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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Review, Exclusives, and Site rework

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

Our first review is out at Cardboard Republic, be sure to check it out and spread the word.  We have a bunch of new art over on BoardGameGeek and the more activity and thumbs-upping of all of our stuff over there, the better our chances of making their Hotness list.  Also, once we hit 30 ratings (scroll down to "add information" if you've played and want to leave us a rating) I believe that will give us an actual ranking in their overall list.  These are great for getting people to look at the project, so our next focus is making it more likely that the people that do see us want to see more, and eventually want the game. To do that we will be doing a few things:

Site Rework  

All of the good stuff here is only good if people can see it easily, so we are working to make it quicker and easier to get an idea of what is in the game, and also adding a bunch more information for those that want to read more. We changed the front page image to show off the custom meeples and some tiles to give people an idea of what the game is without even having to click through to our page. We will be reorganizing the page so that the shiny stuff is at the top, and the deeper reading is further down. We will also be adding charts and graphics wherever they may be useful in avoiding big blocks of text. All of the content spotlights from the updates will be added directly to the page as well to make it easier to find.  


In a previous update we went over this a bit, and decided to go with the plan of semi-exclusives. Extra content will be included in this printing of the base game at no additional cost to backers so that you will get more game for the money. To make sure that everyone can someday play all of that content we will likely release it later as a mini-expansion, but those who didn't back the project now will have to purchase that separately.  

As we have been working on ways to reuse current parts, (see update #9) we have decided to add all of those to the Kickstarter printing as well in the same way as the stretch goals. Backers will get them now at no additional cost, and they may come back around as part of a mini-expansion later.  The Onslaught mission will be the first of these, along with a second refugee centered mission currently being tested, and have a few more ideas we are working on.   This means that even if we don't hit any more stretch goals backers will be getting an additional character (The Investigator) and at least 2 more missions as a bonus for backing now.

Content Spotlight: Refugees and Stragglers

Most of you made it to the camp, but there are still some people missing, and they need to be found.  Some of the stragglers have family or friends here that want them found, and once the way is clear they will make their own way to base.  There are more Refugees, but our camp can only support so many.  We will find them and keep them safe for a time, but we will need to find another place for them to live in the long term.

Both of these missions will utilize the Refugee tiles but require different strategies to complete.  The Refugee mission is very time intensive, since the Refugees lower your AP when carried and must be carried around a good bit.  This makes the players focus on keeping base stocked and planning their paths efficiently.  The Stragglers mission is more about area control, making sure the Stragglers have a safe path back to base.  This gives you the choice of guarding and escorting, or clearing the enemies and waiting, both of which have pros and cons.

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