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Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.
15,802 backers pledged $1,014,600 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      voidzero 1 day ago

      Not too sure i want the game now, it might turn out to be another massive chalice. *Sign

    2. Missing avatar

      Shangz 3 days ago

      Hi SuperTiso,

      Yes it does make sense to answer publicly, but again, this is not the thread to do so.

      In terms of the update for Phoenix's Kickstarter, I will be doing so within the month.
      We did have quite a lot of translating to do in regards to the arbitration document, and half my team was in Australia promoting TINY METAL at an event. We just arrived back in Tokyo and getting to this.

      Again, please keep this to thread, and do not post about Project Phoenix in an unrelated thread or in the TINY METAL forums. You're free to post about it publicly in the Project Phoenix Facebook page which we'd be happy to reply to.

      One month lol his so called promises for deadlines are worthless. Never once have i seen it come true.

      Honestly are there any lawyers familiar with US law? Whats the legal recourse for this. Can we sue Yura? Do we need to set up a campaign to gather support?

      I've had enough of his bullshit and empty promises. I don't care it he "won" the defamation case. Because that cunt makes it sound like its because of the defamation allegations that work and updates on PP cant be done.

    3. Spielosoph 4 days ago

      PK = KS.

    4. Spielosoph 4 days ago

      Just realized this is one of the oldest PK projects (of ~50) that still have not delivered.
      Or even shown something worthwhile.
      Or pretending to care.

    5. Jason Aronow 5 days ago

      Saw this on their last fb post. It's still from 6 weeks ago.
      "We will be releasing the result of the Defamation case from last year and then releasing our update on what is happening. Sorry for the delay"

    6. Kuragari 7 days ago

      So has anyone contacted a lawyer? Class action suit? It seems that legal action is the only course of action. That's basically what I was told by Kickstarter. I asked them what actions I could take. Clearly there's been no progress, no real information about the game in over a year. If this project is dead and the people behind it are thieves. There should be some legal repercussion.

    7. G 7 days ago

      I’ll never forget how shitty this company treated it’s backers.

      Thieves and liars.

    8. Bobby D on

      And well said on that last comment! Sad truth, but well said!

    9. Bobby D on

      To report fraud, identity theft, or an unfair business practice, visit , click on the FTC Complaint Assistant icon, and answer the questions. :)

    10. Tiso Spencer

      Still nothing new I suppose...

    11. BlackGauntlet

      @Jonathan Vincent
      Actually, Polygon, Kotaku and Gamespot have all covered this story late last year.
      It didn't gain enough traction because:
      1) It currently only affects backers
      2) There is no game for non-backers to be excited about
      3) Yura is not some hot-shot legendary figure in the gaming industry
      4) The game (or the concept of it) is also not some beloved & renowned franchise nor some new genre-defining project that warrants more than a second look these days due to the huge amount of newly released JRPG-inspired games abound

      So, it's a boring story for people not involved in it and nothing's changed since their last coverage more than half a year ago.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Vincent on

      So I just remember I backed this a few years ago...I also remember something about Tiny Metal and our money behind used to make that game and then asking us to give them more money buy buying TIny Metal.

      Can we make this a story? There is a lot of stories about failed kickstarter, but this never shows up. It's not popular enough for the media to care and we, the backers, don't talk enough.

      A delayed game is OK, I can wait for as long as they want. But we don't have a news from them for almost 6 months ago. Even before then, half the updates weren't about the game. From the game, no screenshot or anything, only lore and unimportant stuff (seriously anybody can write a short story to make everyone shut up).

      I know I won't get my money back, but I just want people to be aware. Show that CIA is a scam, to not ever give money to them. To not believe in every Kickstarter because there are "famous" names on the front page.

      Shame on you CIA, I gave my support and patiently waited since my credit card was billed. You are a dishonest to every indie developers trying to stride through Kickstarter. You are liars and manipulators. I know we will never see the game and at that point, even if comes out, it will be something half-baked to make us shut up.

      I ask bakers here, anybody want to build a story or something so we get some media onto this?

    13. Daniel D D Taylor BA on

      This whole campaign was a con. I've just come to accept that. My money is gone. I'm moving on. This is the only campaign that's let me down and its a shame. It won't prevent me offering more support to other projects. But anyone who think this is coming out might want to reduce expectations. This game might outlast Final Fantasy VII remake and Duke Nukem Forever in terms of length. Difference is, nothing is coming. Let it die folks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Shangz on

      @BlackGauntlet Yura is Hiroaki. His full name is Hiroaki Yura. Anyway, Tomoki and Daniel are two different people. Daniel is his personal friend/developer on Tiny Metal. He's the same guy that was hired by Hiroaki to work on PP after the original developer left. Judging by their crappy progress on implementing MP for Tiny Metal, it doesn't reflect well on his proficiency level.

      Hiroaki Yura always likes to obfuscate things with supposed "new information" that is non-verifiable such as promises (e.g. anonymous investors discussions in PP), secretly unannounced information, etc. We continue to get stringed along. I'm just waiting for the day when Kickstarter backers can sue scammers like Hiroaki Yura. His pathological liar and uses emotional manipulation to get pity. Fk him.

    15. BlackGauntlet

      Unless... Tomoki IS Daniel? Who is ALSO Yura? But then, it would mean that he is a programmer and wouldn't need to hire one in the first place to finish Project Phoenix which is what caused this f*ckery in the first place. Unless he isn't a programmer, which means he is not Daniel thereby not being the person who thought up Tiny Metal... then... how did Tiny Metal come about?!

      Gaaahhh!!! My head hurts!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Shangz on

      Can someone please expose Yuras lies on steam?

      "TINY METAL's initial concept was from Super Battle Land, which Daniel had made previously before I met him. Daniel wanted to make it a full fledged game but didn't have the means where as I could offer him help. This is where I can help, bring in the artists, help with the audio etc."

      Yet his post to beg us PP backers was to help his friend tomoki...err now it became Daniel? Wtf?

      "In the end, yes, TINY METAL has become a project that was taken on fully by AREA 35, but it did initially begin with helping a friend. I'm not the Director like in Project Phoenix nor did I initially think of making a game like TINY METAL until Daniel brought it up to me."

      Please tell the fking liar yura he's fking contributed as the fking Director in Tiny Metals Wiki and how in he is also labelled as the fking Director aka head honcho, which means its his fking idea. Someone please tell him that.

      Also i pointed this tiny metal scam a long time ago but he never answered me and he also subsequently blocked me

    17. Missing avatar

      Shangz on

      @GrandMasterFox on Tiny Metal's Project Phoenix steam forum, you're going to get banned soon. Trust me :)

    18. T.L. on

      So, dear apologists, where is the update that we were promised in June and that you said would definitely come, seeing that Hiro "is no scammer"...?

    19. Donald Hollamon on

      Huh, I totally forgot about this... I just spent the past hour reading over all the stuff I missed out on these past few years.

      Hope the Phoenix will rise again...

    20. Missing avatar

      Idioteva on

      So what’s the update? I’ve already requested a tiny build key instead of project Pheonix and was told no. What are you guys actually going to give those people who gave you money for a game we don’t know will ever exsist due to no updates.

    21. Nersius on

      There are complaints about there still not being an update.
      Yura stated (on the Steam forums) that he's going to have a meeting with investors (next month?) about resuming development on Project Phoenix.

      So don't worry guys, we will not be expecting a new update before September, if ever!

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott Magee on

      It's been months since an update. It's been over 3 years since the original delivery date. Please give us any information. Be open and honest, you already have our money.

    23. Nikolai Steen on

      When will a new update come and is this project dead? seems like a loooooong wait over due.... -.-

    24. Missing avatar

      Shangz on…

      Basically more bs by Yura. So with the accusations by tariq meant that nothing could be worked on PP until resolved? What a load of baloney.

      Yura overdelivered apparently with the crap assets he's shown us for the past 5 years. Wow so this is his level of quality? No wonder Tiny Metal is the way it is

      What project management? Your fking pet project multiplayer content is delayed till god knows when. His croney Daniel can praise the company being the only one who can do so much since there are so few programmers.

      How about Eric Barone? The one man composer, programmer, storywriter, designer etc etc who created 100x better game than Tiny Metal by himself with just 4 years. Who funded him besides himself? Cant even imagine the shit life he had to go through over those 4 years

    25. Glen Proko on

      @Aaron Johnson : Still, best to follow it. You do not want to get banned from Kickstarter and lose your ability to voice your genuine concerns.

      I'm upset too. I think almost all of us are.

    26. Aaron Johnson on

      "Be respectful and considerate" says the comment box. Too bad the developers can't treat the backers the same way.

    27. Missing avatar

      Shangz on

      @blackgauntlet yes he tried to scam us into supporting his "friends" project when it was failing. In my follow through since that scam I also wrote out how each PP update was a lot of empty promises and shallow updates

    28. Missing avatar

      Shangz on

      @Kenny honestly they don't give a fk since they can't be held accountable. Reading through your posts, You must be pretty naive thinking they can adhere to deadlines that they announce. Their "promised" Tiny Metal multiplayer update which was supposedly to land in May is nowhere to be seen.

      Daniel has gone silent on Discord about multiplayer update since he encountered coding issues. Seriously who is still harbouring high hopes for PP?

      And fyi it's not 80% done. It's more like 20% done. Note the progress on story is still 0% in one of their updates in 2015.

      0% done for scripts and this is an rpg. Good luck

      If it was 80% done it would have been funded by investors instead of investing in tiny metal.

      Hiro blocked me on Tiny Metal from speaking facts. It shows how he deals with detractors. I even have a timeline written with evidence for how he tried to scam project Phoenix backers to back Tiny Metal Kickstarter.

    29. Bobby D on

      @Kenny I take it you're "Kyrie" on steam? If not, what am I looking for here? Just more smoke and mirrors?

    30. BlackGauntlet

      10,910 comments later... and we're still as disappointed as before.

    31. Nathan on

      Well another year has gone by since I've last checked in and it appears no one has any plans to release this game or to repay the backers.

      Just making sure the scam was still going strong

    32. BlackGauntlet

      To the backers who don't believe that a good RPG, much less a good Action-RPG, can be made, check this game that was made with less than US$8K (

      I have it in my Steam Folder and have clocked over 20 hours, and barely uncovering half of the game's content. It's like playing Scott Pilgrim X Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures X Castlevania. Comparing it to this million-dollar flop is... just... there's no freaking words to describe it.

    33. TouchGameplay

      Just a reminder that Hiroaki Yura is a scammer ;-)

    34. Brash Smith on

      155 Usd still in the garbage bin I see.

    35. Leo on

      @mark this game is 10 ways from releasing , enjoy monitoring your dead forum

    36. T.L. on

      Thanks for this insight, Alfred.

    37. Mark Eisenstat on

      Oh, I'm getting a few every day that aren't in the backer lists. Some people just love to watch things burn.

    38. Missing avatar

      Shangz on

      @Mark given how dead this game is, who in the right mind that is a nonbacker would want to register on PP website.

    39. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      @Mark - what exactly are you talking about? Is anyone even registering on the PP forums these days? The game is dead for all intents and purposes.

    40. Mark Eisenstat on

      A note for anyone who might be registering on the forums: If you don't show up in the Kickstarter or Paypal backer logs, I will delete your account instead of activating it. If you are a legitimate backer and I delete you, it's because either my logs are out of date, or you registered from an email address that isn't in the logs. I'm reluctant to post my contact information in a comment here as I will end up getting spammed 10 ways from Sunday, but I will put contact info in the registration information on the forums themselves.

    41. Revilleza Lucky on

      So there's no way to get a refund for this huh?

    42. Darmin Hadzic on

      Same. I just wish there could be some action we could take with regards to it.
      If not on the misappropriation of funds, then at least on the shilling of Tiny Metal under the guise of helping "a friend".
      These levels of dishonesty shouldn't be tolerated.

    43. Robert Wicker on

      I check this every few months to never see any updates. Waste of $80 many years ago

    44. Bobby D on

      To report fraud, identity theft, or an unfair business practice, visit , click on the FTC Complaint Assistant icon, and answer the questions. :)

    45. nat Luenthaisong on

      hello, where is our game?

    46. Roger on

      He can pay me back, lost interest in this flop game.

    47. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      If you want to get updates about Project Phoenix, apparently the Steam forums for Tiny Metal is the place you can get them...because Yura doesn't talk about it here.

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