "other job" as a father is letting you some sleep.
      Be safe and keep up the amazing work!

    12. Missing avatar

      João Pedro on

      Looking pretty good to me. I can see how Unreal has better lighting options. Even with this placeholders, it looks way smoother than the unity vertical slice you showed some months ago.

      Good work and I'll be expecting good things.

    13. David Ryu on

      >> Falkon Swiftblade
      Keep in mind that while there are examples of terrible cases, such as Broken Age, where they drained the fund down to a sinkhole, there are plenty of better examples where development longer and still managed to push through successfully/managing to push through successfully. I am personally not worried about the funding running out at all.

      That being said, all these updates are making me very excited. I'm just curious: there are some unreached stress goals, and really good ones, too. Is there any plan on releasing at least a couple of them as post-launch DLCs? stretch goal for $1.65M (Two additional zones, etc.) and $3.425M (13th Legion side story) sounds very feasible to me.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Tilton on

      As a programmer, I know the frustration of showing someone something with the underscore "This is only meant to show functionality!" and have people only complain about visuals. In any case, I like the idea of setting up ambushes...with bushes...

      Very cool

    15. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      >> Falkon Swiftblade

      As we explained before, most key personnels are working for royalties and this is the reason why the development won't tank as much as they did. Also, my income I bring to our company helps the development in places that needs funds.

      We'll keep doing our best to keep everything going!

      Director/Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    16. Marcos Nijborg on

      I will take everytime quality versus meeting the dates promised (Like it's happening with Witcher 3). Making a game it's hard, and making a good game, polished and with few bugs it's harder. So it's understandable to met a few delays in the dates, so long as there's communication between the fans and the developers, it shouldn't be major problems.

      This pre-alpha footage looks promising, the system it's really interesting, and I'm waiting to see it at it's full potential. Keep it going!

    17. Falkon Swiftblade on

      Since we only raised about $1m, how can that sustain development for additional years of development this will surely need? I seem to remember another kickstarter that raised more than you and ran out of funds, asked for more $ and now that project released part one of that original game, and had to release the part two of same game like a yr later. I hope everything works itself out.

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert West on

      Looks cool. Thanks for the update!

    19. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      >> Bartosz

      We will be explaining the delay very soon. Otherwise, we wanted to redo it because
      1) The UNREAL engine will save us more time in coding tools and other aspects of programming more than Unity
      2) UNREAL engine simply looks better

      Again, I apologise for the delay but we want to put quality first as much as we can.

      Director/Producer of Project Phoenix
      Hiroaki Yura

    20. Pixelated Milk on

      What was the reason for swapping the engine 1.5 years after KS completion and redoing everything code-wise from scratch? Really curious about that.

    21. Zeph Grey on

      Awesome to see the game in action, even in an early state. Looks amazing!