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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Stretch Goals, Add-ons, Translations

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

Last time I checked, we are 96% funded with 5 days and some hours left!  We had a nice surge Sunday which helped us pick up some momentum.  Hopefully we can reach the goal before the 48 hour reminders go out so that all of those people can see that the project is a go.  We will be doing what is almost certainly the last local demo before the campaign ends at Legends Games and Comics, Saturday from 6 until closing, you can check out the event page here.  

Stretch Goals

We are closing in on our funding goal which means we can start aiming for a few of the stretch goals next!  We moved the banner closer to the top of the page and will be updating the main page image to reflect what has been unlocked as it happens.  We have gotten a few questions lately about the stretch goals, so now is probably a good time to go over some of the answers.  If you've been around and read all of the previous updates, some of this may be review.

The Investigator has been unlocked based on the total of Likes on our Facebook page, Fans of the game on BoardGameGeek, and Ratings on BGG.  If you have played the game please rate it; if we manage to get to 30 ratings we should get an overall ranking in their immense list of games.  We are currently at (264+41+8) 313 out of 500 for unlocking the Captain.  If we reach 500 after the campaign ends but before we send stuff to the printer we will still include the Captain.  He is awesome to play, and we really want him in there.

As for the rest of the stretch goals, they will not disappear.  Any that we reach now will be included in the base game for this print run, so you will get them at no additional cost right when you get your copy of the game.  Later we will look at releasing the rest either as promo items or a mini-expansion.  Basically, we want to hit the goals so that you can get these things sooner and for free, but if we don't you will still be able to get them at some point in the future.

The full expansion stretch goal will likely end up being another Kickstarter campaign once this one is fulfilled.  


We've had a few requests for add-ons.  We were originally trying to avoid them for logistics reasons, but based on what we can offer as add-ons and how many people have been asking for them, we are going to go ahead and add some on.  We have added a section to the main page, but here is the list:

  • 1 extra copy of the game: $40
  • 1 signed art book: $70
  • Small digital art pack: $15
  • Full digital art pack: $30

To add any of these, just adjust your pledge for the amount indicated, plus the shipping cost in the "each other item" column of the shipping chart.  If you end up needing 10 or more copies please message me, we might be able to get the price down a little bit more for you.


We currently have the instructions in German, and have a volunteer lined up to translate into French when they are complete.  I believe that Darkstone Gaming will be translating into Spanish for those that join their group buy as well.  The full digital art pack will also come with editable card files that will allow you to do your own translation (or house rules) and print out the characters, missions and minor objectives.  We are looking at making these available in some form for all backers that get a copy of the game and we will let you know when it is more definite.

Content Spotlight: Enemies and Hazards

 Besides the constant threat of starvation, there are other things in the tunnels for the survivors to worry about.  These tunnels were never meant to be lived in, and now with no one maintaining them there is always the possibility of fire, flood, collapse, or other problems to impede your progress.  Not all of the threats are environmental though, there are also living things down here that don't like you.  Animals of different sorts, humanoid and robotic things built for the war, and even other people that don't like your intrusion.

There are currently 6 types of enemies with various abilities and spawning configurations, and 9 types of environmental hazards in the base game.  The mix changes each game, and while they all force you to react differently, there are a few that have earned a special level of ire from our playtesters.  

The Brute is an indestructible lumbering machine that chases you for the rest of the game.  He is slow, and you can stun him, but he is great at foiling plans and being in just the wrong place at the wrong time.  Spawn pits continually spew forth monsters until you close them, often requiring a dramatic shift in player positioning to allow them to be handled as quickly as possible.  Conversely, when they are far away and left to go unhindered, they add a second dramatic timer to the game as you watch the giant train of evil march towards your base.  Blaze erupts when explored, igniting and making impassable any tiles within its range.  This generally means that at least a few resources are forever unreachable and survivors are forced to go a very long way around.  When you find a rubble slide, the tile you are on (and everyone on it) falls down your newly discovered hallway, leaving a pile of debris behind you.  This leaves you trapped and alone, with the decision to either dig your way out or explore on and hope for the best.

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