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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Activate the Machine Playthrough, 75%, and Local Demos

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

We passed 75% last night, with over a week remaining.  Thank you everyone who has been keeping us active on BoardGameGeek with the comments, ratings and thumbs-upping, and all the other sharing, liking and otherwise spreading the word.  We currently have a total of 279 Likes, Fans, and Ratings towards the 500 needed to unlock the Captain, keep it up!  The last 48 hours is when all of the people who starred the project will get reminded, so the closer we can get to funded before that happens, the better.  We will be continuing to update the page to make more information more accessible so that all the people who get here, whether new or through reminders, can easily find out all they need to know.

For our German friends, the translated instructions can be found here, and there is a possible group buy being set up on BoardGameGeek here.  For our Spanish friends, DarkStone Crowdfundings is setting up a group buy here.  We also have a volunteer lined up to translate the final instructions into French when the time comes.

Activate the Machine Playthrough

I finished editing this last night, and my computer worked diligently as I slept to compile it and get it ready.  We recorded it at the same time as the first playthrough so I couldn't heed your requests to speak up, though I had finished the first or possibly second drink so I am a tad louder anyway.  I will again avoid spoilers, but it was a great game with an exciting finish and you really get to see how the missions and even the phase of the game change how we play.

The link will be added to the main page, but you can also find it here.

Local Demos

We will be at Legends Games & Comics in just a few hours (5-9) for their board game night.  As requested, we will be heading to Titan Games and Hobbies in Timonium this Monday night  from 5-9 for their board game night.  Hopefully some of you can make it and play the game with us, it's one of our favorite parts of this whole endeavour.  As always, if you are within about an hour of Pasadena, MD and want to play just let us know and we will see about getting something set up that works for you.

Content Spotlight: Foraging

Minor Objectives are one of the big pieces that ensure that each game is different, but unless you've watched a playthrough you don't know how or why.  Minor Objectives provide a second task that must be completed for victory, but also give a perk once done to help you out for the rest of the game.  This gives you something to split your attention and resources early game, and then a bonus later to help finish the mission.

The survivors don't really like the idea of eating the things that grow down here in the tunnels, but when you're hungry enough food is food.  We've been collecting the food that hasn't spoiled, but the rest of it has been feeding an array of plants and mushrooms.  If we collect enough of them, we should be able to test out which are edible and which aren't so the civilians can sort them out when we bring them back.

This minor objective requires players to return 5 plant tokens to base, and then test them with 2 medicine.  After that, all plant tokens returned to base will turn into food.  Since we don't know which are good and so gather a whole pile of them, survivors can only carry one plant token at a time.  The earlier it is completed the better, and once completed can be a good deal of bonus food, but it requires that survivors rotate base-return duties instead of loading one person up.  This creates interesting choices on how and when to spend the extra time and resource to complete it, and then alters the normal routine of food shipments to base. 

Health conscious Bass eats a food.
Health conscious Bass eats a food.
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