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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Demos, Videos, and Content

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

Still steadily climbing, heading towards our funding goal.  Just 20 more likes/fans/ratings and the Investigator will be added to this printing of the base game.  Though it may seem quiet this week on our end, I promise you we have been busy.  In addition to working with our artist to get a tile back that we like, here's what else has been going on:

Local Demos

We've been touching up our prototypes to get ready for the upcoming demos.  Mixing in expansion content, cutting more custom meeples, and trying to set up at more locations.  We will be at Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie from 6-8pm tonight, and Saturday (5/3) we will be at Cardboard Gaming starting around noon.  We are also talking with 3 other local game stores to set up more opportunities for people to come play.  In the excitement of PAX we forgot to take pictures, but this time we will take more, and possibly some video as well.

Playthrough Videos

We have been shooting some video of us playing through some of the objectives so that you can see some full games.  This will also let you see how the our strategies change based on the mission, minor objective, and characters.  In addition, you will see that we still make tactical errors even though we've been playing for 3 years.  To me this shows the strategic depth and challenge of the game, but I'm sure there are other interpretations.  I will be adding tile and card overlays to make sure it is easy to follow what is going on, but I should have at least one of these ready to post over the weekend.

New Content

Our favorite part of this whole process (with the possible exception of watching people play the game) is creating new content and the interaction of mechanics, tweaks and balancing that goes with it.  While the community and production sides of the endeavor have been keeping us busy, we are still thinking of new stuff to add when we can.  Since we've been looking again at production costs, a particular focus lately has been finding ways to reuse parts.  We have been working on ways to add the Boss monsters to regular play as an (extra tough) enemy without breaking the balancing.  We have also been working on adding additional missions or minor objectives that will reuse existing tiles.  For example, a second refugee mission to allow us to add a mission worth of content by adding just a single card, and give those gracious refugee tier backers another chance to see themselves in game.

Since these require a minimum of additional production costs, we will be adding them directly to the base game for all of our backers.  We will let you know as they are ready, and update the page to reflect the new numbers.

Content Spotlight: Map

 The base is mostly secure, but what lies in the rest of the tunnels is (Unknown?) a mystery.  The survivors have been tasked with exploring far enough out that we can get a better idea of where we are and what is nearby.  Once we have an area mapped out, we can more easily patrol the perimeter and hopefully secure the interior.

In the Map mission players must explore tiles until there is a completed perimeter that is large enough to enclose a 9x9 square.  There are over 60 tiles in the deck and it only takes 34 of them to form a square that size, so what makes this a challenge?  The perimeter itself does not have to be a square, but every turn you are forced to take adds tiles to your path.  Enemies and environmental hazards will make you choose between efficient pathing and resource use.  Add in the fact that you still need to keep base supplied with food while you are exploring as quickly as possible away from base and this becomes even harder.

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