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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Interview, Events, and Badges

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

We are steadily moving towards our goal!  Thanks to all of you for backing and spreading the word.  We are getting very close to unlocking the Investigator character and adding her to this printing; keep those likes, fans, and ratings coming!  Our interview with DJ Grandpa is now up, you can listen to it here.  We start talking around the 9 minute mark.  That, along with some upcoming reviews from Cardboard Republic and Purple Pawn should help people find us and keep the project moving.  

To help out our German audience, backer Tim has translated the current version of the rules.  Thanks Tim!

Upcoming Local Events

We have a few local events happening soon, where we will be teaching people to play, answering questions, and showing off content.  If you are in the area feel free to stop by and play, we would love to see you.  This Thursday (5/1) we will be at Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie from 6-8pm.  This Saturday (5/3) we will be at Cardboard Gaming starting around noon.  We are also trying to set up some time at Games and Stuff, and Family Game Store in the next few weeks.  If you have any other suggestions of places within about an hour of Pasadena MD please let us know.  We want to give as many people as possible the chance to play.

Backer Badges

What better way to let people know about the project than to show them you supported it?  I have made a few nice square pieces that should fit as either Kickstarter or Facebook profile pictures.  You can find them at the bottom of the project page, just right click and save as.  Let me know if there is a specific piece of art that you would like and I can make more.

Content Spotlight: Investigator and Captain

Since we are about to unlock the Investigator, now is a good time to meet her.  The investigator excels at situational awareness, allowing her to assess the nearby area while gathering supplies.  After gathering, she may immediately explore an adjacent tile without spending an action.  The Investigator is usually best when at the fringes, and must plan well to best use her ability.  

The Captain is a master of teamwork.  His training helps him to motivate others, and pushes him to lead by example.  He gets a bonus action when starting near other survivors, and may also direct one of them to move for free each turn.  The Captain is best suited to traveling with others, and efficient coordination is necessary to make sure you make the most of his bonuses.

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    1. Löwenpower

      @Tim: Thanks for the DE rules! :)

    2. Robert Cutter on

      @Geraldine - Fixed, thank you for noticing that.

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      Geraldine on

      Looks good, but I think the Investigator needs to 'perform' not 'preform' actions:)