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Jailed for comics?! The true story of the only US artist convicted of obscenity, directed by cult filmmaker Frank Henenlotter.
798 backers pledged $45,816 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Christopher Bohné on

      Cannot wait for this! I became aware of Mike in 97. Many of us in underground metal were big supporters of his extreme artshock style. I'm proud to be a backer of Mike Diana's after 22 years of fandom. Mike's art and ordeals made him a sort of christ figure for all us extreme metallers that had Christians marching at our gigs and harassing fans or attempting to get our shows banned. Mike took a major bullet for all of us. Hail Mike Diana! Hail Boiled Angel! Hail Freedom of Expression!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Atomic on

      Thanks for the update. I’m gagging to see the film but apppreciate your position and definitely want the best for this project.
      Now get Diana to pull his finger out and finish our drawings ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Lowe on

      Finally got an opportunity to see the documentary a couple of months ago here in Melbourne, Australia. And loved it. An update on the portraits would be appreciated and would show a bit of respect to those that supported this campaign. I really want to stay positive but the cash was paid over 2 years ago for this.

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      comixguru on

      First, let me say how cool this project is and how this story really needs to be told. Amazing stuff, thanks for being out there to tell this. I also appreciate that you need to hold up the full movie for release until you secure a distributor.

      That said, Is there anything you can share of the movie with us? A trailer? First 10 minutes? A deleted scene? An interview? There's things that would go miles to making me feel like I'm included as a backer without putting it all out there.

    5. Nathan Rabin on

      I also would like to know more about the drawings.

    6. Brian Emrich on

      glad to hear that it's moving forward. how about the portrait drawings part of the pledge?

    7. Missing avatar

      Caleb Emerson on

      any word on the custom drawings?

    8. Dave Savage on

      Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing it. Rock on!

    9. Lee-ann Dunton on

      Take your time & do what’s right for the project as a whole!

    10. Conor Mullin on

      Where can we update postal information?

    11. Adam Skinner on

      Thank you for the update - Do whatever you guys need to do!

      Very excited to watch this one :)