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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Funded, now on to the Stretch Goals!

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

We hit our funding goal on Tuesday, and there was much rejoicing.  We will be doing our last local demo before the campaign ends at Legends Games and Comics, Saturday from 6-9, you can check out their event page here.  Since the Character and Refugee backer tiers filled up, we have lowered the price to get your name in the flavor text of a minor objective.  You could be the one that thinks it's a good idea to fortify the area or eat questionable mushrooms!  I know I say this every time, but please keep up the great work you all have been doing getting the word out there.  It has been working, and we want to be able to reward that by stuffing as much content as we can into the box. 

Current likes/fans/ratings have us at 361 out of 500 towards unlocking the Captain, and if we keep going at the rate we have been these last few days, we will reach that before the campaign ends.  If you don't have an account on BoardGameGeek, it is easy to set up, and is a great resource for anyone who plays board games.  If you do have an account, and have played the game, please scroll down to the bottom where it says "user information" and add a rating.  Not only will ratings get us closer to the Captain, but if we hit 30 it should put us in the overall rankings for the site which should help people find us.

All projections I see also show us reaching at least the Behemoth, and possibly a few more stretch goals.  This will be the first boss monster mission in the game, and will add it's own custom meeple.  Not only will this add the mission, but rules for adding a weaker Behemoth as a random enemy during any game so you can use that meeple more often, and always be scared.  We think this will add a lot to the game, and are excited that we will most likely be able to afford the extra pieces!  

Content Spotlight: Extend Perimeter and Walkie Talkies

Some of the survivors want to extend the fortifications around our base camp.  We should be able to salvage some usable fencing from any bunkers or workshops we find and put it to good use.  It may be extra work, but it should keep everyone a bit safer, and save us a bit of walking in the long run.  We should also work on improving our communication options.  The abandoned bunkers usually have walkie talkies laying around, we just need some spare parts to fix them up.  Hopefully with a clearer signal we will be able to talk each other through tasks that aren't usually our forte.

Extend Perimeter tasks players with gathering and using fences to increase their area of control.  Once complete the fences allow trade with base and slow down approaching enemies.  Layout of the fence can be used to overcome the constrictions of early-game hazards, or to fortify vulnerable points of entry.  Walkie Talkies allows players to spend an action to take on the ability of a different character once completed.  This allows you to choose the right ability for your situation, and can lead to impressive combos if used well.

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