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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Demos, and Hive Playthrough Video

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

Two weeks to go, and we are closing in on our goal.  The Investigator should be unlocked tonight or tomorrow morning, we are currently 3 likes/fans/ratings away.  We have added a bunch more pictures to the game page on BoardGameGeek, and are in the process of adding more.  The more activity we can get there, the better our chances of ending up on the hotness which will get us a bunch of exposure.   

Local Demos

The Brute-whisperer explores some more evil
The Brute-whisperer explores some more evil

We spent Thursday and Saturday running demos at two local game stores.  It was great to see new people pick it up and get into it quickly, and I hope all of you that came out had as good of a time as we did.  Running this campaign can be tiring, and it's great to be reminded of why we are doing it.  Thanks for your feedback in person, and here in the comments, the more opinions we can get out there that aren't from Rob and I the better.  If you haven't already, please consider sharing your experience wherever you talk about gaming: forums, gaming groups, ratings on BoardGameGeek, etc.  Every voice counts.

Hive Playthrough Video

As promised, here is the first of at least 2 playthrough videos that we will be putting up.  Also as promised: there is scotch, and (spoiler omitted).  

Content Spotlight: Activate the Machine

 To improve the conditions at base camp, the survivors have been tasked with reactivating the local power grid.  There is still power running, but the system has been shut down.  Reactivating it requires synchronized commands from three of the control consoles scattered about the tunnels.

The mission adds three console tiles to the deck and the players must explore them all on the same turn.  This means that your odds increase as the remaining deck gets smaller, but also means that you lose time throughout the game when exploring one or two consoles at a time.  This mission encourages efficiency of actions and setting up the next turn for maximum exploration opportunities.

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    1. Robert Cutter on

      @anthony have to try a 4th game and see if you can do it again. We were laughing about the brute whisperer all weekend.

    2. Luke Walker

      Good stuff. I think adding this video and any future gameplay videos to the main page is a good idea. Even if they're not all embeded, just having a section of gameplay links could be helpful for someone who is trying to figure out more of the game. Also hoping we see the meeples higher/bigger on the front page soon!

    3. Missing avatar

      anthony on

      I had a great time on Thursday. Hopefully I will be able to whisper more brutes.