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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
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The Fog of War!

Posted by CIA, Inc. (Creator)

Hey guys, in this week’s update, we have another treat from game design. Join us as we go down to the battlefield to discuss the elements of uncertainty and teach you how to improve your situational awareness in Azuregard.

Fog of War(FoW)

Battlefields are covered by a FoW that prevents players from seeing the enemy units and elements in the battlefield. Each character has a visibility range that will remove the FoW around the unit. Some classes will even have the capability to see further, allowing them to detect future traps and enemies. The FoW is completely black and doesn’t grant vision past the character’s line of sight, since a character can only see what their line of sight offers them. As your character moves around the map, any area on the battlefield previously discovered by the character will be shown in gray. The gray area will only show the landscape and will not include any units or treasures nearby. This gives the player a good idea of where they have been and what areas they have yet to explore. Here is an example of Marcus interacting with the fog of war:

Unexplored part of the map. The fog around Marcus is removed.
Unexplored part of the map. The fog around Marcus is removed.
Explored part of the map. The fog around Marcus is removed.
Explored part of the map. The fog around Marcus is removed.
Marcus is revisiting an explored part of the map. While advancing, the fog is removed and the player will spot two orcs and a chest!
Marcus is revisiting an explored part of the map. While advancing, the fog is removed and the player will spot two orcs and a chest!

  What do you think of the fog of war system we have it place? Are you already thinking of sneaky ways to surprise your opponents? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments and on our forum here!

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    1. Darmin Hadzic on

      I've always been partial to the compromise type of FoW, where you see detailed features of enemies, etc within a radius and indistinct features at a distance when not obscured by objects.
      This way you can identify incoming troops in a way that doesn't blindside you, yet you still have to determine what exactly you will be facing.

    2. Michael St. George Matatics

      Sweet! Just like most RTS games have in place, but for an RPG.

    3. Missing avatar

      Coyro on

      The idea itself is not bad, but current implementation (proof of concept, I know) is too ugly.
      Black is WAY TOO BLACK, and the transition line is to sharp.

    4. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      If you are dead-set on doing some iteration of FoW like shown above, 2 suggestions:
      1) use a feathered effect on the transition between active visible area and non-visible, rather than the hard edge of the circle above.
      2) don't make the "shadowed-but-revealed" area even remotely as dark as it is above....that just looks bad. There doesn't need to be a drastic difference between visible and non-visible.

    5. Min'rocheem Lungelow on

      Oh wait, actually - Is it possible to have a fog of war system that doesn't necessarily limit your view artificially? Since, like, in the day time, you can generally see really far away, and the only thing stopping you is things like hills, trees or buildings, maybe you could have those be the only thing that really hampers your view when the sun is out or it's well lit.

      At night, or in dark caves, however, you could use light sources for fog of war - so you might be able to see distant units patrolling with torches, but enemies that lurk in the dark, or are out of your line of sight would remain hidden until you got close enough, or put them in line of sight!

      This might be too complicated, but I hope you consider it c:

    6. Min'rocheem Lungelow on

      I'd just like you guys to make elevation and other landforms effect fog of war - like being able to see further when higher up, or being blocked by walls - and have enemies effected the same was as the player is. Nothing is more BS than omnipotent enemies.

      Also make sure it's aesthetically pleasing - it simply wouldn't do to grey out such a vibrant and colorful world.

      Outside of that, I trust your judgement.

    7. CIA, Inc. Creator on

      To relieve some stress, I want to say that this is just a demonstration showing off the overall idea of Fog of War and not exactly how it will look in the final cut of the game

      Just some quick answers to the questions I am seeing throughout the update.

      Q: Will the line of sight area around a character be set it stone or will it change depending on surroundings?

      A: We would like it to change.

      Q: Will the size of the LoS be set to what is shown in the picture for most classes or will it be larger?

      A: LoS will depend on the class of the character. It will be larger than what is shown.

      Q: Will LoS be affected by Day/Night cycles?

      A: There will be no Day/Night cycles. However during the night, we are thinking of a more challenging LoS radius.

      Q: When enemy units spot the character and then leave their line of sight, will the enemy look for you?

      A: They will look for you to a certain extent. How they will look for you will depend on the unit.

      I hope this clears up some confusion about the Fog of War system we plan to implement. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them and I will try to get them answered in a timely manner.


    8. Daniel

      At least 90% of the screen should be free of any fog. The only time we should see that much fog is when we scroll the screen to look around.

    9. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      I have to agree with many of the others so far - I do not like this proposed idea for FoW. It has nothing to do with the gameplay implications, but rather the visuals. I want to enjoy the landscapes in full color across my entire screen, rather than having only a bubble of visual enjoyment.

      I have no problem with FoW existing on a mini-map, but it's a no-go as you've presented it here.

    10. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      I'd prefer no fog of war.
      If gameplay requires you hide units, have some visibility/perception range border for each character, displayed as a line or soething when selected.
      Don't hide your artwork.

    11. hemmer on

      I agree with Alex, completely black is an absolute no-go.

      Quite frankly I'd rather have no fog at all, exploration and seeing wondrous sights have always been a huge part of RPGs for me.
      It's hard to see such sights when you can only see a few metres and having them greyed (or god forbid blacked) out kind of takes away from the wonder, especally in a game as vibrant and colorful as yours. Would be a shame to visually dampen the beautiful artwork.

      Is there a gameplay reason why we must have it? Enemy line-of-sight / combat initiation could surely be solved differently (vision cones, aggro circles, etc).

    12. Alex Ross on

      I honestly quite hate fog of war. (Also, woot, I remembered my username and password for kickstarter!)
      And plus, completely black? That seems quite unappealing even aesthetically. If you truly must have a FoW, then at least make it interesting or appealing. Maybe make it like actual rolling fog. And maybe a lore reason for it.

    13. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys!

      Fog of War can be fun, but I hope we'll be able to see a little further than that, it looks a little claustrophobic. :p And if it's possible to program, could places that you've been before (Either in-game as in revisiting the same island later or story-wise like if you went to the character's old neighborhood) automatically show you the entire map, rather than making you unveil it again?

    14. Mobin Mobeen on

      OH gosh not Fog of War. In most game i always has them off because i just don't like Fog of War. I wish there should be an option to have Fog of War on/off. Otherwise i have suffer to fogginess XD

    15. Philhouse

      Do enemies have their own line-of-sight/fog-of-war, or can they see all of the things, like your character?

    16. Daniel Sato on

      Hey, wait, is that a screenshot from the censored version of Terraformars? Sorry, just had to interject that in there :)

    17. Kenny

      I like it!