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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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New Instructions

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

Some of the last few weeks was spent testing and tweaking the new and custom content, fiddling with card and tile details, and finalizing the production quote.  Most of our time though was spent on instructions.  We got some really great feedback on the last version, and after integrating that and the other work we've been doing on clarity and examples we think it's time for another round of opening it up to you guys for a broader look.  

To us, ease of learning is one of the main goals, and so we worked hard to make the mechanics themselves quick and easy to pick up.  If the instructions are confusing though, easy mechanics do you no good since you most likely won't have us across the table to clarify things.  That is why we could use your help.  If you have the time, please read over the current version (here) and let us know what you think either by leaving a comment here, or messaging us directly.  We also have a quick mock up of the general style we are heading towards here.

Things to Keep in Mind

The usual caveat: the information is there, the style is not.  We used old tiles and cards for the hacked-together example graphics.  The tables are plain tables, they will eventually be stylized like the quick reference mat.  Text blocks are broken into sections the way they will be in the final version (pending feedback of course) but positioning, borders, headings, etc will change to look nice and match the rest of the parts.

What we need from you is feedback on what makes sense and what doesn't.  Do things conflict?  Are they clear?  Are there things you wished there was an example for?  Is something explained in the wrong order? (i.e. talking about something being in line of sight, and then explaining what line of sight is two pages later)  The goal is to get you playing as quickly as possible, with a minimum of reading and flipping pages back and forth, and then when situations arise making it easy to find the technicality in question.  Anything that you think goes against that, please let us know.

Some Things to Keep in Mind if You've Played Before

Some things have likely been tweaked or clarified since you played. Order of operations relating to traps, barriers, and enemy pathing has been clarified which changed the outcome in a few situations. Ranged attacks have had their range increased to two.  Setup has been tweaked in a few areas.  Consuming food for actions has been buffed, and likely other things that we are forgetting.  Feel free to bring them up if they are confusing, but just know that you're not necessarily misreading them.

-Rob and Dave

Also, another new refugee:

Refugee Mark
Refugee Mark
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Labrecque on

      As William said a good reference card is great to have. That way you don't have to keep ruffling through all of the directions. I just had a few things

      -clarification on placement of the barrier tokens i.e. can only be placed on the player's tile or on adjacent tiles. I'm sure that is assumed but would be good to keep in there.

      -On the example for exploration tile placement maybe overlaying a big red X over the illegally placed tiles and a green check mark over the legal tile instead of just using a color overlay. Mostly to account for color blindness and extra clarity.

      -On the tile information page, 6 is listed twice. I'm assuming "Gathering Resources" Is supposed to be 7.

      Really can't wait to play and the mock up layout looks really cool. Can't wait to have my copy and play it.

    2. Stone Table Games on

      I good player reference sheet is very important. I would put a lot of effort into that too. Can't wait to play. Looks really cool.

    3. Löwenpower

      Thanks for the update!

    4. Xavier Robledo

      It looking good so far. Love the artwork can't wait to step I to the unknown. :)