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Fully cooperative tile-based exploration and resource management survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world for 1-6 players.
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We're halfway!

Posted by Dave Schroeder (Creator)

We passed the halfway mark earlier this morning, thanks to all of you, and at the current rate I am very confident that at least a few of the stretch goals are within reach!

We spent a good part of the week shooting and editing the gameplay video, but we have also been doing some other things.  The Cardboard Republic review should be out soon, and we are sending another prototype to the Purple Pawn either today or tomorrow.  We have been working on making the instructions presentable enough that we can post them.  They are written, but ugly, and we want them to be at least easily readable before we post them, which should be in the next few days.  We have gotten some great feedback from many of you about the campaign page, and have been updating it based on that.  Here are a few of the bigger changes in case you missed them:

Tile Backs

The tiles you see in the photos and videos, or played with at PAX are either handmade on art board, or prototyped by Print and Play Productions on lighter duty chipboard.  The production tiles will be made out of 2mm chipboard, which is slightly thicker than what we had at PAX, and will be printed on the back.  For the graphic we wanted it to fit the theme and be easy to see that it was a cleared tile.  Since there is a lot going on on the table already, we also wanted to make sure that it was not distracting, so we went back to our artist.  

Current version of tile back graphic
Current version of tile back graphic

Box Insert and Parts Storage

We have gotten a few questions on this, and rest assured that it is something we are also concerned with.  We have seen great boxes (Lords of Waterdeep) and boxes where we immediately recycled the insert and put everything in baggies.  We spent some time a while back conceptualizing and drafting out an insert with two main goals: Make game setup and breakdown easy, and hold everything for all planned content, base and expansion.  To do this we have spots for player meeples, enemies, and resource tokens.  Tiles have separate spots (starting tiles, enemies, hazards, and objective) as do cards (players, missions, minor objectives) so that they store and come out quickly.

Custom wooden box and current version of the production box insert
Custom wooden box and current version of the production box insert

 More Content and Gameplay Information

In addition to the gameplay video, we have also added some gameplay pictures on the main page for those that don't like to watch videos.  We also added a sampling of character cards and mission cards to give a better idea of what those can do.  One of the other things on our list for the coming week is a video of a full game, lighter on the technical explanation and heavier on the feel of the game, and interactions and strategies.  Be on the lookout for that, we may lose, and there may be scotch involved.

Social Stretch Goals

Getting the word out is one of the biggest challenges so far, and we included the Investigator and Captain characters as stretch goals based on Facebook likes to help encourage that.  It's becoming clear though that Facebook is not the only (or best) home of our target audience, so we are changing those a bit.  The numbers will stay the same (500 and 1000) but we will add up a few different things.  Likes on the Rob and Dave Games Facebook page will be added to Fans and Ratings on the game page on BoardGameGeek.  Please only rate the game if you did get to play it, so people can get an honest idea of what others think.  Hopefully this combination will help get more people to take a look and see if they might like the game.

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    1. Dave Schroeder Creator on

      We weren't expecting the cards to be sleeved since they should experience very little wear and tear under normal play conditions. We can look at making the slots work with sleeves, but then the unsleeved cards may be too loose.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tom Richards on

      The insert looks good, when they're well done they're always a nice touch. A quick question though, will you be making the insert big enough to hold the cards even after they're sleeved?

    3. Missing avatar

      W.J. on

      I also agree with Iris. . . . Has anyone ever said their favorite color is brown? No one likes brown IMO, even if it is thematic. It's off-putting (to me).
      Really impressed that you guys listen to backers/customers.

    4. Caesar on

      Wonderfull! You guys sure listened to the feedback and delivered. Great job! Lets hope this attract a lot more people to pledge for the game