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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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Digital Art, Local Demos, and Stretch Goals

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

Digital Art Backer Tiers

Many of you have asked for art, more backer tiers, or both and thanks to a suggestion from John GT we have a solution.  We just added 2 new tiers that will get you a single copy of the game and either a selection of our favorite art pieces, or all of them.  These digital pieces will be sent to you after the backer surveys are complete so that you don't have to wait until the game ships to change your desktop or print one of them out for your game room wall.  Though the art was meant for 2" tiles, the resolution is high enough that you can still get a 6" print at 300 DPI which will look great on your wall.  In addition to the art in it's original form, we will also include copies of some pieces with the Unknown title in the corner, so everyone can know where it came from.

Local Demos

We will be at Dropzone Games this Thursday (5/1) from roughly 6-8pm running demos and showing off some new content.  If you are local feel free to join us, it's a really fun group of people to play with and should be a great time.  If you can't come to that, but are local and know of a venue within about an hour of Pasadena, MD that you would like to see us visit please let us know and we will try and set it up so you can play with us.

Stretch Goals

We have been having some good discussions about the stretch goals in the comments, messages, and here, and based on those we are making a few changes.  First, the Investigator and Captain goals will now be 250 and 500 respectively.  We really want those in the game, and I totally misjudged when I picked the original numbers.  Second, we really want at least one Boss mission in the base game, so we will be changing the Behemoth to the first stretch goal at $30,000 to make sure that is attainable.

Many of you have asked why the stretch goals are spaced so far apart, and I will try to explain that without boring you to sleep with a wall of numbers.  We picked the placement with a few things in mind: individual affordability, sustainability, and attainability.  The production cost of each stretch goal is fairly low but the shipping cost to cover the additional backers needed to reach that stretch goal is more substantial, so we found out what the actual cost would be for each one.  Once we had those equations, we looked what we have already spent to get to this point and built in a bit of that cost into each level.  We want this to be our first game, not the only one, and to do that we need to at least pay back what we've sunk in so far.  After those adjustments we looked at where each thing landed and tried to smooth out the curve a bit to avoid any insurmountable chasms between goals.  


Speaking of the Behemoth, starting with now we will be featuring a mission or character in each update to give you a more in depth look at some of the content.  In the Behemoth mission, the survivors have heard reports of an immense creature wandering the tunnels.  Previous attempts to defeat it have been unsuccessful, and so the new plan is to gather some of the more volatile chemicals stored about the tunnels.  Once enough have been gathered, a concentrated attack will hopefully overpower the Behemoth.

The mission will include 5 tiles, the first 4 players may gather to gain a toxic barrel token.  The 5th will spawn the Behemoth, and players must attack him with all 4 barrels before he reaches the base and decimates the population.  The Behemoth (modified to be tough but killable) may also be added to other missions as one of the random enemy tiles.

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    1. Dave Schroeder Creator on

      Setting something up with Card Board Gaming now, I will let everyone know when it is finialized.

      Backer badges should be done tonight, I will push them out with the next update.

    2. John GT

      Behemoth art = awesome! Have you guys considered throwing out some Unknown KS Backer Avatar Badges? I'd wear a Behemoth Badge! (Base eats a food!)

    3. Leonardo on

      Very good update! I like it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Rafferty on

      I'd suggest Card Board Gaming in Odenton.