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The first documentary feature to tell the story of the birth of the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1960’s.
The first documentary feature to tell the story of the birth of the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1960’s.
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Great News for She's Beautiful

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Good News!

She's Beautiful When She's Angry was just selected to be part of IFP's Spotlight on Documentaries in September.  The Independent Filmmaker Project is a great group -- and this is not a festival, it's a market -- so festivals, distributors, etc get to check out hot new docs.  We still need finishing funds, so this is very exciting!

So thanks again for all your support and infinite patience, we're in the home stretch!  And we've recently gotten some amazing new footage, including early footage of Kate Millett, Shulie Firestone and the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band.  

Please help us to reach out, and go to our Facebook page and like us!

All our best,

Mary and Nancy and the SB team

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    1. Ethan Young on September 14, 2013

      Sharon, sorry that you are disappointed, but you're wrong about the film being "stalled." This is a hugely important film, and no one knows that better than I do, after working on it non-stop, full time for the past four years. Per the update above, the film will be shown to distributors and film festivals at the IFP Spotlight on Documentaries, beginning TOMORROW.

      We care deeply about getting this film out to people who participated in the movement and/or gave to the Kickstarter campaign -- but our primary goal is to get She's Beautiful out to the widest possible audience, and that takes festivals, reviews, distributors, etc. It was over-optimistic to think we could finish She's Beautiful by Spring 2013, but all really good documentaries take time, and money. Having invested this much time and effort in She's Beautiful, and being deeply broke because of it -- please do not presume that we care less about the film than you do!

      When She's Beautiful shows in many venues - the whole point of the IFP market - we think you'll agree that it was worth the wait.


    2. Sharon Wozencraft on September 13, 2013

      This is an important project .. and I am very disappointed that you have not completed it and seem to be stalled rather than working toward finishing it. Many of the folks who supported you -- including me --have been active in the Women's Movement since the 1960s and we supported you because we want this story told. I encourage you -- I urge you -- to complete this with some dispatch before your supporters begin to get restless (more restless) and start filing complaints with Kickstarter and asking for their money back.