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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Final day, here we come!

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

It's been an exciting trip so far, but this portion of the adventure will be ending tomorrow.  From there we get to stop convincing people that the game is cool and get back to making it even more cool.  We are still right on track to unlock both the Captain and the Behemoth before the Kickstarter closes, with the Predator also within reach, so keep it up!  Here is what we will be doing for the rest of the campaign:

Last Local Demo

We are heading to Legends Games and Comics in just as soon as I publish this update.  Tonight from 6-closing will be your last chance to play the game before the campaign ends, and this is a really fun and welcoming game store so please join us.  We will continue demoing and playtesting locally after the Kickstarter ends, but at a much more relaxed pace, so feel free to request nearby venues for us to visit.

Stretch Goals

We added comments on our BoardGameGeek game page to the list of things counted in the social stretch goals to give those of you that haven't played yet an option for showing us some love there.  With that, and the mad rush in the last couple of days, we have 323 likes, 78 fans, 23 ratings, and 16 comments for a total of 440 out of the needed 500 to unlock the captain.  Also keep in mind that 30 ratings should get us an overall rank on BGG.  The Behemoth is only $965 away as well, adding a great new mission, custom meeple, and the ability to add him as a random enemy.  If you have any friends left that you haven't told about the game now is the time, we only need 18 more backers to get us there!  I fully expect one or both of these to be hit while we are out tonight, so if you see some lag on the banners that is why .

Remember that this print run will not only include all the unlocked stretch goals, but at least 2 additional missions.  After this initial run, those things will be additional purchases.  

Getting ready for the next phase

We will go over more details in the next few updates, but rest assured that we are not going to fall silent after Sunday night.  We will continue to post updates here and on Facebook at a more reasonable pace so as not to flood your inbox.  These will keep you up to date on what we are working on, challenges, solutions, questions, etc.  

All updates will also be posted in the appropriate forums on our website.  Also on the forums and Facebook will be discussion about art, layout, and content as it happens.  We are also setting up our website to handle pre-orders so that anyone that misses the Kickstarter can still show their support and get one of the first copies of the game, after all of you get yours of course.

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